Cinecast Episode 202 – Obviously You’re Not a Golfer


It is a cornucopia, a smörgåsbord, a veritable potpourri of cinema, as the Cinecast regulars get together with nothing on the agenda other than to talk about what they have watched, in the cinema, on the DVD and streamed from the internet or (in an exciting technology development, from the Computer Hard Drive.) Andrew continues to dig into the Foreign Language Nominees with Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Biutiful. Kurt comes at Oscar a different way with the new documentary on the man with the midas touch when it comes to little gold men, Harvey Weinstein. And Gamble talks best animated film of 2011 with a preview of the flat out awesome Gore Verbinski/Nickelodeon/Industrial-Light-And-Magic Johnny Depp western, Rango. From there, we go from the occult, to Penelope Cruz DTV failures, to two vastly different takes time travel from the 1980s to Chinese shopping malls. Then it is onto Romans wandering about Scotland, Aussie crime dynasties and suburban teenage prostitution rings! It is all a part of your complete breakfast.

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Review: Animal Kingdom


Evoking classic crime family stories but on a claustrophobic scale, Animal Kingdom peers into the backyards and flats of Melbourne’s underworld with an intensity and strength of narrative and character that belies writer/director David Michôd’s first-timer status. This could easily have been another run of the mill crime drama, and it flirts with cliché a fair number of times, but it never loses its drive nor its focus on the characters.

We come into this family of criminals (a gang of armed robbers, apparently a huge problem at one point in Melbourne history) through 17-year-old J. His mother dies in the deliciously morbid yet darkly funny teaser sequence and J has no other option than to go live with his grandmother and four uncles – a family his mother left years ago in an attempt to protect J from them. Now thrown in with them by necessity, he soon gets pulled into the family business. Unfortunately, the first major matter of business is revenge on the cops, which takes a predictably nasty turn and soon J has to choose between informing on his family to the cops (led by Guy Pearce) or irrevocably siding with his uncles despite his ever-more-serious issues with them and their way of life.

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Trailer for Aussie Sundance Fave Animal Kingdom

One of Sundance’s big winners this year was Australian crime drama Animal Kingdom, which walked away with the festival’s World Cinema Dramatic Grand Jury Prize. Written and directed by David Michôd (who also penned this year’s highly anticipated Sundance film Hesher), the story concerns 17-year-old J, who is thrust into his uncles’ world of crime when his mother dies. Reviews for the film have been extremely positive, almost uniformly praising its dark atmosphere, slow burn pacing, and strong character development and acting, especially the performance of Jacki Weaver as J’s more-than-meets-the-eye grandmother. Those are elements I value highly in films, and throw in Australian accents and I’m totally sold. What? I can be shallow sometimes…often…never mind.

Anyway, Twitch has the new poster and trailer for Animal Kingdom, which is set to open in Australia this June. Sony Pictures Classics is distributing the film in the US, but no release date has yet been announced.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

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