What is the point of Rowthree?
Row Three is a collaborative film website that aims to foster discussion and community for those who like their cinema a bit Hollywood, a bit indie and a bit foreign. Formed and run by a collective of writers who try to stray from summer blockbusters and the so-called “popcorn” flicks in favor of a bit more upscale fare. We are not always successful in this endeavor; nonetheless we all love to talk movies and we hope to build a place for everyone to join in on the conversation

Who writes here?
Currently, there are several of us. Find out more about the writers over HERE.

How can I comment?
First, make sure you have something semi-intelligent to say and a keyboard. Next, after the title to each post, there is a link that says how many comments there are. Click on that and it will take you to the comment section. Fill in the appropriate/required fields and then leave your thoughts.

What is registration?
Nothing. This doesn’t even exist anymore so the fact that you are asking is baffling to us.

Do I have to register to leave a comment?
Uh… no.

Can I go off topic from the original post?
Absolutely. As long as it is movie related, talk about whatever you want in any comment section on the site. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be movie related. You wanna talk Dave Matthews Band news in the comment section from the post for the review for Charlie Bartlett, be our guest. Don’t be surprised if you’re mocked for being weird and tangential though.

Who is this Henrik asshole constantly starting shit in the comment sections?
He’s harmless. A very opinionated reader from Brazil or Iceland or something. Just go with it. He’s a loyal reader and from time to time says something accurate and meaningful.

Spoilers information.
That’s not a question. That’s a statement.

Fine. What is the general policy on Spoilers at RowThree?
Spoilers can be a touchy subject everywhere on the internet; RowThree is no exception. For well over a year now, there has been very little (if any) issues regarding spoiler problems here. Authors at RowThree are always very careful about posting a spoiler. If we feel it necessary, all of the spoiler posts are marked as such and “hidden” until you click a link that “unwraps” the spoiler information. This way you won’t even accidentally read something you don’t want to.

Like this spolier information right here about Fight Club:
show content

If you’re not sure about what is and what is not a spoiler, just be courteous and mark your statement as possibly spoilerific.

How do I “mark” my statement as spoilerific as you call it?
Just type the word “SPOILER” before your comment. Capital letters and/or stars (***) are a particularly nice touch.

What is a spoiler?
If you don’t know, you’re probably not actually on this site. But we’ll indulge you. Everyone’s definition of what a spoiler is can vary quite a bit. Generally, a “spoiler” is any piece of information that may directly affect how a viewer might interpret or get enjoyment from a film. In other words, don’t give away any surprise portion of the plot without first mentioning that your statement may be spoilerific. Also, this “surprise” may be more broad of a term than you think. Just ask yourself, “would I have wanted to know this piece of information before I saw the movie for the first time?” If the answer is no, or if you even have to pause to think about that answer, your statement is likely a spoiler. I can’t believe I just typed all that out. As if you didn’t know what a spoiler is.

Why do I have to leave my email address before I comment?
Partly because wordpress (the blogging engine we use) forces you to. And partly to prove you’re not a spammer. Or if it’s a contest, we may want to contact you regarding the amazing prize you are about to receive. We promise not to share your info with anyone. Mostly because we don’t care.

Why is my comment not showing up?
Most likely because you are a first time commenter. Anyone who comments for the first time with a unique email address and/or IP address gets flagged for consideration. Once we approve your comment (which we will unless you are obviously a spammer), you will be able to comment freely from then on and your comments will appear immediately. We usually approve comments in less than 12 hours (if it’s during a week day, probably within about 30 minutes or less). Sometimes if a comment has several links in it, the mothership that is RowThree will auto-flag your comment as spam. Once an admin has a chance to go through the spammed comments, we’ll approve your comment if it looks legit.

What is a “spammer”?
C’mon, I already answered the “spoiler” question. If you need help with internet lingo, go to some other FAQ. If you’re reading this, there is a 98.2% probability that you are not a spammer.

My comment was there before, now it’s gone! WTF!?
No idea. There must have been a glitch in the system, or you dropped some LSD and imagined the entire experience. Remember: there is no spoon.

Do you edit or censor comments?
Never. Unless it’s ridiculously out of line – like a child porn link, Nazi propaganda or some other nonsense (like a love letter to Diablo Cody… just kidding).

Why can’t I embed a video or post an image in my comment?
This is something we’ve been trying to fix for over a year. If you want a YouTube video embedded in your comment, for now just leave the link for the video and one of the admins will get around to embedding it for you. If it’s an image you want, sort of the same thing. If it’s really important, just email one of us (preferably John A or Andrew) with the image attached or the link to the image and we’ll put it up for you. There are certain size constraints to RowThree and some other quirky bullshit that must be adhered to. Again, please stop trying to embed child porn (naked pictures of Penelope Cruz are more than welcome however).

Why does everyone have a picture next to their name and mine just says Gravatar?
Those are called Gravatars for some reason. Head over to Gravatar.com and sign up with the email address you use when commenting and upload an image. From now on, any site that allows Gravatars will auto display your personal image when you comment there with that email address.

Can I subscribe to this comment thread?
You can’t subscribe to a specific comment thread, but you can keep track of all comments in your favorite RSS reader by clicking HERE

Speaking of that, do you have an RSS feed?
Yes, a lot of them. Copy and paste the following URLs into your favorite reader:
All posts: http://www.rowthree.com/feed/
Comments: http://www.rowthree.com/comments/feed/
Reviews: http://www.rowthree.com/category/reviews/feed
After the Credits Podcast (Marina, Dale and Colleen): http://www.rowthree.com/category/afterthecredits/feed/
Cinecast (the Andrew and Halfyard show): http://www.rowthree.com/category/cinecast/feed/
All podcasts: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RowThreePodcast
Podcasts on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=269530318

Where is the story about X that was here a couple of days ago?
Should still be there. After a certain number of posts/days, stories get ripped from the main page and head into the ARCHIVES. So you can go there or try doing a search in the search bar. That’s the gray box in the upper right that says “SEARCH.”

Is there a forum for Row Three?
No. The comment section is the forum.

I’m looking for your review on a particular movie.
Click on “REVIEWS” in the tabs at the very top right of the page. Or just click on the word “REVIEWS” in the previous sentence. Or that previous sentence.

Do you need more writers?
Not really. Having said that, we’re sort of on the look out for new “niche” talent. If you’re interested in writing at Row Three, get in touch with one of the admins and we’ll let you know. Don’t feel bad if we say “we’re not looking for anyone right now.” Nothing personal.

Can I link to you?

Can I hotlink the images here?
I suppose that would be acceptable. If our bandwidth starts getting sucked down the toilet to promote your shitty site, we’re canceling this privilege however.

What is “hotlinking”?
If you don’t know, it doesn’t apply to you. Google it if you really want to know. And for the last time, stop asking internet jargon questions.

What is this Twitter thing?
You know on Facebook how you update your “status?” It’s like that; and only that. And people follow you. It’s really exciting. Go to Twitter.com and check it out.

Are you on Facebook?
We are. We’d love it if you joined the fan club HERE.

What about Google Plus?

Why do you have three different podcasts?
Because that is just how cool we are.

How can I subscribe to a podcast?
See the answer to this question.

Is there an iTunes home to your podcasts?
Sigh. Yes, see the answer to this question.

I have another question that isn’t answered here.
Impossible. But try to stump us by sending an email.

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