Cinecast Episode 481 – History is Unfair

HotDocs is back for its 2017 run and according to Kurt it’s been a wonderful festival so far – especially if you’re into donkey poetry and encouraging children to cut out tongues. Luckily Andrew got to join in the mix this year and help with the discussion on shoe shiners in the delightful Shiners and with the glorious 78/52 in which talking heads analyze Hitchcock’s infamous shower scene in his classic and most well known film, Psycho. But before we get to all that, the multiplex has been only somewhat watchable with no one (wisely) wanting to compete with The Furious of the Seven. We find things to like about The Lost City of ZED but also a lot of issues with the film making. Next up, Anne Hathaway fights inner demons and giant robots in the surprisingly dark Colossal, which is basically a mishmash of Pacific Rim and Rachel Getting Married. Andrew’s watch list includes Oscar-bait mediocrity, a horrible (or terrific depending on which host you ask) comedy remake and Joss Whedon’s dry run at “Firefly”/Serenity. There are some tangents on casinos, senior discounts, Jonathan Demme and legalizing marijuana along the way. Classic Cinecast… We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did conversing.

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Friday One Sheet: Colossal

Another day, another Kaiju picture. OK, not fair, and in these parts we have not given enough love to Nacho Vigalondo’s feminist, metaphorical-literal toxic-relationship cum monster movie, Colossal. This unorthodox (as is the film) poster, is hot pink, giving the genre the finger, while simultaneously affectionately putting on a puppet show. This is, in fact, exactly what the film is. I saw it at TIFF last year, and it is a solid genre effort that has some progressive meat on its bones; in spite nothing being subtextual, as the movie wears its ideas right on its sleeve. (I wonder if in the poster if it is a hand model, or actually Anne Hathaway’s hand.)

Just for completeness sake, we have tucked the trailer under the seat, but this movie plays better if you go in with no expectations. You’ve been warned, as with every Vigalondo picture, the discovery of the mystery/puzzle/rules is one of the chief pleasures of the thing, best not to have a trailer do the short-hand work in advance.

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Mamo #288: Say It With A Song In Your Heart

What is the state of the modern movie musical? With Les Mis as a base, we invite special guest stars Sasha James and Lindsay Ragone onto the program to assess the health of the genre. Unfortunately, no one sang their contribution.

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Grim and Moody Trailer for Nolan’s Batman 3

With Avengers set to clean up at the Box Office this weekend, trotting out and agenda of colourful, mindless fun and popcorn, it is no surprise that Christopher Nolan and company put out the grimmest, moodiest, downer of a trailer possible for The Dark Knight Rises. *Spoilers Ahoy* in this trailer below. Enjoy the silence. Enjoy the mayhem of the last few seconds.

Ladbrokes are launching a new Batman slots game to celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises. For your chance to win the jackpot, fend off hordes of enemies and defeat Batman’s old nemesis, the Joker. Keep an eye on for more news.

Second “One Day” Trailer – A Much Different Film Than Previously Thought

So not exactly 180 degrees different, but this second trailer gives Lone Scherfig’s One Day a quite different feel than the first trailer. The first one was overly sappy romantic comedy hijinx with a horrible voice over (sounded like the guy from the fake Shining trailer).

This time around, it’s still got many of the major plot points but it feels a little bit darker and that there’s more “heavy” drama than previously thought. For starters, Jim Sturgess’ character isn’t at all the character we thought. He’s now a womanizing, heavy drinking, dickhead. On the other hand, it looks much more “artful” and visually interesting (what I’ve come to expect from Scherfig) than the older trailer.

So yeah, I’m seeing this for sure. I mean it’s Anne Hathaway; and that’s a bug I don’t think I’ll ever completely kick. Also, like I said, it looks gorgeous and put together by a director for one of my favorite films of 2009. But now I’m a little torn on what to expect. And those expectations are dropping a little bit with each passing hour. What say you…?



“One Day” Trailer


Being a big Anne Hathaway fan has cost me a little (see Bride Wars). But it’s also been a lot of fun and easy to maintain the crush with other things before and since. This trailer doesn’t do much to inspire me, but it does have a couple major pluses.

One, Patricia Clarkson; ’nuff said. But secondly, this is the sophomore effort from director Lone Scherfig, who’s first film, An Education slid easily into a decent spot in my top ten of 2009. So while this trailer doesn’t do too much to get me excited, the cast and director is more than enough to give the benefit of the doubt. Even if the story line does seem a bit gimmicky and simple, we shall see.

The trailer is tucked under the seat.

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Anne Hathaway Cast as Cat Woman


The title of this post pretty much says it all. I’m only posting as an excuse to do a Google image search for this year’s Oscar co-host and then imagine her in tight black leather.

In related news, recent new RowThree favorite, Tom Hardy, will also appear in the film as a villain known as Bane. We know he can bulk up and be absolutely a terrifying person (see Bronson or Star Trek: Nemesis), so this sounds like it should work out just swimmingly.

So while I haven’t given much thought to Christopher Nolan’s next (and supposedly final) chapter in his Batman franchise, this casting news seems pretty sweet to me. What say you?