New Bourne Legacy Trailer is compensating for a lack of Jason

I do not expect The Bourne Legacy to be like this, but the advertising really, really, really wants to to know that ‘the new Treadstone guy’ is far superior to the one from the previous three films; in fact he might actually be a superman of sorts, with the CIA scientists (Rachel Weisz) messin’ with his genes. Either way, I am completely sold on this franchise which is sort of a high water mark of American action cinema going so far as to influence how they make the 007 films. Besides, they have gone added a load of new actors (all showcased here in the trailer) while retaining a lot of the previous players. And if memory serves, they are going to integrate some footage from the previous films into this one, (liked they did in The Bourne Ultimatum.) Oh, and Jeremy Renner really, really stomps on a guys head.

Trailer: The Imposter

The best film I saw at this years HotDocs festival, Bart Layton’s marvelously constructed The Imposter just got its trailer and its a good overview of the story without revealing any of the myriad twists or break-neck turns away. Layton gives James Marsh and Errol Morris a run for their money in the polished truth-is-stranger-than-fiction department. Sharply edited and wonderfully scored, the trailer below gives a fine taste.

Trailer: The Hunt

Reported to be manipulative and violent (no surprise here, it’s produced by Lars Von Trier’s Zentropa), The Hunt, judging by its critical response and its trailer, strikes me as lying somewhere in the middle of Joe Wright’s Atonement, and Lynne Ramsay’s We Need To Talk About Kevin. Maybe. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg (Festen, Dear Wendy) it is likely to have a healthy dose of dry irony to it as well. The films star, the always excellent Mads Mikkelsen, just waltzed away Cannes Award for best actor. Below is the trailer.

“A former school teacher is forced to start over having overcome a tough divorce and the loss of his job. Just as things are starting to go his way, his life is shattered. An incriminating remark from a young child throws the small community into a collective state of hysteria. The lie is spreading and Lucas is forced to fight a lonely fight for his life and his dignity.”

Trailer: Holy Motors

Hailed as the weirdest movie in Cannes, Holy Motors certainly created a stir from those who like their cinema a little on the avant garde side, a flurry of undeniably ‘cinematic’ images. I am excited to see it, if only for the time travel aspect, twinning it with Rian Johnson’s Looper involving sci-fi and assassins (which showed in the Cannes Film Marketplace) and echoing David Cronenberg’s also-Cannes-competing Cosmopolis with all that limousine imagery. Indeed, perfect timing for the trailer to pop up on the web this weekend. See below.

“From dawn to dusk, a few hours in the life of Monsieur Oscar, a shadowy character who journeys from one life to the next. He is, in turn, captain of industry, assassin, beggar, monster, family man…He seems to be playing roles, plunging headlong into each part – but where are the cameras? Monsieur Oscar is alone, accompanied only by Céline, the slender blonde woman behind the wheel of the vast engine that transports him through and around Paris. He¹s like a conscientious assassin moving from hit to hit. In pursuit of the beautiful gesture, the mysterious driving force, the women and the ghosts of past lives. But where is his true home, his family, his rest?”

Trailer: The Great Gatsby

I know that I am not the only one who has been eagerly waiting for the trailer to Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the great American classic novel The Great Gatsby. I’ve been publicly pleading for a new adaptation that would relieve me of the bitter taste left by Robert Redford’s bland 1974 version since 2007 (amusingly, at the time I recommended Leonardo DiCaprio, who is playing Jay Gatsby, for the part of Nick Carraway and someone like Robert Downey Jr. for the role of Gatsby).

I knew coming in that Baz would put his signature flair on the film – and I was okay with that. I’ve always imagined something stylish, something completely distinct from the novel unlike the ’74 film, yet still effectively touching on the same themes that made the 16 year old me fall in love with the novel a decade ago.

Now, for the trailer: Tobey Maguire doesn’t do much for me. The voice of Nick Carraway drove the novel, so the voiceover is no surprise, but there has always been something so bland about Tobey – although then again, maybe that is what they need for a character such as Carraway. I’m also not necessarily digging the Kanye/Jay-Z thing the trailer has going on – although I completely expected something along these lines considering this is a Baz Luhrmann film. The Jack White U2 cover, on the other hand, was an interesting touch, even if I had hoped for something a little more jazzy in there somewhere, anywhere, considering this is adapting the quintessential Jazz Age novel. Where the film will shine and what I think will carry the film will be the interaction between DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan (who plays Daisy Buchanan, a former love), as the tension we see in just the few moments of their screen time is enough to turn one’s stomach.

What are your thoughts on the trailer for Baz’s adaptation? Too much style? Too modern? Too Tobey? Or do you think the film is going to rock your world? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Teaser: The Master

Has it been five years since There Will Be Blood? Yes. Thus, with much excitement, the first footage of P.T. Anderson’s latest film, a loose adaptation of the founding of The Church of Scientology called The Master, was screened at the Cannes film festival yesterday, while the rest of us got this brief but very tantalizing teaser. I should say that it is a welcome return from one Joaquin Phoenix who seemed to take a bit of a break from conventional acting during/after the pseudo-doc, I’m Still Here. He is in very fine form indeed.

No sign of Phillip Seymour Hoffman who is (I believe) playing the L. Ron Hubbard style character. The The Master was shot on 65mm film and is scheduled to hit cinemas (IMAX? Please!) on either October 12 or some time in December of this year – I cannot seem to find a straight answer on this.

Is it Oscar Season Already? Won’t Back Down Trailer seems to think so

Bait-y school drama, Won’t Back Down has several actors I enjoy watching on the big screen, Viola Davis, Holly Hunter and Maggie Gyllenhaal. But I’ll be promptly skipping this one. Focusing less on fixing the schools and more on starting your own damn school (note this topic was delved into quite a bit in Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting For Superman), it amps up every cliche in this sort of ‘genre’ that makes me kick myself for skipping Tony Kaye’s Detachment, which seemed to earn its earnestness rather than flailing it about like a dead cat in an elevator.

“We have to find a teacher that has the same ideas you do.” – Isn’t this the problem with America in a nutshell, from Fox News to MSNBC? Likewise, school should be neither a ‘shopping trip’ nor an entrepreneurial endeavor. But I digress, it’s not by far the only howler that Maggie has receive or deliver. The last line in this trailer, dares you to vomit on your computer. My Gosh, with dialogue like that who needs plot or story.

Voight-Kampff, Smoight-Kampff – New PROMETHEUS Viral Video

I know, I know, you don’t want to spoil any of the mood or surprises of Ridley Scott’s new Alien prequel and you are not watch these. Yea, right.

You have got to hand it to the web-viral marketing department for Prometheus who have been world-building with this series of videos in a pretty amazing way. First Weyland’s TED Talk, then a commercial for the “David” line of sythentic humans, now we have the girl with the dragon tattoo herself, Noomi Rapace, essaying her Dr. Elizabeth Shaw character’s philosophy for adventure to the Weyland corporation (Ellie Arroway style) as their computer analyzes every square nano-meter of her face for identity, archival, and one assumes, empathy testing.

Yep, it’s Contact meets Blade Runner in an Alien movie. Yum.

Terrence Malick’s “To The Wonder” gets an R rating

Formerly the “Untitled Terrence Malick Project” starring Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz, Javier Bardem, Olga Kurylenko, Barry Pepper, Michael Sheen and Amanda Peet, the film got both its title, To The Wonder, and its MPAA rating, “R” today. Strange title, it feels like directions to Malick’s awesome yet often obtuse filmmaking style (“This way to the wonder folks! Wonder? Wonder!”) It’s certainly not at Cannes, and who knows if it will come out in 2012, 2013 or whenever. Just passing this along, because, well … Terrence Malick.

Oh, in cause you were curious, the R was doled out for nudity.

“To The Wonder is a romantic drama centered on a man who reconnects with a woman from his hometown after his marriage to a European woman falls apart.”