After the Credits Episode 205: March Preview

It’s Belle. It’s really BELLE!

Summer is officially here. Seriously? It’s still snowing in Vancouver!

Who cares about the weather. What’s really important is the fact that as far as Hollywood is concerned, summer movie season is here.

Join us this week as Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) delve into the huge list of releases this month. And we mean huge. From big titles like Logan (see it!) to smaller titles like Suntan, March is looking mighty fine.

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After the Credits Episode 204: Littlest Hobo Media Spew

Watch out. Here comes the Mennonite mob

Reality TV?! That’s right – we’ve been sucked into the world of reality television but this isn’t exactly “The Bachelor.”

Join us this week as Colleen and I (Letterboxd) delve into some of the material that’s been keeping us busy over the last few weeks including lots of TV, a few books and even a couple of albums!

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After the Credits Episode 203: February Preview

Keanu has a new suit and is ready to kick some ass!

January came and went in the blink of an eye bringing with it a solid assortment of early-year winners as well as a couple of major stinkers. Now February looks to topple the balance of good entertainment. Will it succeed? It’s certainly looking optimistic.

Join us this week as Colleen and I (Letterboxd) mourn Dale’s (Letterboxd) absence before jumping head first into February’s movie offerings which bring everything from cheesy romances to kick-ass action.

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After the Credits Episode 202: Littlest Hobo Media Spew

Oh yeah. It’s weird.

A bit of time off during the holiday break means the crew managed to catch up on a lot of TV and movies.

Join us this week as Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) chat about some of the entertainment which keps us occupied over the holiday season, from prestige award hopefuls to some of the best (and strangest) shows currently on TV.

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After the Credits Episode 201: January Preview

Selene is back!

Welcome to 2017!

This show was actually recorded last week but with the holidays, it didn’t make it up before the end of 2016 so it is, instead, our first episode of the new year!

Tune in as Dale (Letterboxd), Colleen and I (Letterboxd) look ahead to the first releases of the new year and as per usual, there’s an interesting mix dumping ground releases and a number of left over prestige pictures – even though we don’t really talk about them other than in passing since most of them were discussed during our December preview.

Stay tuned because 2017 is going to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

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After the Credits Episode 200: Littlest Hobo Media Spew

Travelers: The best new show on TV

Travelers: The best new show on TV

I can barely believe it’s here. Not only is the holidays a few days away but we’ve hit episode 200. That’s a lot of talking over the years! Here’s to 200 more!

Join us this week as Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) catch up with some of the stuff we’ve been reading, watching and listening to over the last few weeks!

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After the Credits Episode 199: December Preview

Not soon enough!

Not soon enough!

Weeeeeeeeee’re baaaaaaaaaaaack!

After a short hiatus for various festival duties, the After the Credits crew is back and bringing you a preview of what to expect in December!

Take a listen as Dale (Letterboxd), Colleen and I (Letterboxd) check out what the month has to offer and weigh in on our excitement for what the holidays has in store for us at the movies. The conclusion? A little something for everybody.

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After the Credits Episode 198: VIFF Dispatch #3


That’s a wrap! VIFF has come and gone in a whirlwind. It’s hard to believe two weeks of movie watching is already gone and though this year I didn’t manage to see quite as many movies as I’d hoped for, I mainly managed to make good choices and didn’t see too much I didn’t like.

In this final dispatch from the festival I’m (@themarina) joined by regular festival correspondent Bill Harris (@soundjam69) of Green Screen of Death, and friend of the show Lisa (who has appeared on our last few VIFF wrap shows) to count down our favourite movies of the festival.

After the Credits Episode 197: VIFF Dispatch #2


We actually recorded this show earlier this week but things have been so crazy, it’s only going up today. Lucky for you, the festival is almost over at this point so we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduling posting in the coming weeks. Anywho…

In this dispatch, I’m (@themarina) joined by festival corespondent Bill Harris (@soundjam69) of the Green Screen of Death to talk about some more movies.

We’ll be coming at you with one final show in the coming days to wrap up the fest and count down our favorite films. Until then, be sure to follow-us on twitter, follow the festival hashtag #VIFF and check out the festival website for screening information – VIFF repeats have been announced and screenings will continue into next week!