What’s Up Lovely to Screen Next Friday in L.A.

As you might know, a few of us have been big fans of 2009’s New York Lately and we (I) have been highly anticipating screenwriter/director Gary King’s next effort, What’s Up Lovely. Well it looks like the wait is almost over for a few lucky folks out in Los Angeles next weekend.

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking out this newest venture from Mr. King (before me… grrr). The event is being held at the Downtown Independent at 8pm on Friday, May 14th. Make your way over there and catch Gary and star Jenn Dees as well as some other cast and crew. It’s only ten bucks and I guess there’s a big rooftop party afterwards. All the info on the event and the film itself can pretty much all be found right over here.

In the dead of night, a recently unemployed insomniac wanders the streets of New York discovering a city beyond her wildest imagination.
Luci loses her job and times are tougher than ever. Unable to sleep, she begins an after-hours journey embarking on a series of strange encounters as she wanders the dark metropolis. During one unforgettable night, Luci comes face to face with her innermost fears and desires as she tries to find her way back home.
Based on a concept by Jenn Dees and Gary King, WHAT’S UP LOVELY is a drama about the struggle to survive the city while battling the enemy within ourselves.
If you’e interested, and you should be,

I’ve been told the film sticks with several of King’s major influences (including Soderbergh, Wong Kar-Wai, Almodóvar) but is a little bit more Lynchian this time around. Whatever that means I can guarantee it piques our interests big time around here. Possibly gonna be some RowThree staff at the shin dig, so seek us out and buy us lots of cocktails.

You can check out the trailer underneath the seats…
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The Floodgates of Gush Open for Avatar


And so it begins. As blogs and papers break the so-called embargoes around the globe, high praise for James Cameron’s 3D game-changer (and subject of much anticipation, ire, speculation and geek-rage) is probably making many of the nay-sayers come (at the very least) close to reconsidering. Good news for whomever floated that $300+ million dollar price tag.

Here are a few reactions: Variety, Twitch, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, The Sun UK

Talk amoungst yourselves. Again.

“nobody” Premiere This Week in Minneapolis

If you’re a Minneapolis native it’s pretty rare these days to be excited about a film premiere that was shot in your home city; mostly because there are so few (if any) of them being made here. So when we got word this week that Rob Perez’ goofy comedy, nobody, is getting it’s red carpet premiere at the prestigious State Theater in downtown Minneapolis, we definitely took notice.

lindeman, a sculptor in his last semester of art school, is stuck. his final project – a two ton block of granite – stands in the center of his studio constantly reminding him that he’s not moving forward. to begin working, lindeman needs to be inspired but the problem is – where do you look for inspiration?

lindeman tries the goth scene, the gay scene, the vegan revolution scene. he tries to fall in love, become one with mother nature, and pass himself off as an intellectual. he tries everything he can think of but, in the end, he might just realize he doesn’t need to be somebody to be someone. flying under the radar – being nobody – has its perks.

Judging by the simple synopsis and trailer, this movie looks to be a fairly straight forward story; a series of silly events culminating in a profound realization by our lead, played by Sam Rosen. The script writing and cast looks to be the overlying strength here and probably a pretty laugh-hardy time at the theater will ensue. I mean c’mon… the movie co-stars a goat for Christ sake. Plus, because so few films are ever shot exclusively in the Minneapolis area, those out of the know are going to be pleasantly surprised about the stunning locales this city has to offer. I expect good things on that front.

One interesting tid-bit is that every bit of marketing I can find on the film is printed in 100% lower-case lettering. While not lost on me, I think it adds that extra bit of subconscious intrigue or at the very least delivers some simple quirk to the movie’s subtext.

So if you’re in the Minneapolis area (or even if you’re not), pick up some tickets to the premiere (NOT reserved for just industry and press – this is a public screening!) and stop by the gorgeous State Theater on Thursday night for the full red carpet treatment (cast and crew present – including Josh Hartnett). It should be a blast. We’ll see you there!

If you’re not in Minneapolis or can’t attend the premiere on Thursday, fear not. The film will run at Block E for the foreseeable future and of course you can follow further progress on Facebook or Twitter.


Early Preview Screening: Hippie Hippie Shake

Hippie Hippie Shake cast on location

Oz magazine was a leading publication of the 1960s countercultural underground press, using satirical humor, psychedelic art, and scathing anti-establishment political articles to critique the status quo of the time, first in Australia and then in London. Its envelope-pushing content and endorsement of the expression of free love in pretty much any form landed its editors in obscenity trials in both countries. After being acquitted upon appeal in the Australia trial (1964), main editor Richard Neville and editor/artist Martin Sharp headed to London in 1966 to recreate the magazine in the center of the countercultural movement. They were joined there by Neville’s girlfriend Louise and other contributors, notably Germaine Greer, who would later become very well-known for her feminist literary critical work The Female Eunuch. By 1970, Oz‘s editors again found themselves indicted for obscenity and intent to corrupt minors.

The upcoming film Hippie Hippie Shake, adapted from Neville’s memoir, focuses on London Oz from its inception (Neville and Sharp’s arrival in London) through the obscenity trial. I saw the film at a work-in-progress preview, so it wouldn’t be fair to give a definitive review on it at this point, but I’d like to at least give some impressions of the film as it is now. Most of the issues I had with the film were pacing and narrative issues – I’m interested to see if director Beeban Kidron (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) will be able to iron those out before the film is released (it currently has no release date set).

Oz #3 CoverThe first half of the film covers the rise of London Oz, as Richard (played by Cillian Murphy) and Martin (Max Minghella) join Louise (Sienna Miller) in London and gather contributors for the magazine, which include David Widgery, an earnest young political activist who wants to write only about things like the horrors of Vietnam, and Germaine Greer, of course focused on feminist issues and sexual equality. Soon they are joined by business whiz Felix Dennis, and rifts begin to form that eventually threaten Oz nearly as much as the obscenity trial that takes up the second half of the film. Felix is quickly typed as one who is interested in the magazine for the amount of sexual material it allows him to work with rather than its serious countercultural aspirations. Other interpersonal conflicts occur when Martin wants to do an all-image issue, and when Louise feels as though Richard cares more about an increasingly ill-defined cause than he does for her.

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