Roger Moore: 1927 – 2017

It has not been a good week for fans of the James Bond Franchise. Earlier, the first singer to pass, of all those who had contributed a credits song was Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell at 52. Now the Big C has claimed the life of Roger Moore, the third actor to play James Bond, and the first one to shuck off this mortal coil at the age of 89. While Moore was often associated with the ‘silly phase’ of the franchise (culminating with the space romp, Moon Raker), in fact things has taken an over-the-top tone as early as the fourth film, Thunderball (1965) a few years earlier when Sean Connery still had the role. Moore had a lighter, more above-it-all, attitude that he carried throughout the 1970s and well into the 1980s. His model of 007 was clearly the template for the Pierce Brosnan era that followed in the 1990s.

Moore started his career on television, where he was involved with several series in the 1950s and 1960s, the chief among them modern day Robin Hood vigilante series, The Saint, which ran for most of the latter decade. This was often cited as the reason he got the James Bond role after Australian George Lazenby turned down long term commitments to the role after making only a single film. Moore went on to make seven 007 films over twelve years, starred in a few other (forgettable) action films in both the UK and the US concurrent to his lengthy stint as the worlds most famous super spy. He went into retirement after 1985’s A View To A Kill, popping out for charity work (Unicef, PETA) or the occasional sly casting in parodies of spy films.

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Friday One Sheet: Allied

Movie stars and guns, for better or worse, I cannot think of a more traditional way to make a poster. The poster for Robert Zemeckis’s forthcoming World War II spy movie Allied has a look that says, Daniel Craig era 007 meets Casablanca*. The overall design is not great, not terrible, and pretty much gets the job done.

*If you are aware of the premise of the film, you might also get a dash of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in there too, mainly due to Brad Pitt’s presence.

Trailer: 007 in SPECTRE


“It was me, James. The author of all your pain.”

Lots more Christoph Waltz as Blofeld…er…Franz Oberhauser here, a lot of showcase of cars, computers and locations, specifically Mexico City on the Day of the Dead, London, Icy Wilderness reminiscent of foggy Scotland in Skyfal. There are few ‘wow’ moments in the trailer, as the Daniel Craig era of 007 settles into what is is. Not that this is in anyway a bad thing, just familiar. Have a look at the trailer below.

Teaser: 007 in S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

The magnificent cinematography, the continuing story line from Skyfall, and the sense that the filmmaking on display has unequivocally gotten to absolutely the A-Level after the franchise crossed the 50 year mark.

Enjoy the teaser trailer for the latest chapter in the Daniel Craig era of James Bond. Plus, some bonus silky, shadowy vocal stylings of Sir Christoph Waltz.

Queen of the Bond Girls?

It was a moment to bring a grin to the face of even the most red-blooded republican, a brilliant instance of classic British humour that created a ripple of laughter around the entirety of the globe, when Queen Elizabeth II appeared in a short film clip as part of the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The clip opens with super-spy James Bond – played by the ever-cool Daniel Craig – approaching what the audience assumes to be an actress playing her majesty in a Buckingham Palace chamber. To the amazement of those watching, the figure turns around to reveal herself to be the genuine article, the Queen, before being whisked away by helicopter to the Olympic Stadium. The short film proved to be exceptionally popular, and even won her majesty an honorary BAFTA award for her troubles! So how does her appearance rank among the iconic Bond girl moments from throughout the history of this cinematic institution?

There’s some pretty stiff competition. How about Halle Berry’s iconic entrance in Die Another Day, sauntering out of the ocean clad in an orange bikini and sizzling with sex appeal? Or melodramatic mystic Solitaire (Jane Seymour) from Live and Let Die? Then there’s the quite frankly hilariously named Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) from Goldfinger, the stunning Anya Amasova from The Spy Who Loved Me

All these Bong girls have a couple of things in common; a certain quirkiness or individuality, great style and of course, sex appeal, that most classic of Bond girl traits. At first glance it looks an awful lot like the trend for Bond girls needing to be unimaginably attractive has carried on solid-as-a-rock into the 21st Century, with Daniel Craig’s Bond teaming up – definitely a euphemism – with the jaw-dropping likes of Gemma Arterton, Eva Green and Madonna (she’s still got it and we won’t hear otherwise).

Take a closer look however, and it seems a little like the definition of a ‘Bond girl’ might just be shifting ever so slightly these days… Where Bond seldom used to develop any kind of relationship with female characters who didn’t give him the horn, nowadays 007 is developing real platonic ties with members of the fairer sex; take Judy Dench’s M in Skyfall for example. Before you know it, the super-spy will be tying the knot with a plain-looking specimen with buckets of soul and enough brains to get sponsored on the world casino gaming circuit by Jackpot Capital.

So is Her Majesty really the Queen of the ‘Bond girls’? We’re not quite convinced to be honest, though she did put in a great show. Maybe this is a sign of things to come; an era of Bond girls with a hundred times the status, minus the looks. If a monarch can parachute into an Olympic stadium, anything is possible… oh and happy birthday too!

Cinecast Episode 295 – I Wouldn’t Wear That. Even in the Future!

This week sees a return to form with all sorts of negativity and disagreement. But [in best DeForest Kelley voice] for God sake man, it’s Anne Hathaway. She’s worth fighting for! Outside of that little tussle, Sean Kelly from joins in on the discussion with a bit more of a unique Oscar experience having seen the whole thing in a packed theater. For the majority of this Cinecast it is a look back at Sunday nights Hollywood back-patting at the Academy Awards. We talk about it all: from winners to losers to hosting to gowns (OK, not really) to stage direction to orchestration. Look no further; it’s all in here. From there we venture into the Watch List with Kurt proving Matt Gamble’s prognostication mostly correct with a viewing of Margaret. We grind the axe a bit more (though less enthusiastically) about modern biblical epics while Sean looks at a couple of Oscar-nominated documentaries and Andrew continues his Star Treking.

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Cinecast Episode 280 – Skypefall

Well it doesn’t happen until the very end, but you know eventually there’s going to be warfare. This time the smackdown is over a non-existent remake. Who knew? Anyway, before the fireworks is a pretty good SPOILER review of 007’s latest adventure in Skyfall. An impressive homework turnout this week in which races are discussed – very few with cars surprisingly. And then it’s on to The patented Watch List, in which the boys get into more James Bond titles, some “un-Spielbergian” releases, the latest news from the Adam Sandler front, mishandled ghosts and very early Joseph Gordon-Levitt love – spiraling downwards into our own version of a “versus” segment: Kathleen Turner vs. Anne Hathaway. All of this and so much more to love…kinda, here on episode 280. Enjoy!

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Mamo #279: From the Skyfall Down

SKYFALL! We’re joined by special guest star Fingerless Hobie / Demetre Eliopoulos, straight out of an IMAX screening of the fiftieth anniversary Bond spectacular. Grab your martini and have a seat at our table!

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Bond and the Sweet Moneypenny

Normally I’m not much into the dollars and cents game when it comes to art (i.e. movies), but in this case we’ve got a pretty wll laid-out infographic that gives us a few interesting details about each actor’s stint as the James Bond character; including cars, women and yes, gross dollars amount. Looks like Daniel Craig will very likely overtake Brosnan as the most lucrative Bond character once Skyfall makes the final rounds.

But I gotta say, I like Dalton’s Aston Martin V8 over them all.


Dollars and Bonds

Special thanks to top10bestonline-casinos for their help in creating this infographic.