I’ll Buy That for a Dollar! [donate]

Hey, thanks for offering to help us out a bit. If you do decide to donate, thought you might like to know what your money is going towards. Well, the first thing it will go to is hosting fees and domain renewal. That’s the only real overhead RowThree has to deal with. That said, to keep this thing going it takes a lot of time and in the case of our podcasts, equipment. Movie tickets aren’t cheap either so a few extra dollars to help keep us in the know would be much appreciated.

Of course we’re happy to have readers and listeners like you just hanging around. We certainly don’t expect anyone to give us anything. We’re here for the collective love of film, not to make money. But hey, sometimes folks feel the need to help oil the cogs and tighten the screws and we’re much appreciative of that.

All donations will get a special shout-out on the Cinecast (lucky lucky you!) and higher-end donations may receive other pieces of exclusive awesomeness. But again, we’re so happy you’re even lurking the site!

Donating is easy, just have some bucks in your PayPal or credit account and hit the donate button below. Then in the open field where it asks the dollar amount you’d like to donate, type “100,000”.

It’s that easy. If you have any questions about donations, pop them in the comments section below or shoot an email to the admin. THANKS!



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