Friday One Sheet: Legend

The notorious Kray Brothers, Britian’s two most famous gangsters, are getting the big screen treatment with Tom Hardy in the lead. And the poster (much like Ridley Scott’s 2007 mafia pic, American Gangster) is an sleek update on the iconic one sheet from Brian DePalma’s Scarface. Only here, the black and white versions of Tom Hardy are quite literal, as he will be playing both brothers. If you want to see just how good this is in an era post-Winklevoss, give the trailer for Legend a look, I have included it below.

Friday One Sheet: Sicario

After yesterdays intense and gritty trailer, we’re all about Denis Villeneuve’s Cannes fêted cross-border procedural, Sicario. This poster stands out with its smoked-butter yellow and graffiti deaths-head. The text is well integrated to the point where you almost do not notice it. I don’t exactly know if it advertises what the movie experience will be, but it certainly would draw eyeballs if it were framed in a theatre lobby.

Friday One Sheet: Clean Shaven Sean

Doesn’t Sean Harris clean up nicely?

The latest character posters for Mission Impossible 5 features the British actor known for playing icky villains or low-lives in small UK productions (remember his Drexl-type drug dealer in Harry Brown or his assassin in A Lonely Place To Die?) or, more recently, seen in big Hollywood productions (as in the gutter-punk geologist who gets lost in the caves in Prometheus).

The rest of the clean (Alec Baldwin and Simon Pegg are also looking sharp) and uncluttered Ghost Protocol character posters can be found here.

Friday One Sheet: Felt

Trees and vaginas, the last untapped poster cliche! Seriously though the lush, dark colour design of the poster, the lead character in an awkward pose almost looking up at the title of the film in disbelieve. It communicates a lot. We ran the exceptional trailer for the film earlier this week, and while I was a big fan of Jason Banker’s previous film, Toad Road, this seems like a clear step up, from the film to the marketing. Heck even the title is pregnant with many meanings. Bravo.

Friday One Sheet: I Dream Too Much

While this looks more like a book cover than a movie poster, I applaud the use of colour and space. Subtly, it’s snowing on flowers here, and quite beautiful stuff. As to what the movie is about or how it will be about it, is left completely to the imagination, but maybe that is the thing.

(Apropos of nothing, why is the R and the H in the title to be weirdly capitalized?)

Friday One Sheet: The Silenced

I have always been a fan of South Korean posters. They take a simple still, color and buff the hell out of it, and do not clutter it up with much else beyond a title and a release date. Often there is no credit block.

Such is the case here, for the upcoming horror-mystery film The Silenced. Beautiful symmetry of women standing in file, with the lead character (played by Park Bo-Young) looking pleadingly at the camera and the head of the institution facing away at the end of the line. This kind of poster tells you everything you need to know, tonally, without giving anything away plot-wise, and it does it with grace.

Also, I have tucked the trailer, which features some pretty lush production design, under the seat.

Would you like to know more…?

Friday One Sheet: A Perfect Day

The temptation, when you have a big name ensemble is to splash their faces on your poster, either through a series of boxes down at the bottom, or floating heads. This is why I like the design of this poster so much, it is almost if the cast of the film, including Benicio Del Toro, Olga Kurylenko, Time Robbins and Mélanie Theirry are staring at you in challenge to watch the film. Well, either that, or you are the dead body they are leaning over. Just by camera angle this poster is immediately provocative.

The story from Dr. Paula Farias’s novel “Dejarse Llover,” was adapted for the screen by director Fernando León de Aranoa and involves a group of aid workers try to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone.

For your pleasure, I have also tucked the trailer under the seat.

Would you like to know more…?