Cinecast Archive Ready! (mostly)

We’ve gotten some requests lately (mostly by insane people that want to torture themselves) for access to the older Cinecasts. I’m happy to report that these are all now archived and available on the R3 servers; all the way back to Episode 1 (please don’t listen to that; it’s torturous for the listener and embarrassing for the host).

Way back when, before the Third Row was around, Kurt and Andrew (and occasionally Matt) got together at the old site of Movie Patron for early Cinecast movie reviews. When that site was deprecated, the Cinecast archive was still there along with download links to the shows and information on each shows. At some point in time, that site was forgotten about and eventually went down (when I stopped paying for it). When that happened, unfortunately all of the information disappeared along with it.

We’ve got a team of monkeys working around the clock…
– Andrew James

Today I re-uploaded all of the episodes to the “new” servers and created archive pages with episode numbers and download links to the mp3s. Unfortunately I lost all of the show notes for those early episodes (1-67). But thanks to listener ROLF(!) we do have quite a bit of information already and we’ve got a team of monkeys working around the clock to get that info into these archived pages (eventually).

In the meantime, there are two ways to access the archive:
1) Hit the podcast dropdown menu on the left of your screen or in the menu of your mobile browser and then choose Cinecast. Scroll all the way to the bottom of that screen (past all of the more current episodes) and then click on “archive.”

2) Click this link.

Good luck in your journey and thanks for listening!

Row Three App Updated and Now Available in the Google Play Store!

Yes, if you weren’t aware there is a mobile phone app for RowThree. If you’re on the go alot but like to keep up with the latest snark in the comment section, listen to a streaming episode of the Matts’s’ or the latest Cinecast; or even just see what the latest posts/reviews are being shared here on the site, the RowThree app is for you. We may even occasionally send out notices. I promise not to bug you very often though!

The latest updates include a much nicer looking icon, stripped down aesthetic and some tweaks to the content. If you already have the app downloaded, some of this stuff may already have updated on your device. If you’re an Android user, I’d recommend uninstalling your current version of the app and reinstalling now that we’re now officially in the Google Play Store! It’s better streamlined for notifications of updates or if you would like to rate/review the app (please do!),

You can play with the app a little bit before downloading if you’d like. I set up a web based version so you can sort of see its capabilities and features. Check out the web based demo right here.

For those of you uncomfortable with downloading an app for your device that isn’t from a “trusted” source, you can no longer have any fear. All content has been approved and scanned by the Google crew and by Conduit Mobile to ensure this app is malware free and doesn’t ask for any sketchy permissions. Plus I made it; do you think I’m the type of guy to invade your privacy?


Apple fans no need to fret. While the app is not yet available on the iTunes store (because they’re sticklers for content and charge me an arm and leg), the app is fully functional for the latest iOS and is available for download. Simply scan the QR code or download through Amazon.

Please leave your comments and thoughts about the app in the comment section below and/or in the Play Store. And please help spread the word with a +1 and/or a 5-star rating on the Play Store profile page. Thanks and enjoy!

UPDATE: We’re aware that you can’t directly leave comments on posts through the app itself. Except you can… kinda. After you see a comment you want to reply to, just click on “view original post” at the bottom of the comment. That will use your mobile browser to take you to the replay thread in the post. So it’s sort of an external way of leaving a comment while on the go.

We’re Working Hard In Here [Comments and Clean-up]

In an effort to get with the times around here – and make conversation a little more dynamic and outreaching, we’re working on a series of Tweaks throughout the site. Most notably to users will be the COMMENTS SECTION. Over the next few days you may notice some in and out and what-have-yous going on with the comment section. Fear not, we’ll get everything in full swing soon.

During this time, you may notice some glitches with the comments and you may even see many disappear. Older comments from the last 8+ years at RowThree are very plentiful (thank YOU!), so it will take some time to get them all fully imported into the new system. Also, drunken color coding takes cracker-jack timing, Wang, so the color scheme will be swinging in and out of full blown unreadability to radical new ideas in color theory. We’ll get there though.

This is an experiment! As such it could blow up in our faces and we’ll just go back to the way it was (or try something else). But hopefully, if all my hopes and dreams are realized, it will be the best thing since the six demon bag. This new system is known as LiveFyre. I researched many different commenting platforms and for lots of various reasons that needed to be met to suit our needs, this is what I believe to be the best choice. With our crack-pot, I mean top-notch crew working on this, we should be up and running by the time Monday doesn’t suck as much.

Thanks for your patience! More about LiveFyre under the seats…

Would you like to know more…?

Introducing: Row Three Wiki

File this under experimental overkill, but I had an epiphany recently while listening to one of my favorite podcasts. At the end of the show they always remind listeners to head over to their Wiki page and add to or amend the show notes. Well dammit, if TWIT can have a Wiki, so can RowThree.

The original idea here was to have a place where readers/listeners could have a bit more of a say with their experience while listening to the Cinecast. This IS NOT a place for commentary or discussion; you still do that in the regular comment section for each individual thread on RowThree proper. But if you’ve got something to add or a link or some reference you think should have some light shed upon it, you can now add it to the show notes yourself!

We’re also trying a couple of other features with the Wiki. We’ve started a couple of pages with popular film titles being talked about in the third row. For now these are basically just a hive for the various threads in which the film was mentioned and maybe some alternate poster art. Maybe you can come up with some better uses for these pages!

So all you need to do is head over to The Wiki Page and login (registering is free, fast and easy). Once you’re registered, do what you will. There are some basic help pages over there if you run into any trouble.

So like I said this is still in the experimental phase of being, so bring on the ideas for what this Wiki can be used other than just sort of an archive of the history of RowThree. Feel free to edit or add to any article on the site that you have access to. Or heck, you can submit your own article on whatever you want. In the spirit of science, the admins will be pretty lenient as to what goes up there, at least in the beginning.

Enjoy! And please let us know what you think about this new feature in the comments below. Thanks!

Subscribe to RowThree on Google Currents

These days, getting all of your content from everywhere all at once is easier than ever. There are dozens (hundreds?) of outlets, aggregators, apps and readers out there to help you manage your daily information fuel-up. And one name for that function is always near the top of that list: Google.

Now I for one have somewhat of a commute in the morning and evening, so that frees up a lot of time to catch up on my news reading. That means mobile browsing. And like I said, there are dozens of ways to do that. One of the prettiest though is Google Currents.

Currents takes your RSS subscriptions and displays them in a very handsome format that’s easy to digest and disseminate on a mobile reader. That’s assuming the publisher has taken the time to set it up correctly. If not, it’s going to be fairly standard. Which is fine, but some of the smarter publishers out there have designed their Currents pages rather nicely and look quite sharp. While I don’t claim to be a nominee for designer of the year awards, we’ve spruced up our page a bit, added a table of contents and given ourselves a unique look.

Currents will import your already existing RSS subscriptions from Google (or wherever) and also give suggestions for more you might like as well as browse content via various categories). If you already have Google Currents, then we’re easy to find! Just search for Row Three and we’ll pop right up on top of the list (in theory). If not, just download the free app from your respective device’s market and you’ll be off and running in no time.

Currents is available for free on most devices:


Drop Us a Voice Message on the Row Three Hotline [612.367.ROW3]

That’s right. Gone are the days of having to spend hours trying to type out your thoughts with the obvious sarcasm displaying itself as it should. Now you can contact us via the antiquated telephone* and just leave your angry comments or questions about the site using your own unique voice!

Starting right now, you can dial 612-367-ROW3 (7693) and leave a message at the tone. You can mention a specific post, call out a RowThree staff member or even another commentator (be polite please… unless you’re calling about Matt Gamble – in which case you should let him have it!).

OR you can enter YOUR number into the widget below, and we’ll call your phone and prompt you for a message:

We’ll have the ability to rebroadcast your message on the Cinecast and possibly/probably embed your recorded voice right into the appropriate comment section of any post on RowThree. From here on out, we’ll be accepting the Cinecast Homework Assignments via this system!

WARNING: We’ll of course screen calls for content and make judgments about posting voice messages appropriately. But please since you may want this voice mail public, please refrain from revealing any personal information like email addresses or phone numbers. Unless of course you want that information public.

*This hotline is a free service and no different from any other regular telephone number. However, RowThree is not responsible for any minutes or dollars charged that are applied to your phone bill as a result of calling us. 612 is an area code in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. Please be aware of any long distance or international rate charges that might apply when calling this number.

We look forward to hearing from you!

RowThree Reader Survey

We need your help.

We’ve had a few ideas floating around the Third Row about ways in which we might improve or expand the site. But before we take Row Three towards any particular direction, we want to make sure it’s the right one! Or maybe we should simply maintain the status quo.

And then of course there are some other things that we’re just generally curious about our readers/listeners. We want this to be the best movie community it can be and to do that we need to know as much as possible (that’s relevant) about the people who interact with the third row. So the best way to do that is to get your input directly. So that’s where you come in.

We want/need your help in determining what’s right and what’s wrong with Row Three! If you’ve got a few extra minutes, we’d really appreciate your help with a little feedback by taking a short survey. Thank YOU for your time on this and continuing to be part of what has, so far, been one of the best movie discussion communities on the interwebs.

If you haven’t got the time right now, please stop back soon to help us out with this. We really do value your opinion. At the very least, please feel free to drop any thoughts you might have about the site into the comment section below. THANKS!


Would you like to know more…?

Row Three Mobile App

For those of you with smart phones, you can now sit in the third row pretty much anywhere you go with the brand new updated (and pretty spiffy) RowThree Mobile App. The app is available on all of the major platforms: Android, Apple (both iPhones and iPads), Windows phones, Bada and Blackberry. [absolutely FREE]!

– Instant streaming of all three podcasts hosted on R3 (Cinecast, Mamo!, After the Credits)
– Up to date postings of all content at RowThree (news, trailers, op/ed, DVD listings, film festivals, etc.)
– Reviews of all the latest movies and DVDs we can get our hands on
– Keep up on the conversation with all of the most recent commentary from readers and contributors
– Track our Twitter and Facebook and even add us to your like/follow feed
– all of this and a few other goodies

Download instructions:

1) If you’re an ANDROID user, download through the Google Play store:

~ OR ~

1) Point your browser to the download page: (
2) Enter your email address. We’ll send you a unique URL code via email.
3) Open your email with your mobile device and click on your unique URL and the download should be begin within seconds
4) Install the download and you’re ready to go!

~ OR ~

1) If you have a bar code scanner on your device just scan the image below and you’ll be prompted to download the app:

It may not be the snazziest of movie related apps out there, but it’s certainly a worthy addition to your app library and fans of RowThree will likely get some use out of the very clean controls, the smoothness of its functionality and easy to navigate interface.

If you are experiencing any glitches/problems, PLEASE let us know so we can fix it or implement these new ideas to keep things fresh. And heck, if you have any ideas for features or suggestions on how we can improve the app or keep things fresh, by all means let us know via email or drop your thoughts in the comment section below. In fact, you can contact us directly through the app controls!

On a final note, this app is made possible partly from readers and listeners and their generous contributions. We really appreciate all you guys and gals and here’s hoping this application will further your enjoyment of the site. Cheers!

Remodeling Complete. The New RowThree!

Welcome loyal readers and first time lurkers. What you’re seeing is the newly renovated third row of Cinema Internet. We figure you cared enough to drop by, the least we can do is make it feel a little more like home; both visually and interactively. There may be some minor glitches as the architecture of these new surroundings may still be a bit creaky. By all means LET US KNOW if there is something not working properly or that needs to addressed. Feel free to email or pop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Other than the obvious aesthetic differences, there are a few minor tweaks we’ve made that we hope will enhance your experience during your stay with us. Off the bat, one of the first things you should check out when you arrive in your seat, is the “featured article” on the upper-right side of the page. An ever changing post highlighting something worthy of a little more discussion than your typical posting. In theory, this article will change roughly every few days. So stop back often for something new in that corner of the screen.

Secondly, we’ve introduced “nested comments”. (*UPDATE: this is working now!*)This seems to be a helpful tool for productive film discussion as it provides a way for readers to reply directly to a comment further up in the hierarchy instead of way down at the bottom of the list where it may seem irrelevant if the discussion might have gone in another direction. This “nesting” as we call it, can go 5 comments deep. So use the feature to its fullest! Speaking of comments, the link to the comment section of a specific post from the main page is no longer at the bottom. The link is now in the upper right of the post in the form of a little speech bubble, which includes the current number of comments within that thread. Click the speech bubble to join in on the discussion.

Social media. The individual pages for the RowThree media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be found at the top of the page in text only format – rather than the gaudy, obtrusive icons that once plagued the site. If you’re looking to help promote RowThre, find us on those pages and friend us, like us, kiss us, digg us, Tweet us, poke us or whatever it is that particular site might do. Of course we’re all about readers helping us out with spreading the word, so if you find a particular article you’d like to share with the world, click on the article’s title and then look for the sharing icons on the left hand side. You can auto-share to the internet’s more popular social media sites using those buttons.

I can’t think of much else to mention. It’s pretty much the same site, but without the fugly (hopefully). Once again, we’re so appreciative to everyone who stops by – especially those that take the time to leave their thoughts and get into filmatic discussion in the various comment threads. If there’s anything that needs looking into, tweaking or outright not working properly, again, let us know immediately in the comment section for this post or just shoot us an email. We’ll try to get it fixed up as soon as possible.

Jeff Goldblum appears courtesy of The Knights of Portugal.

Holiday Schedule



As you may have noticed, things have been quiet in these parts for the past weekend and whatnot. As the year end holidays approach and we try to get in a little real-world social times, avoid shopping, and of course, see the 30-odd films that drop into the cinema around this time of year before New Year cut-off, it creates a sense of quiet in our little corner of the internet; snow falling on cedars if you will. Rest assured there will be at least one more cinecast before the end of the year. There is a long conversational post on Jean-Marc Vallee’s masterpiece, Cafe De Flore soon to drop. Furthermore, there is a high probability of list-y goodness, particularly in the MorePop sidebar.

Also, given the recent events in North Korea, it’s very hard not to post the puppet version of Kim Jong-Il singing with Trey Parker’s nasal melancholy, but you’ve probably got enough of that from Twitter.

On a final note, thanks to all the full-time and part time contributors and most especially all of our readers, commenters, and folks who keep the conversation going. You are for whom this website was most certainly designed. It has been a great and fun year, our 4th (and a bit!) in the Third Row.