Trailer: Experimenter

Seems that every time a Peter Sarsgaard movie pops up I say the same thing: he should just be cast in everything. The movie is guaranteed to be just that much better than it already is (or isn’t). Case in point, the trailer for Experimenter. Has the visual style of something like The Imitation Game meets Quiz Show, yet I’m not at all familiar with this director’s (Michael Almereyda) work; even though he’s worked with some fairly reputable and/or recognizable Hollywood names. (*adding Ethan Hawke’s Hamlet to my Netflix queue right now*).

For how long would you go on shocking a stranger with higher and higher volts of electricity just because someone is telling you to? Apparently it will turn you into Abraham Lincoln if you’re in on the experiment.



Trailer: Zipper

I really like the title. Zipper. It can have so many different meanings. In this case it seems the “zipper problem” seems pretty literal. Everyone has a dark side; I might argue that that truth is even more so when it comes to politicians. The sex addiction thing has been fairly popular in Hollywood lately and now it’s sunk its teeth into the political climate.

Still, I hope there’s more to this movie than what the trailer lets on. It seems to me that this is a case of will he admit it openly or will he try to fight it. What’s gonna happen in the end. If that’s the case, neither outcome is really all that interesting as we’ve had political scandal movies before (The Contender possibly being the best example). So I just hope there’s more to this whole thing than how will he get out of it (or not get out of it).

A heckuva nice cast (Lena Headey, Patrick Wilson, Richard Dreyfuss, Dianna Agron, Ray Winstone, John Cho) will grace the screens in North America in late August. Mmm… steamy.



After the Hype #102 – The Fifth Element



Bryan and Chewie are back from their honeymoon (hope you both had a good trip!), which means After The Hype resumes its regularly scheduled programming! And what better way to get back into the swing of things than with some big ba-da-boom. That’s right. We spend an entire episode gushing about the Luc Besson classic Fifth Element. Europe.


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Trailer: 007 in SPECTRE


“It was me, James. The author of all your pain.”

Lots more Christoph Waltz as Blofeld…er…Franz Oberhauser here, a lot of showcase of cars, computers and locations, specifically Mexico City on the Day of the Dead, London, Icy Wilderness reminiscent of foggy Scotland in Skyfal. There are few ‘wow’ moments in the trailer, as the Daniel Craig era of 007 settles into what is is. Not that this is in anyway a bad thing, just familiar. Have a look at the trailer below.

Cinecast Episode 404 – Shawshanky

Though it’s a little earlier in the week than we’re used to recording, we do get back into somewhat of a more normal groove with the Cinecast this week. We’ve got a main SPOILER review with Trainwreck. There’s some dispute over who’s film this is, Apatow’s or Schumer’s. Or both? Either way, Andrew and Kurt both enjoyed the film but have differing thoughts as to why we liked it. True Detective continues to wind its way into the hearts of your humble hosts. One of us as a love potion and the other as a sickly poison. But hey, we like to like what we like. Submarine movies are inherently awesome – especially with a grizzled Sean Connery at the helm. Prison escape movies are kind of that way too. We lament our cinematic truancy of the 1950s and Rock Hudson. We follow it all up with some Kevin Bacon and some Leland Orser. And then Andrew muffs the sign off.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!




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Blu-Ray Review: Cemetery Without Crosses

Director: Robert Hossein
Screenplay: Dario Argento, Claude Desailly, Robert Hossein
Starring: Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Guido Lollobrigida, Daniele Vargas
Country: France, Italy, Spain
Running Time: 90 min
Year: 1969
BBFC Certificate: 15

I‘m a huge fan of Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns. I class Once Upon a Time in the West as my all time favourite film, let alone western. Because of this I’ve been keen to watch more films from the sub-genre, away from Leone’s work, but unfortunately very few have made their way to UK DVD/Blu-Ray. Perhaps due to the success of Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti western homage, Django Unchained, some titles are finally coming out of the woodwork though. Arrow have released a few and their latest acquisition, Cemetery Without Crosses (a.k.a. The Rope and the Colt or Une corde, un Colt) isn’t a 100% spaghetti western, more of what Alex Cox called a ‘baguette western’ (it had a French director and stars), but it’s very much influenced by the Italian films of the era.

The film opens with Ben Caine (Benito Stefanelli) getting chased on horseback and then murdered in front of his wife Maria (Michèle Mercier). The killers are part of the notorious Rogers family and generally get away with their crimes due to their strength, power and influence over the local sheriff. Maria is out for vengeance though and enlists her old friend Manuel (Robert Hossein) to act it out for her. Much like in A Fistful of Dollars, Manuel begins by gaining his enemy’s trust, infiltrating the gang. This doesn’t last however as he kidnaps the beautiful daughter/sister of the family. Maria uses this hostage to exact her revenge.

I will say this before I start going into what I liked and didn’t like about the film; I was extremely tired when I watched it and in a particularly bad mood. So although I did like the film, I imagine I might have liked it even more given a better viewing situation.

Anyway, onto my critique.

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Treaser Trailer: Synchronicity


Time travel concepts and Blade Runner science fiction noir come together in Jacob Gentry’s Synchronicity. Gentry is perhaps best known for the quirky-absurd middle vignette in the 2007 apocalypse triptych, The Signal and has a particular knack for sync’ing up framing and action to electronic music, which you will see on display in the teaser trailer below.

The film is startlingly ambitious for what is probably a very tiny budget, and is playing at this years Fantasia International Film Festival. The film stars horror-indie regular AJ Bowen (The Guest, House of the Devil, Rites of Spring) and the villain is played by iconic Canuck character actor and ham (literally, watch ABC’s “V: The Final Battle”) Michael Ironside, who is also at Fantasia, starring in the Quebecois post-apocalyptic kids adventure, Turbokid. Go Michael!

Trailer #3: American Ultra

American Ultra

If there is one thing that stoner-super-spy comedy American Ultra is doing right, it is with passive understatement, and the casting of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart seems perfect in this case. Also digging the Molly-Day-Glo set-piece. It only has to overcome the fact that this concept (without the pot) has been done hundreds of times at this point.

After three trailers, are you ready for The Bourne High-dentity? (Sorry, that one is mine.)

Mamo 415: Ant-vengers, Assemble!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe offers up its weakest opening weekend since The Incredible Hulk with Edgar Wright Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man, so we assemble the avengers – Norm Wilner from Now Magazine and Someone Else’s Movie, and Greg LeGros from See You Next Wednesday and Time Bandits – to geek out over what’s gone on in the MCU (and the Distinguished Competition, as well). Plus, smoked meat!