Not At Odds #2 – What Historians Get Wrong About Faccuracy!



On this week’s episode of NOT AT ODDS, Jandy and I go into the issue of historical accuracy in film and whether or not that’s a big deal. We coin a new term – FACCURACY – and admit to not having seen Selma. Lotta good truth here. Well, mostly truth. Actually, a few things were added for drama, but the moment was truthy…

Oh you get the idea. Listen to our new episode and tell us what you think!


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After the Hype #85 – Space Jam



Hey guys, sorry for the delay! We’re joined this week on AFTER THE HYPE by Graham, Anthony, and a special guest known ONLY as “Craigypoo.” He picked our flick this week – SPACE JAM – and we decided to invite him on the episode to share this national treasure with us.

To be fair, this episode is pretty looney.


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Cinecast Episode 379 – Collaborated, Coagulated, Copulated

This is one of those episodes with no new reviews (blame January, folks!) Instead Andrew & Kurt get into a lengthy discussion about re-watching films. From the starting point of “Inherent Twice” they each drop 5 titles up for discussion on how opinion/evaluation/appreciation of the film changes with multiple viewings. Then it is on to the watch list. Salty tongued Office-slash-Spy comedy, bad bad bad Nicole Kidman version of Groundhog Day, 1970s car chase drama, gender-bending time travel, and Jazz, baby, Jazz. A side tangent on whether or not to ‘read the book first’ or ‘watch the movie’ first in light of Ridley Scott’s forthcoming The Martian rounds out the show.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!



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After the Credits Episode 166: February Preview

*Equal opportunity oogler

Equal opportunity oogler

We know how it happened but we don’t really know how it happened. How is it already February? In a slight state of shock, Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd), get off track on Joan Collins and 80s soaps theme songs but along the way we also manage to look ahead to the movies coming out this month!

Other stuff we talk about:

SPARK FWD festival and conference
– NPR: On the Media – episode with Bob Garfield’s outtakes
– Joan Collins on Graham Norton show (I made a mistake, it’s a different show but still awesome)
– “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Say Wah?!

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After the Hype #84b – Updates


Hey guys, Jonathan here from AFTER THE HYPE. Just wanted to fill everyone in on the delay of our SPACE JAM episode coming out as well as talk about the move to, which has gone smoothly. If you’re already subscribed to our original feed you don’t have to do a darn thing. You can keep listening to us like normal (just ignore some of the old episodes that are popping up as new). You can also subscribe (and SHOULD subscribe) to the RowThree master feed to get all the podcasts on this network.

I basically say this in more rambly words in this update episode. Catch ya next week!

This week’s song is “Scrumdiddlyumptious” by POGO.

Not At Odds #1 – The Pilot



Hello and welcome to the pilot episode of NOT AT ODDS, a podcast about the intersection of criticism and creativity! Each week Jandy and I will use our backgrounds and perspectives to discuss a singular topic, her coming at the topic as a critic and I as a creative.

This week I found an interesting twitter rant about the lengthy production cycle of the screenwriter and how judging an “in progress” work may not be the best option. Sure, you can get an idea what to expect by reading the production draft of a screenplay, but how far along in the cycle is that script and how many more cooks are yet to hop in? For comedy scripts, it’s probably going to be more than you’d expect.

Check the episode and discussion below!



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