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If you’ve been keeping up with social media these days, which is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming with all of the avenues available to us, you’ve maybe heard the BUZZ (and grumblings) about Google’s new social media linkage called…. well, BUZZ.

Social media sites are fantastic tools for hooking up with long lost friends, finding new friends, keeping tabs on (stalking) current friends and lovers, getting all the latest gossip on any subject you can think of and finding interesting articles, stories and video. The possibilities are almost endless. RowThree has been carefully linked with both Twitter and Facebook (et. al.) for some time and it really has been a blast chatting it up and sharing movie info with so many people all around the globe.

Google has, quite honestly, blown my mind over the past few years with almost every app and service that they provide (WAVE is a bit of a debacle, but leave that aside). If you’re not on Gmail, you’re using an inferior service. Period. The Google browser, Chrome, is the perfect browser that I’ve been searching for for over 3 years (and believe I tried alot of them!) and it actually exceeded my expectations. Enter Google BUZZ.

After playing around on Google BUZZ for about 2 minutes yesterday, I could tell that it continues in the excellence and innovation Google was shown us time and time again. It reminds very much of Twitter, but is capable of so much more; including posting pics and video. Not to mention you’re allowed more than 140 characters (actually unlimited I think) for your updates. Beyond the posts, followers can then comment and discuss with their own words and images. It takes everything that is great about Facebook updates, Tweets, YouTube and Picassa and smashes them all together in one great application.

Quick to join the fray, RowThree is now available to follow on BUZZ and as the days and weeks go by, we’ll continue to update and follow plenty of web sites and film fans while sharing all of the great news and op-ed stories we find in the online film world. BUZZ is yet another way to keep the spirit of RowThree expanding. We’re all about discussion here and BUZZ bridges all of us together with even more possibilities and furthers the horizon of discourse. I foresee BUZZ being quite the large bandwagon and one would do well to be on it. We’ll see you there.

For more information about Google Buzz, click here or check out the video below the seats explaining it better than I ever could in words…
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Bookmarks for Feb. 10-11

  • Apocalypse Pooh and The Birth of the Video Mashup
    “What we do know now, is that it wasn’t the first, nor the most influential mashup of all time. That honour belongs to an analog video mashup known as Apocalypse Pooh, a hilarious and surreal amalgamation of Apocalypse Now and Winnie The Pooh. The simple and highly effective pairing of two endearing and enduring iconic 20th Century properties, became an 80s tape-trading sensation. To this day, it still really hasn’t been given the recognition and status it so deserves.”
  • What Would Werner Do? Going Rogue at Herzog’s Rogue Film School
    Laszlo Brauning crashes Rogue Film School: “I never introduced myself to Werner, as he had a habit of knowing every student and their films, and no trickster likes to be tricked. And on the last day, two hours before the seminar wrapped, one of the administrators tapped me quietly on the shoulder and asked me my name. I watched her double back to the desk, confer with her counterpart, and pick up her cell phone. As I bolted down the stairs and out of the hotel.”
  • 13 Hitchcock Films That Were Never Made
    “Even legendary directors like Alfred Hitchcock don’t always get their way. Over the course of his illustrious career, Hitchcock had to abandon quite a few projects due to budgetary concerns, issues with stars, the whims of studio heads, or in some cases simply his own instincts that the film wasn’t going to turn out very well.”
  • Has Quentin Tarantino Produced a Legacy of Greatness?
    In this dueling blog, Moviefone’s Jack Mathews and IndieWire’s Anne Thompson debate whether QT’s films actually form a body of work or remain a work in progress. 


You can now take a look at RowThree’s bookmarks at any time of your choosing simply by clicking the “delicious” button in the upper right of the page. It looks remarkably similar to this:

Cinecast Episode 154 – Dissertation

Episode 154:
And we are back! After a brief hiatus we have, in this lengthy show all sorts of goodness for you, including: A top ten(+) list of our most anticipated films of 2010; reviews of both Frozen and The White Ribbon; as well as a plethora of other viewings over the past week and change. This week was a bit on the lighter side in terms of DVD releases, but we managed to find a few “MAN-ly” choices and spend some time talking about the designer-made minimalists posters that have been plastered over the internets over the past several months. There is talk of an upcoming giveaway of one of these posters as well. All this and the proverbial more are discussed casually over red wine. Enjoy.


Thanks for listening and be sure to leave your own thoughts/lists in the comment section below!

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More Minimalism: Hitchcock

We’ve been finding alot of these minimalist movie posters floating around the web these past few weeks. As long as they stay awesome, I don’t see any reason why they can’t continue; especially when purchasing them is for a good cause.

Graphic designer Matt Needle has put together these snappy, matching Hitchcock posters together in an effort to help out the people of Haiti in their relief. 50% of all the proceeds from the sale of these posters goes directly to Haiti aid relief. Or just look at them and revel in their coolness. But if you wanna help out, head over to Needle Design & Illustration a pick up a set of these awesome prints.


Annie Award Recipients

So we’re a couple of days late with this one and it isn’t really all that surprising, but Pixar’s Up took home top honors at this year’s awards for the best in Animated entertainment; big shocker, I know. For those with the interest, a full list of winners from this year’s Annie Awards are printed below. At least Fantastic Mr. Fox won something

Best Animated Feature
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs — Sony Pictures Animation
Coraline — Laika
Fantastic Mr. Fox — 20th Century Fox
The Princess and the Frog — Walt Disney Animation Studios
The Secret of Kells — Cartoon Saloon
Up — Pixar Animation Studios

Best Home Entertainment Production
Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas — Universal Animation Studios
Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder — The Curiosity Company in association with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Green Latern: First Flight — Warner Bros. Animation
Open Season 2 — Sony Pictures Animation
SpongeBob vs. The Big One — Nickelodeon

Best Animated Short Subject
Pups of Liberty — Picnic Pictures
Robot Chicken: Star Wars 2.5 — ShadowMachine
Santa, The Fascist Years — Plymptoons
The Rooster, The Crocodile and The Night Sky — Barley Films
The Story of Walls — Badmash Animation Studios

Best Animated Television Commercial
Goldfish: In The Dark — Blur Studios, Inc.
Idaho Lottery “Twiceland” — Acme Filmworks, Inc.
McDonald’s Nutty Trade — Blue Sky Studios
Spanish Lottery “Deportees” — Acme Filmworks, Inc.
The Spooning — Screen Novelties /Acne Media

Best Animated Television Production
Glenn Martin, DDS — Tornante, Cuppa Coffee Studios & Rogers Communications
Merry Madagascar — DreamWorks Animation
Prep and Landing — ABC Family/Walt Disney Animation Studios
The Simpsons — Gracie Films

Best Animated Television Production for Children
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse — Disney Television Animation
SpongeBob SquarePants — Nickelodeon
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack — Cartoon Network Studios
The Mighty B! — Nickelodeon/Polka Dot Pictures/Paper Kite Productions
The Penguins of Madagascar — Nickelodeon and DreamWorks Animation



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New Muppet Movie Cameos

As I recall, the muppet movies have always included a lot of cameos by famous actors who just want to be part of the Jim Henson experience – and can you blame them? These cameos were also a fun surprise and quite the delight for audiences. With the new Muppet movie well on its way through production and the script available for perusal online, the names of the cameos are popping up online… and man, it is quite the list.

Now file this in the “maybe” category for now, but like I said, who’s gonna turn down a quick role in a Muppet movie? I mean it certainly can’t hurt your career, it won’t take long and I think someone like George Clooney or Jack Black would have pretty awesome chemistry together. So although none of these names are signed or set in stone, it’s a pretty sure bet that unless the script is changed quite a bit, the cameos written in to the screenplay are pretty likely to show up.

If you don’t want it spoiled for you, I’ve hidden the names of the potential guest stars with the spoiler tag. Just click show content


Soderbergh and Crew Talk About “The Red” and The Digital Revolution

Steven Soderbergh talks about “The Red” and digital technology in regards to his film Che (recently released under the wonderful Criterion label for both standard and Blu-Ray). I have yet to pick up this astonishingly overlooked, under-appreciated and unfairly shit upon (by audiences and the studio) DVD version of the film, but as I understand it, it is a must have for not only history buffs, but also anyone interested in the art of film making in the new decade.

Soderbergh’s commentary track is apparently fascinating and of course well though out and articulate. I look forward to rewatching the film (in its four hour entirety) through his eyes, so to speak. Also included in the DVD set is a 33-minute featurette entitled “Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution” which has recently been posted online for those of us who can’t put together the scratch for the DVD. I’ve posted this video below for your enjoyment. God bless Steven Soderbergh; yes, cinema matters to us Steve! Keep it coming!

Watch: “Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution”


Von Trier and Cruz: Together at Last


With Antichrist getting near the top of my favorite films last year and Penélope Cruz still tops in my annual shallow list (coming soon), it’s with great delight we learn that she’ll likely be starring in Lars Von Trier’s next film: Melancholia.

Yesterday, on Danish television the controversial director told the public he indeed has been thinking about Cruz for the lead in this role for quite some time.

More interesting than the casting decision however is the plot summary for the film in which a rogue planet (Planet Melancholia) looms ever closer to colliding with Earth. Rather than a big budget effects bonanza however, anyone familiar with Von Trier’s work understands this will be much more of a “psycholigcal drama” with “no more happy endings.” I’m not sure how it could be any more twisted or psychologically brutal than Antichrist, but if anyone can do it, it’s probably going to be Von Trier. It’ll be fun to watch how the relatively meek Cruz handles working with the notoriously misogynistic director.

With a modest budget of only $5 million, no announcements have been made as far as shooting schedules are concerned, but Sweden and Germany have been named as principal shooting locations. Some are hoping for a completion target that will have the film ready to go by next year’s Cannes Film Fest.

Add this title to my most anticipated of 2011.