Trailer: Criminal


I‘m all in for a “Costner as the villain” movie (3000 Miles to Graceland, A Perfect World). Even in Open Range he’s not exactly a nice guy. In fact, some might say these less than savory characters is where Costner excels. So while this trailer starts off great, it becomes increasingly far-fetched and corny.

Don’t get me wrong; as the resident Costner nut around here, I am all in 100% for this thing. There seems to be some great action set pieces presented and the supporting cast (Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Pitt, Gal Gadot) is enticing as well.

Criminal is helmed by relatively unknown director, Ariel Vromen. I had intended to see his last picture, The Iceman starring Michael Shannon but never got around to it. Is it any good dear readers?

Have a look at the trailer below. Are you Costnered out after his recent “flops” (MacFarland USA, 3 Days 2 Kill, Black or White, Draft Day)?

Trailer: Equals

A futuristic love story set in a world where emotions have been eradicated, there is a long tradition of this idea in the history of pop cinema and literature, from the big dumb action of The Island and Equilibrium, to George Lucas’ cooler ideological THX-1138, flower-powered Logan’s Run, all the way back to George Orwell’s seminal novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is good happenstance that Ridley Scott, who famously re-purposed the iconography of Orwell for Apple Inc. as a TV advertisement to launch their Macintosh computer, acts as the producer on the film.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult star in the film as the couple breaking down the barriers , along with some impressive Chinese & Japanese architecture. I dug the film quite a bit when I caught it at TIFF last year.

Trailer: Mr. Right

We’re fans in these parts of Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell (and Tim Roth). But I will tell you, after Seven Psychopaths, this kind of film is staring to leave me a bit cold. In Mr. Right Kendrick for the “perfect” guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he’s a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him. I’ve seen Spanish director Paco Cabezas loathsome gangster picture, Neon Flesh (That review is here), and I am not sure if Mr. Right is right for me.

You can judge for yourself with the trailer below.

Trailer: The Lobster

After a long lap around the festival circuit, from Cannes to TIFF and beyond and commercial releases in most of Europe at this point, The Lobster, the latest bit of satiric weirdness from Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth) nears its domestic release on this side of the pond. And thus, a new trailer, which should be quite familiar to those who remember the previous trailers, only this one has more Olivia Colman which is always a good thing.

For the uninitiated, The Lobster is Lanthimos’ internationally star-studded English language crossover, and features Colin Farrell as a lonely man who goes to a specialized singles resort to find love, at the risk of being transformed into an animal, if coupling is unsuccessful. There he meets several men and women in the same predicament, including John C. Reilly, Ben Whishaw, Angeliki Papoulia and Léa Seydoux. Things come to a head with the boutique hotel after he runs away with Rachel Weisz.

Trailer: Miles Ahead

It is trailer day here at Rowthree, and here we have Don Cheadle’s biopic of Jazz (er, social music) legend Miles Davis, which is seems to be retold as a heightened story of cool, crime and a wee bit of heist excitement. Not your run of the mill biopic, for sure, and Cheadle is on double duty as both the star and the director (his debut film after his adaption of Elmore Leonard’s Tishomingo Blues fell through a decade ago).

Miles Ahead apparently did not set the New York Film festival on fire when it debuted there last October, but it certainly looks like a fun time at the movies. Any movie where Ewan MacGregor is sucker-punched in the face can’t be all that bad. It gets a release via Sony Pictures in a couple months on April Fool’s Day.

Trailer: Creative Control

Here is the trailer for a black & white, nifty satire of the potential of google glass cum virtual reality. It is five minutes into the future of Brooklyn hipster-ism, and the first world’s worship of technology. Note how director Benjamin Dickinson shoots the unboxing of the Augmented Reality glasses at one point. One of the executives of the East Coast tech start-up conduct an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend…sort of. Creative Control was funded by Amazon Prime shinola, and it feels as if Noah Baumbach directed Her with Jim Jarmusch exec-producing. That is how it plays afterwards in my head, after watching this trailer, which, by the way, features a game Reggie Watts, doing his thing.

Trailer: Gods of Egypt

I only post this as a depressing indicator as to how low Dark City director Alex Proyas has fallen. (Creatively speaking, I’m sure the paycheck was wunderbar.) This is the logical boring & lazy end-point to CGI spectacle; a point I thought was hit with either I, Frankenstein or the Clash of the Titans reboots. But here we are, the most boring fucking spectacle that $100M can buy. Ladies and Gentlemen, Gods of Egypt.