Friday One Sheet: Sicario

And the wonderful one-sheets keep coming for Denis Villeneuve’s much anticipated cross-border hitman procedural, Sicario. This one has the ‘collage of characters’ style usually reserved for adventure movies, so it seems tonally at odds with the polished grit that the trailers promise. Having not seen the film I cannot say for sure. The design does imply that all that is going to happen in the film is concomitant with the head-space of Emily Blunt’s character.

September cannot come soon enough.

Friday One-Sheet(s): Mission Impossible Series

Looks like Jack and Meg White have secretly been collaborating with Saul Bass for the marketing for the Mission: Impossible franchise for the past several years; but Paramount Pictures is just getting around to letting us know about it. This arguably handsome set of posters recalls the iconic scenes/imagery from the previous installments in the Tom Cruise, super-spy universe; all leading up to the newest blockbuster for 2015, Rogue Nation, which hits theaters on July 31.



Friday One Sheet: The Hateful 8

The promise of a ‘Western with winter’ in the vein of The Great Silence, Ravenous, Jeremiah Johnson or McCabe & Mrs. Miller is just about as compelling as just about anything in cinema for yours truly. You can guess at the tingle that this particularly painterly poster offers. Kudos to Quentin Tarantino and other keeping the genre alive (and this year promises to be particularly kind for gunslingers and ne’er-do-wells.) The Hateful 8 with its gritty tagline (I can practically hear that line being spoken by Kurt Russell or Bruce Dern) alongside foot prints and blood. And a collection of hardened men against the backdrop of gently falling snow. Bliss.

Friday One Sheet: Three Colours for Agent 47

We have no plans to actually bother with the Hitman sequel, Agent 47, but give the marketing team some props for this clean design of striking angles. Now it is debatable that this kind of bold, retro design will be appealing to the audience demographic they are likely to get into the theatre for the film, but, that is another story.

Points of note: The 47 combines nicely to form a graphic that is either an hour glass (the clock is ticking) or a slightly broken infinity symbol. Combine that with the converging perspective of the office towers, dwarfing the hitman on a field of red and it suggests the promise that a river of blood is going to flow downtown. It also echoes the design of the hitman’s iconic red neck-tie. Overthinking things? Maybe. But anytime we can have an uncluttered design, with classic and firm lines, it is a cause for celebration — regardless of the actual film in question.

Friday One Sheet: Mexican Stamps

The love for Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Sicario continues, and we’ve not even seen the film yet. LA Design have just released a series of five ‘commemorative stamp’ styled posters (Edit: I am told the style is in fact based on a Latin Lotería cards, a BINGO type game that originated in Mexico) in Spanish for the film, and they are marvelous.

The rest are tucked under the seat.

Would you like to know more…?

Friday One Sheet: Legend

The notorious Kray Brothers, Britian’s two most famous gangsters, are getting the big screen treatment with Tom Hardy in the lead. And the poster (much like Ridley Scott’s 2007 mafia pic, American Gangster) is an sleek update on the iconic one sheet from Brian DePalma’s Scarface. Only here, the black and white versions of Tom Hardy are quite literal, as he will be playing both brothers. If you want to see just how good this is in an era post-Winklevoss, give the trailer for Legend a look, I have included it below.

Friday One Sheet: Sicario

After yesterdays intense and gritty trailer, we’re all about Denis Villeneuve’s Cannes fêted cross-border procedural, Sicario. This poster stands out with its smoked-butter yellow and graffiti deaths-head. The text is well integrated to the point where you almost do not notice it. I don’t exactly know if it advertises what the movie experience will be, but it certainly would draw eyeballs if it were framed in a theatre lobby.

Friday One Sheet: Clean Shaven Sean

Doesn’t Sean Harris clean up nicely?

The latest character posters for Mission Impossible 5 features the British actor known for playing icky villains or low-lives in small UK productions (remember his Drexl-type drug dealer in Harry Brown or his assassin in A Lonely Place To Die?) or, more recently, seen in big Hollywood productions (as in the gutter-punk geologist who gets lost in the caves in Prometheus).

The rest of the clean (Alec Baldwin and Simon Pegg are also looking sharp) and uncluttered Ghost Protocol character posters can be found here.