Is it a trailer? A Promo-reel? Well, it’s La Linea.

Thanks for the Quiet Earth boys for spotting this one and passing it along. Here we have a B-ish gangster film called La Linea (The Line). The video below is too long to be a trailer, and a tad spoiler-ish, so I am guessing it is a promo reel that has found its way onto one of the many video streaming services out there.

A crime drama loosely based on the infamous Arellano Felix drug cartel. Veteran ham-ster Ray Liotta plays a Los Angeles based assassin who is hired to kill him. He hooks up with a meth addict living in Tijuana who is struggling to kick the habit for the sake of her daughter. And there is Danny Trejo doing what he does best. (That would be making people dance to bullets.) And Andy Garcia stops by to give a drug-lord speech or two.

While the pacing and what not are not quite electric, this is solid D2DVD gangster material, it still makes pretty good use of the Babel score. I am going to go out on a limb here (or not) and say that this is likely a better movie than Righteous Kill, but then that probably is not saying much. Machete cannot come soon enough, folks.

La Linea