Mamo 450: Christ II – The Revenge


JESUS IS BACK AND HE’S READY TO KICK ROMAN ASS! And other sequels no one asked for. As think piece writers in general catch up to what Mamo was saying eleven years ago, we discuss the latest brace of underperforming (?) number twos, plus Warcraft, Star Trek, and the return of Mel Gibson.

Mamo 449: X’s and “Oh”s


This Memorial Day, we fondly remember the days when Memorial Day was a good time to open a blockbuster. With X-Men: Apocalypse and Alice Through the Looking Glass in the toilet, we castrate Fox’s management of the X-franchise before diving into the wider question of fan entitlement, platonic relationships, and Cap being in love with Bucky (cuz he IS, ok?).

Mamo 448: Manbaby Boobytits


Do you hear the slurping, mewling sounds of the internet fanboys roiling in disgust (once again) because women exist? It was hard not to get hit by the spray this week as the Cinema Massacre web site (!) achieved the seemingly impossible, and turned GHOSTBUSTERS into the most politicized film release of the year. We tackle the outrage, and then dovetail to this week’s other gender war, #toofemale.

Mamo 442: Where Are They Gonna Poop?


The Mamo Summer Box Office Contest is here! Matt & Matt handicap the big releases of the summer of 2016 and invite YOU to do the same. Captain America! Alice! Suicide Squad! Ghostbusters! Independence Day! The Big Fuckin’ Giant! Who will win??

We have a NEW game system this year, thanks to Mamo listener Andrew Robinson! Please visit, create an account, and draft your picks. You can revise your draft as many times as you like until you hit “LOCK PICKS” or midnight on May 1st arrives, whichever comes first. Then your entry is set in stone!

Note: grosses are to be entered in the hundreds of millions, i.e. 400, not $400,000,000.

Second note: You may cross-post your picks to the comments here for added discussion, but ONLY entries at will be considered for the contest.

Third note: blu-ray to the winner, care of! May the best prognosticator win.