Review: Good Kill

“Keep compartmentalizing” is a piece of advice from a commanding officer to his ace pilot. This is darkly humourous, intelligent screenwriting because these drone-piloting soldiers spend 12 hours a day literally inside a box, albeit an air-conditioned one filled to the brim with technology, with fresh coffee available if needs be.

A day of drone warfare fought, the service men and women leave the base and go home to BBQ with their family and drink beer in the nearby Las Vegas suburb, a pebble-lawned stretch of cookie cutter banality not far away from the dazzling gratuitousness of The Strip. Things go from grim but necessary to deeply disturbing slowly but inevitably, and often didactically, in Good Kill.

The film focuses on Major Tom Egan (Ethan Hawke), a former F-16 pilot and a veteran of many tours. He is now ‘grounded’ in the tiny box on wheels enacting a play-station war; one of low risk of physical harm (barring carpal tunnel syndrome) on which he compensates by making the damage 100% psychological. Egan’s icy disposition and years of experience make him one of the current top performers in piloting drones.

Hawke’s performance is miles apart from his life-long work with Richard Linklater, not to mention as different as possible from the testosterone meathead cinema-depictions of fighter pilots in thrill oriented blockbusters like Top Gun and its numerous copy cats. Egan ignores the gung-ho nature of the two tech support co-workers, the young guys that keep the communications to the remotely piloted aircraft humming along. Egan is quietly respectful of the competence of his equally young female co-pilot (ZoĆ« Kravitz) while carrying out any order from his commanding officer (Bruce Greenwood, who gets all the good lines and let’s face it, is a national goddamn treasure).

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DiCaprio and Crowe in Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies Trailer

Body of Lies Movie StillI had completely forgotten this film was even in production never mind getting ready for release but with the trailer premiering with The Dark Night, the web has been abuzz with talk of Ridley Scott’s new film.

An action drama titled Body of Lies, the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a former journalist injured in the Iraq war who is hired by the CIA, represented in all its might by Russell Crowe, to track down an Al Qaeda leader in Jordan. The film is based on a novel by acclaimed journalist and novelist David Ignatius.

The trailer isn’t bad but it’s not particularly attention grabbing either. Watching it, I couldn’t help but think I’d seen a lot of it before in a load of other recent films. There seem to be bits of everything from Rendition to Syriana with a dash of The Bourne Ultimatum in for good measure. Frankly, this story does nothing for me and if someone else was directing and starring in this, I might completely overlook it but how does one say no to the triple threat of Scott, DiCaprio and Crowe? Can one even resist?

We’ll be finding out soon enough. Body of Lies is scheduled to open on October 10th.

Trailer is tucked under the seat!

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