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John Allison

John Allison

    I‘ve had a love of movies since watching Star Wars at the Drive In. I would like to think that my tastes have expanded a fair amount since then. I am devoted fan of Asian Cinema and I love film that strives to be something more than the generic blockbuster. My time is currently split between working on the site with the much appreciated help of Andrew, Jandy and Mike, waiting for the next Johnnie To film and attempting to start up a genre film festival in Saskatoon.

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Tom Clift

    Born, raised and currently living in Melbourne, Australia, Tom has trouble pin-pointing exactly when his love affair with cinema began, although it was certainly made official by his first viewing of Christopher Nolan’s Memento at the age of 14. His favourite filmmakers include Nolan, as well as Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Danny Boyle, Joel & Ethan Coen and the entire team over at Pixar Animation Studios.

    His venturing into the world of film criticism began when he started writing for a student run high-school news letter; although the ill-fated publication only lasted two issues, Tom was hooked, leading to the birth of his Film Review Blog as well as his work here at Row Three. Tom is also currently studying at the University of Melbourne, where he plans to complete a double major in Cinema & Cultural Studies and Media & Communications

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Steve Bland

    About me: I wore out a handful of tapes watching Ghostbusters as a kid, loved the Ninja Turtles, but my passion for cinema didn’t come until I saw Fellowship of the Ring in the theater on a cold February in 2002. Some of my favorite talkies include Goodfellas, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, L.A. Confidential, The Shawshank Redemption, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and many more. My quest for the holy grail is the quest to see the next great movie. Fortunately, no killer rabbits have attacked me along the way. Though I was turned into a newt…. I got better.

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Domenic Lanza


    Domenic has been an avid cinemaphile for… well, forever. In fact, one of his most vivid childhood memories was convincing his parents to let him watch The Thing and Alien with his older cousins at the ripe old age of 5, then spending the remainder of the night wishing that his night light was just a bit brighter. Those persuasion skills used on that night also set Domenic on his course into the world of Law – he’s been hailed as a future lawyer by friends and family alike since middle school, and he will be completing his Juris Doctor in December ’12 (end of the world aside).

    When not buried underneath a veritable library of legal documents, Domenic enjoys films of all genres and eras (though Herzog remains his favorite director), non-fiction histories on his Kindle, and playing and watching baseball. He’s not nearly as skeptical as his love for Camus would suggest, but his talent for bitter snark is nigh unmatched in most circles.

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Vince Cheney


    This bitchin’ rockstar from Mars’ name is Vince Cheney. I’ve lived in numerous places within the United States, but consider Long Island my one true home as that’s where I have spent most of my twenty years. My current residence is in Greenville,South Carolina. Movies have been a major component of my life as far back as I can remember. When I was a very young boy I would be bribed with trips to the theater if I would go to Soccer practice. There was nothing more exciting then those Fridays sitting in school,and hearing the announcement I was to be dismissed early so my dad could take me to movies, under the guise of dentist appointments. It was when I got the DVD to Once upon a Time in Mexico in sixth grade that I really became conscious of what movies meant to me. It wasn’t as much the movie, although I still like it and really liked it then, but the supplementary features! I couldn’t completely elaborate on it to you now, but I found something so inspiring in how Rodriguez talked about movies,and the process in making them. That was where this obsession first really began to take its form,and since become my backbone. I have ambitions as a filmmaker myself and greatly appreciate this opportunity from Row Three to share my cinematic outlook to you dear readers. Hope you dig my stuff.

Laura Desiree


    Born a minute before her twin sister, Laura was brought into the exciting world of Toronto’s Radio and Pop-Culture by busy parents deep in the media mix. With a father to help lay down the classics of cinema, and an older brother to expose his kid sister to the cult underworld of Italian Gore and Exploitation flicks, a balanced education fueled a life passion to leave no stone unturned in the restless world of movie watching. Currently living between New York City and Toronto, with no real sense of ‘home’ beyond a theater seat on the aisle (to stow a suitcase, of course), it will ultimately be a collective scrap-pile of bus tickets, plane tickets and movie stubs that make up the paper-trail of her legacy. See you at the Festivals!

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Mike Rot

Mike Rot

    Mike Rot is a Toronto-based writer who though monkish in his devotion to aesthetic contemplation, will rarely turn down a good scrap in the comment section. He eats film geeks for breakfast, and bemoans the culture that chooses to archive cinema rather than experience it. Though an agile master of war, he is but a kind warrior, who cries at a good movie and considers each film according to what it aspires to be. In search of the beatnik spontaneous prose and calibrated sperit, he populates the worlds of Akira Kurosawa and Terrence Malick. He had a thought a couple years ago, and one day hopes to write a screenplay.

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Marc Saint-Cyr


Marc’s perception of film and filmmaking were first shaken in Grade 11 after watching Apocalypse Now for the first time. Since then, he has been charting a helter-skelter course through the vast and rewarding oceans of world cinema. So far, he has emerged with a love for Kurosawa, Kubrick, Park, Leone, Tati and all three of the magnificent Andersons (Lindsay, Paul Thomas, Wes), to name just a few; a frequently overwhelming passion for all things French New Wave; a childlike reverence for Mastroianni and Belmondo; an unwavering devotion to successful experimental narrative films like The Tracey Fragments; a sweet writing gig for the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow and one degree in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto.

Ross Miller


Scottish born Ross Miller has had a huge passion for movies ever since he can remember and over the years has expanded his cinematic horizons beyond the latest action fodder or broad comedy. In the last few years in particular he has developed a real love for foreign language film, particularly South Korean and Japanese, but likes to take in any and all types he can: blockbusters, indie, foreign – you name it. Favourites include The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Oldboy, Rear Window and 12 Angry Men. He is also a big TV show fan, favourites include: Lost, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, True Blood and Game of Thrones.

He took his passion for film into education and in June 2012 graduated from University with an Honours degree in Media and Communication. He loves to write about film anywhere he can and currently run his own movie review and opinion website located at He is simply another film lover expressing his opinion.

Dave Becker



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