Mamo 457: OWN’d


Welcome back to Mamo! Join us for a far-ranging discussion that starts with Donald Trump, Devin Faraci, and complicity in rape culture; wraps its arms around Ava DuVernay’s 13th and Queen Sugar and the proper use of one’s “power list” capital; and gets, generally, into where we are right now.

After the Credits Episode 196: VIFF Dispatch #1


Festival season has officially landed in Vancouver with the kick-off of the Vancouver International Film Festival last week.

As has become tradition, I’m ((@themarina) joined for our first dispatch from the festival by Bill Harris (@soundjam69) who is now also part of a really awesome podcast we’ve talked about in the past Green Screen of Death.

The intent was for this to be posted yesterday so it’s already a day late however, most of the discussion is still relevant as some of these movies are screening again over the next week + left of the festival, and because talking about movies just never really gets old.

We’ll be coming at you with another dispatch after the weekend of heavy movie watching but until then, be sure to follow-us on twitter, follow the festival hashtag #VIFF and check out the festival website for screening information.

After the Hype #159 – Paranormal Activity



Welcome LOW BUDGET HORROR month here at AFTER THE HYPE. We’ve got some episodes for you this month so stick around! This week we’re talking the Found Footage film PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, which really pushed the genre forward. Christopher Ortiz joins us yet again, and like always kills it during our breakdown. There’s a lot here so put down your pro-sumer camera and start listening!


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Cinecast Episode 457 – Lots of Gauges

We’re finally wrapping up our DePalma summer retrospective with what Film Junk readers have deemed the best Brian DePalma film that ever was, the iconic Scarface. Pacino and Loggia whoop-ah it up to eleven as they take over the Miami, gangster underworld. Is that enough to warrant a three hour run time? Can they carry us all the way to the finish? Kurt and Andrew investigate. From there, we travel a few hundred clicks to the west where the deepest oil well in history blowed-up real good with Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich aboard! Deepwater Horizon was a good time for those of us that got to witness it years later with a large 7-Up and hot, buttered popcorn in our lap. Do you concur? Lasty, Kurt revisits the original Star Trek Motion Picture on the big screen which turned out to be quite delightful and Andrew hopes for another positive showing from Woody Allen in a revisit of Vicky Christina Barcelona. Say hello to your little friend: The Cinecast!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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After the Hype #158 – Green Room



This week we’re joined by special guest Jackson Stewart – director of BEYOND THE GATES – to talk about the intense little film GREEN ROOM. It’s a great show, so you won’t want to waste another minute. Check it out and let us know what you think!



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Cinecast Episode 456 – So Far So Good…

The summer of 2016 officially winds down to a stop (thank the maker) as The Toronto International Film Festival comes to a close. Kurt spends a good chunk of this episode going through the best of the fest (from his perspective) and one or two things that didn’t work out quite as well as one would hope. Before we get there, we join Antoine Fuqua and his Magnificent Seven as they attempt to defeat the evil, mining industrialist, Peter Sarsgaard. It’s as close to an A-list cast as one can hope for these days, so does that pay off on the IMAX screen as it once did for the Western Blockbuster (if there ever was such a thing)? Lastly, Andrew has clearly had some time away from recording and producing to see quite a fair number of films. And breezes through a half-dozen of those before the boys call it a done deal. Regrets for not tying off the DePalma retrospective with a Scarface ribbon this week as promised; though that is in the works for next episode.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Mamo 455: Vulvaesque


We almost made it out of TIFF 2016 without ever doing a show, but not quite! Joined (and prompted) by special guest star Shelagh Rowan-Legg, we have a look at a couple of remarkable genre films about women – RAW and THE UNTAMED – before diving into MOONLIGHT and the question of representation, as things finally begin to move forward.

As mentioned in the show:

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