Clive Barker’s JACQUELINE ESS: HER LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Optioned by Raven Banner Entertainment

Raven Banner Entertainment announced this morning that it has optioned Clive Barker’s short story Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament from Barker’s anthology novel The Books of Blood Vol. 1.

Raven Banner will produce with Barker’s Seraphim Films on board to Executive Produce. The deal was negotiated by Raven Banner partners Michael Paszt, James Fler and Andrew Hunt, with Noor Ahmed of Reder & Feig LLP negotiating on behalf of Seraphim.

Jacqueline Ess tells the story of a beautiful woman with the ability to horrifically change people’s body shapes simply with her mind. Her ability gives her the power to grant men the ultimate sexual experience, albeit one that always proves fatal. It’s a story of sex, power, and the extremes that await us at the limits of desire.

“All of us at Raven Banner have been huge fans of Clive’s for years,” says managing partner Andrew Hunt, “and I personally have always loved the story of Jacqueline Ess. It has all the qualities one wants in a modern horror film, so I’m excited to see it finally being brought to life on film.”

“We love what Raven Banner is doing for horror,” says Seraphim’s VP Mark Miller. “We are excited to be collaborating with them.”

The film is currently being scripted, and is slated to go into production Fall 2014.

The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Announces 2014 Special Award Winners

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television has just announced four Academy Special Award winners for the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards — Ted Kotcheff, Colm Feore, Marge Anthony and CTV News’ iGateway.

“We are deeply honoured to present these Canadian screen leaders with Academy Special Awards,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz. “As we look forward to our national Canadian Screen Awards telecast on March 9, the Academy continues to recognize and celebrate Canada’s most talented actors, directors and digital innovators, as well as the broadcast executive who made ‘first’ her personal trademark,” says Katz. Would you like to know more…?

Academy Celebrating 65 Years of Canadian Talent with Canadian Screen Awards 2014

In 2014 the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television will be celebrating 65 years of awards in honour of Canadian screen stars on both sides of the camera.

“The Academy is building a legacy to honour Canada’s remarkable screen talent,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz. “It all began in 1949 with the Canadian Film Awards and prestigious hosts such as silver screen star Mary Pickford and Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent. We think this well-kept secret is worth sharing with all Canadians.”

The awards have come a long way from their humble, pre-television beginnings in 1949 at Ottawa’s Little Elgin Theatre. In 2014, they will be a star-studded red carpet event, broadcast live on CBC from Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. Would you like to know more…?

Toronto Theatrical Release Announced for ANTISOCIAL

After its world premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, Antisocial has toured several major international genre festivals and garnered a great deal of critical acclaim. Breakthrough Entertainment proudly announced today that the film will have its Toronto theatrical premiere this December at the Carlton Cinema.

Antisocial, is the social-media-savvy horror film from Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald that turns on its head the claustrophobic horror convention of scared young people locked up together as all hell breaks loose. In the movie, a worldwide pandemic marked by violence, suicide and hallucinations, breaks out on New Year’s Eve. And five university friends witness it all live via network TV and the ‘Net – from personal blog feeds to video chats gone insanely wrong. How long can they keep the apocalypse at bay inside a locked apartment?

Celebrating is the last thing on the mind of Sam (Michelle Mylett), when she reluctantly accepts a New Year’s invite with her friends Mark (Cody Thompson), Jed (Adam Christie), Steve (Romaine Waite), his girlfriend Kaitlin (Ana Alic) and Chad (Ry Barrett). Sam’s boyfriend Dan (Charlie Hamilton) had broken up with her earlier in the day, in front of an entire network of online friends on a popular portal called The Social Redroom. The geeky Jed is inclined to invite the whole world to the party through his computer, and in doing so is the first to see all Hell break loose. As it plays out, they know exactly what to look for when the virus finds its way inside their padlocked apartment/haven. Would you like to know more…?

Billy Bob Thornton’s JAYNE MANSFIELD’S CAR Heads to DVD and Blu-ray This December

Anchor Bay Films announced today the Blu-ray and DVD release of Billy Bob Thornton’s Jayne Mansfield’s Car. Currently available On Demand and on iTunes, the film will be in stores on December 10, 2013.

In what critics are calling his best work as writer/director since Sling Blade, Academy Award®-winner Billy Bob Thornton stars along with Oscar winner Robert Duvall, two time Oscar®-nominee John Hurt and Golden Globe®-winner Kevin Bacon, in this story of fathers and sons, wars and peace, and the turbulent time that changed America forever.

It’s 1969 in a small Alabama town, and the death of a quirky clan’s long estranged wife and mother bring together two very different families for the funeral. But do the scars of the past hide differences that will tear them apart or expose truths that could lead to the most unexpected collisions of all?


Anchor Bay Picks Up SEPTIC MAN, HELLMOUTH and EJECTA for Canadian Distribution

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Anchor Bay Canada announced last week that they’ve acquired three films from Foresight Features, all penned by Tony Burgess (Pontypool), for distribution in the Canadian market.

“We have been big supporters of the Foresight team since their first film, Scarce in 2008,” said Rob Herholz, general manager of Anchor Bay Canada. “It was great to see Monster Brawl and Exit Humanity establish them as filmmakers to be reckoned with. With horror scribe Tony Burgess collaborating on Ejecta, Septic Man, and Hellmouth, we expect things to go to a new level altogether.” Would you like to know more…?