Trailer: Cooties

“Oh look! Carnage.”

This is what happens when you let the Saw people play with the Glee people. It’s the teachers vs. the students in this latest iteration of the Zombie-Comedy-Siege film, Cooties. In 2015, when zombie comedies are done to death, this one against all odds, looks pretty darn good.

Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, and JorgĂ© Garcia star as the teachers who have to fight off their entire classrooms due to a fast-zombie outbreak which only affects humans who haven’t gone through puberty yet. Before you can mash Who Can Kill a Child together with The Faculty and Shaun of the Dead, some kid can yell, “Ewww, Cooties!”

A very Magnificent Red Band Trailer for Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer, Bong Joon-Ho’s post-apocalyptic ‘society on a train’ action movie based on the French Graphic Novel (“Transperceneige”) has been released in pretty much every market except for USA/Canada at this point. There is even a uber-complete Blu-Ray in France if you have 40 Euros to spare. It is getting a proper (un-cut, original South Korean version) release at the end of June here in North America, and the powers that be have made, by far the most elegant, accurate and enticing trailer for the film that I’ve seen in any language or territory.

This is how you market a high-concept film folks, offer the big images, but do so in a clear, concise and well articulated fashion. And it certainly helps to have Tilda Swinton doing the talking. (“Precisely 74% of you shall die.”)