Mamo #139: Prime Invective


Modern science has given the world many gifts, large and small. The heart-lung machine. The large Hadron collider. Liquid Prel. But who among us us could have predicted the latest miracle of modernity – namely that it is finally cool to like Star Trek again. The Matt’s take a swipe at what could be the perfect summer film, its box office prospects, and why Hugh Jackman’s only saving grace came courtesy of the calendar. As always – spoilers abound, so if you’re one of the few – take care.

Summer Movie Guide: R-Three Style

JGL and Zooey in 500 Days of SummerWhile the fanboys are enjoying spacious, 500-seat auditoriums with DTS sound and the latest in digital projection to catch Wolverines fighting giant Robots that look like sports cars (again) or the typical pot and booger jokes in another laugh an hour, generic comedy, the snobbier among us prefer the cramped and smaller, hard to find theaters that play slightly more ponderous fare as we like to call it.* So with that in mind, we thought we’d have a look at some of the “real” movies that we’re truly looking forward to and are being released sometime over the next four months.

*actually, Cpt. Kirk and John Connor already have our money, so who are we to judge?

The list below is roughly in “date of release” order but consider that to be at your own risk as releases (particularly the indie stuff) can, as we all know, be all over the calendar. Not to mention some of these titles have already played the festival circuit. All title links head over to IMDb (how original).

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