Not At Odds #2 – What Historians Get Wrong About Faccuracy!



On this week’s episode of NOT AT ODDS, Jandy and I go into the issue of historical accuracy in film and whether or not that’s a big deal. We coin a new term – FACCURACY – and admit to not having seen Selma. Lotta good truth here. Well, mostly truth. Actually, a few things were added for drama, but the moment was truthy…

Oh you get the idea. Listen to our new episode and tell us what you think!


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Straight Outta Compton [Redband trailer]

An interesting way to bounce into a trailer; with a micro-doc of the real men who lived the life talking about their past and the relevance of their story today. Then it’s on to Paul Giamatti – which feels a little like disingenuous, Hollywood white-washing.

Still, it’s a well produced trailer and the actors they’ve found to portray the main talent within N.W.A. is seem quite charismatic and scary look-a-like.

Corey Hawkins … Dr. Dre
Aldis Hodge … MC Ren
O’Shea Jackson Jr. … Ice Cube
Neil Brown Jr. … Dj Yella
Jason Mitchell … Eazy-E

Is this something you kids of the 80s are excited for? Or perhaps a feature-length documentary (similar to the opening of this trailer) would paint a more interesting picture and relate it to the sad state of affairs that is present day?

full original album on Spotify…
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Review: Black Sea

Director: Kevin Macdonald (Touching the Void, State of Play, Life in a Day, The Eagle)
Writer: Dennis Kelly
Producers: Charles Steel, Kevin Macdonald
Starring: Jude Law, Jodie Whittaker, Scoot McNairy, Tobias Menzies, Ben Mendelsohn, Grigoriy Dobrygin
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 114 min.



My original posting of this review can be found HERE


I was just thinking the other day that I haven’t seen a good submarine movie in a while, when all of the sudden I find myself on the edge of my theater seat with Kevin McDonald delivering one of the most suspenseful undersea films I’ve seen in recent memory. Black Sea mashes up the standard conventions of a heist film with the standard conventions of an underwater thriller and yet still manages to feel fresh and invigorating through its strong cast and white-knuckle sequences of peril.

The film begins with Jude Law, sporting a thick Aberdeen accent, getting let go from his underwater salvage job and meeting up with a group of his peers at a local watering hole. One of them informs him of a possible job involving the recovery of more than 4 tons of gold laying in a sunken Nazi U-Boat in the middle of the Black Sea.

After receiving funding by a wealthy investor, Law’s character (Capt. Robinson) recruits a rag-tag group of seamen to pilot an old, rusted-out Russian sub to go find the gold and bring back a hefty payday. Of course, if everything went according to plan, the film wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, so things quickly take a turn when tensions between the half-Russian, half-English crew reach a tipping point.
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Friday One Sheet: The Seventh Fire

When you get Terrence Malick to lend his credibility to your documentary, you make darn sure to put his name on the poster. Jack Pettibone Riccobono directs a documentary on a Minnesota Ojibwe reservation that has a gang problem, but he does it from the point of view of a 5-time incarcerated gang leader and his 17 year old protege.

The classic, minimalist one-sheet emphasizes sun down, and the wide open space of the midwest, but the deep red-orange could equally mean love or violence.

The Seventh Fire opens at the Berlinale Film Festival this week. The gorgeous trailer is also tucked under the seat.

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After the Hype #85 – Space Jam



Hey guys, sorry for the delay! We’re joined this week on AFTER THE HYPE by Graham, Anthony, and a special guest known ONLY as “Craigypoo.” He picked our flick this week – SPACE JAM – and we decided to invite him on the episode to share this national treasure with us.

To be fair, this episode is pretty looney.


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Trailer: Poltergeist 2015


Based on the frenetic trailer, I’m about ready to write the Poltergeist remake off; if only for the way a studio horror movie is constructed and paced. A lot has changed 1982 to 2015 and much like the Carrie remake, it all comes down to whether the pace of editing and easy reliance on jump-scares can replace the sweet creepiness (and, admittedly on my part, nostalgia) of the Tobe Hooper original.

Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures is producing the do-over, which stars Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris and Jane Adams along with two really cute kids. City of Ember‘s Gil Kenan directs.

The remake apparently keeps the clown that traumatized the childhood of anyone born in the mid 1970s (and it foregrounds it mightily in the trailer here, knowing its audience). And yet the passing of 30 plus years begs the question of whether modern television sets can even ‘snow-out’ anymore. I thought they just drop to a blank blue screen with the words, “no signal.” An apt enough metaphor for how I feel with the whole reboot cycle we find ourselves in; one which seems to give a similar look and feel to everything going through the grinder and out the other side. ‘Now with more jump scares,’ as it were.

The trailer is below, and the International trailer (with additional footage, but still ADHD in execution) is tucked under the seat.

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