Trailer: I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

Osgood Perkins, son of Anthony, has made another quiet chiller (following up his debut feature, February), that has been recently picked up as a Netflix Original. I caught the film back at TIFF, and while it certainly is not perfect, it is nice to see that someone (other than Ti West) is making smallish, quiet (and by that I mean #JumpScareWithCare) horror pictures that favour atmosphere over noise. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House, goes for poetry and prose, both in its delicate voice over, and its deliberate framing. The trailer is exactly what the movie is, and as you can see, Ruth Wilson is great in it.

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House is available on Netflix as of October 28th.

Trailer #2 for Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals

The second trailer for Tom Ford’s sublime sophomore feature, Nocturnal Animals is cut out of order compared to the actual film, but feels like it is more ‘in order’ than the first trailer. If that makes sense. There is a lot of editing trickery going on here, which is par for the film itself. If you want big dollops of Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon, well, then this ought to do the trick for you. See this movie when you can, it is one of the best films of the year.

Nocturnal Animals opens in NY & LA on November 18th and goes into wider, but still limited release in other markets on November 23rd.

Friday One Sheet: A Cure For Wellness

I will happily admit that this poster doesn’t tell me anything really, about the film, other than the credit block (if you squint) indicating that it is the latest film from Gore Verbinski. But simplicity is underrated in movie marketing these days, most posters favouring photoshop clutter, or a long series of character posters, or ugh, head floating above a landscape. So a bright azure apothecary bottle with a girl floating in the liquid on a stark white background might not be the most creative thing in the world, but it certainly stands out. I look forward to February, as new Verbinski is always a good thing!

w00t! **Updated** with a quite excellent trailer which feels like THE KNICK TV series crossed with 1963’s THE MIND BENDERS and GdT’s CRIMSON PEAK.

Yes Yes YES! “John Wick: Chapter 2” Trailer

Tragically underseen at theatrical release time, John Wick has grown into somewhat of an internet phenomenon. That is, the 2016 equivalent of a “cult” film. Based on Box Office alone (about $40 mil domestic and another $40 mil foreign), I’m a little surprised to see a sequel emerge. I guess when you’re budget is only $20 mil and you quadruple that in sales, Hollywood is willing to give you a second shot. Ergo, this author is delighted!

The poster was released a handful of hours before this trailer was and I have to admit I wasn’t all that impressed – hence not mentioned in this post. But the trailer has me excited. It’s got that same dark look of a fictional city cast in an overnight blue color. The rules of the assassin’s society still seem to be in play and Wick is once again out for some serious blood justified.

I’m so happy it’s dropping in the middle of February when we I really need something like this to life my spirits and just give me some straight-up, yet well thought out (hopefully) action thriller. Starring thealways energetic and charismatic and passionate Kenau Reeves, is anyone else super excited for this?

Trailer: The Monster

It is Halloween month, so out come the horror pictures! This ‘one room’ (well it is a big 1980s car) creature feature is directed by Bryan Bertino, who turned out the wonderful The Strangers in 2008. Scott Speedman returns (no sign of him in the trailer) in some capacity, with Zoe Kazan in the lead. A24, the micro-distributor of good taste is putting it into cinemas, although somehow they resisted the tagline, “It was a dark and stormy night…”

The Monster will screen at the Sitges Film Festival on October 15, before a limited theatrical release and VOD on November 11.

Trailer: Sleepless


I feel like we already got our American street crime movie this year (not that we couldn’t always have more!) in one of 2016 best films, but tragically underseen, Triple 9. But this one has more neon, a Torreto-like muscle car, Jaimie Foxx and takes place in… Nevada(!?). It’s based off of a French film titled Nuit Blanche, which I’ve not seen but apparently is pretty highly regarded as a great crime thriller. So count me in for both!

I’m unfamilar with the director, Baran bo Odar, as he’s done the rest of his output in Germany. But I like what I’m seeing here and pretty excited for this actually. The film also stars David Harbour, Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney, T.I., Gabrielle Union, Kimberly Battista and Scoot McNairy.

Trailer: Patriots Day

Certainly a hit or miss director, and still kind of an auteur in his own right. A subdued Michael Bay. A smarter Michael Bay some may say. Others may say Michael Bay with a little help from Paul Greengrass. Whichever it is, Peter Berg is kind of making a niche for himself with these American Hero tragedies. While certainly in the realm of patriotic, they aren’t generally over-the-top ra-ra America stuff. It’s in there, but it’s much more subtle than say a Clint Eastwood might do it.

He takes “actiony” disasters and makes them watchable. More than watchable actually. Entertaining. Well written. Deepwater Horizon was probably the best “explosions and stuff” summer blockbuster we got – and it was released in September!

Having said all that, his newest film is actually called Patriots Day and features waving flags quite prominently. Although, I suppose that’s just the nature of the event that took place on April 15, 2013, in which two bombs rocked the Boston Marathon killing three and wounding scores more. The Boston Police were generally regarded as doing their job well and handling the situation as best as it could have been.

That’s probably because Mark Wahlberg was on duty that day…

The poster for Deepwater Horizon was really cool. And I think the one-sheet for this movie is pretty awesome as well. At first I thought it was just the American Flag in tatters, but upon closer inspection, it’s shoe laces. Well played marketing team!