Friday One Sheet: Canadian Side Boob

A subtle difference between Canadians and Americans is in regards to sex and nudity on screen. For years, movies that have been “R” rated in the United States for (often mild) sexuality or nudity get the softer “AA” (now 14A) rating in north of the border. This is reflected visually in the Canadian-Spanish co-production Menorca, a film about a suburban mom who sheds her domestic shackles on a journey of self-discovery. Clearly, the poster wants to show that ‘soccer moms’ are not dead yet, and if they want to have a beer while sunbathing topless in the wastelands of suburbia, it is a reflection that life doesn’t end with a mortgage. The Canadian version (above) of the poster reflects this. The US version (below) paints a bikini on each of the ladies, which diminishes, somewhat, the impact of pretty effective poster for this kind of drama.

Menorca gets a Canadian release sometime in December. There is no indication (at the moment) if it will even get a release in the United States, let alone the modified poster hang in any American movie house. It it currently playing at the Whistler Film Festival British Colombia, and there is a short trailer tucked under the seat, as well.

Would you like to know more…?

Friday One Sheet: Alien Covenant

One simply cannot argue with the simplicity of the teaser poster for the latest (8th?) entry in the Alien franchise.

Lots of negative space, the Alien hiding so close in the dark, this could be an image taken directly from the first, and still classic, film. When Ridley Scott went the prequel route with Prometheus, the marketing was very coy about whether or not the film was connected to the franchise, and in this prequel-sequel (second prequel?) they are being as clear as possible. The Xenomorph outside of perhaps Frankenstein, Dracula, and Godzilla, is the one of the most iconic creatures in popular culture, and it certainly makes a lot of sense to maximize its use at this point.

Also, most succinct tagline ever: “Run.”

Friday One Sheet: Rogue One (Japanese Character Posters)

A handsome set of blue-white character posters for Star Wars: Rogue One has been put out for the Japanese market. And while the design is somewhat ‘floaty heads’ (or at least floaty torso and up), one cannot help be consider just how damn good Ben Mendelsohn looks as an Imperial Director. Also, the Star Wars marketing team has gone ‘all in’ on the tropical beach imagery for this advertising campaign, both in Japan and in the USA.

You can find the rest of the posters over at ImpAwards.

Friday One Sheet: Loving

One of the iconic moments in Jeff Nichols’ very quiet film on race and the law, Loving, is when the central (and eponymous) married couple are photographed by a Life Magazine photographer. It is a wonderful moment in the film, and somehow it was not used in the original poster for the film. However, this alternate one sheet, from designer Manu, riffs wonderfully on black and white photography (and race for that matter), comfort and intimacy.

Friday One Sheet: Trainspotting Then And Now

Thus far the advertising and trailer for the 20 years later follow-up to Danny Boyle’s classic Trainspotting (adapted wonderfully from Irvine Welsh’s novel) have been copying the look and feel of the original film to the point of almost repetition. I know this is how you get butts in seats, but I hope the film is more than just a ‘reunion tour’ of aging Scottish junkies. I like UK Quad posters, a lot, so I’m showing you these.

For comparison sake, here is the iconic poster from the 1996 original.

Friday One Sheet: Allied

Movie stars and guns, for better or worse, I cannot think of a more traditional way to make a poster. The poster for Robert Zemeckis’s forthcoming World War II spy movie Allied has a look that says, Daniel Craig era 007 meets Casablanca*. The overall design is not great, not terrible, and pretty much gets the job done.

*If you are aware of the premise of the film, you might also get a dash of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in there too, mainly due to Brad Pitt’s presence.

Friday One Sheet: A Cure For Wellness

I will happily admit that this poster doesn’t tell me anything really, about the film, other than the credit block (if you squint) indicating that it is the latest film from Gore Verbinski. But simplicity is underrated in movie marketing these days, most posters favouring photoshop clutter, or a long series of character posters, or ugh, head floating above a landscape. So a bright azure apothecary bottle with a girl floating in the liquid on a stark white background might not be the most creative thing in the world, but it certainly stands out. I look forward to February, as new Verbinski is always a good thing!

w00t! **Updated** with a quite excellent trailer which feels like THE KNICK TV series crossed with 1963’s THE MIND BENDERS and GdT’s CRIMSON PEAK.

Friday One Sheet: Oppression

Nbodoy puts Naomi in the closet! This French poster is sending out confusing noir-ish signals with its slanted blinds and almost completely unsaturated palette, to go with its ‘trapped’ vibe, and artisanal screen-printed textures. It is a wee bit reminiscent of one of the great all time posters of this century, which also featured Naomi Watts.

Despite its muddled genre cues (Blue Velvet with gender reversal? Halloween On South Street?) and title confusion (it is called Oppression in France, and Shut In in the USA?), I still give the poster a few points for simplicity and minimalism.