Prometheus’s David 8

If you haven’t already seen this yet, it continues the trend of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus doing some of the best viral-style marketing in years. This one likely does not contain any spoilers; although, who knows, really. Perhaps even knowing that the ubiquitous Michael Fassbender is playing the android in this film is a spoiler. The Irish actor will join *ALIEN FRANCHISE SPOILER ALERT* Ian Holm, Lance Henrikson, and Winona Ryder in the franchise’s long standing tradition of having a non-human crew member on ride. Judging by this promotional video, it looks like he will do nicely.

Below is a faux-advertisement paid for by the Weyland Corporation for their version of Nexus 6 android. Meet David 8 the robot hates poverty and war and who can cry upon command. He is here to help and do the things that real people may find (*beat*) distressing. He just wants to help out.

DVD Review: Textuality

Textuality DVD Cover

Director: Warren P. Sonoda (Cooper’s Camera, Puck Hogs)
Screenplay: Liam Card
Producers: Marc Rigaux
Starring: Jason Lewis, Carly Pope, Eric McCormack, Liam Card, Holly Elissa Lamaro, Kris Holden-Ried, Kristen Hager
MPAA Rating: PG
Running time: 90 min.

In today’s society, where people think it’s OK to text from inside theatres and find themselves surprised that people take issue with that, or even worse, text while driving or having sex, which, by the way, are all unacceptable, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen a movie based entirely on people managing their romantic relationships via text messaging and social networking. Sure, they’ve come up in movies but never has a movie been based on texting (email and texting are not the same thing) and as much as Textuality wants you to think it’s that movie, it’s not.

The unfortunately titled movie stars model-turned-actor Jason Lewis as Breslin. His last relationship ended badly and he hasn’t been able to shake the fact that his fiancé left him at the altar. He takes some advice from his buddy Michael, a player who has a roster of women who call him up when their relationships are in trouble or over. It’s not complicated and commitment free which he likes. The advice is this: find a couple of women to get you back on track. With technology, this should be easy to manage. So Breslin goes off and finds a couple off ladies to keep himself occupied. And then he has a run in, literally since he runs into her with his car, with Simone played by the lovely Carly Pope, and falls in love.
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2011: A Preview

2010 was another year full of memorable films and performances. It was also a summer of disappointing blockbusters and sequels. Toy Story 3 and Inception saved the summer from being a complete waste of time. 2011 is another jam packed year, with plenty of franchise sequels and blockbusters. As always, many of the films that will fill our Top 10 lists next year are coming out in the fall. There may not be a lot of information on them yet, so this preview will be heavy on films that are releasing in spring or summer. The way the system works, the films that are on your radar are only there most of the time because of big names involved, studios, etc. One of the things I love about movies is that so often the ones that aren’t on your radar are some of the best of the year, but since those aren’t on my radar yet, let’s take a look at some that are. 2011. Go!

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