Online Gaming Can Be More than Just Physics or Adventure

One aspect of gaming we haven’t talked much around these parts is the genre of “getting rich!” OK, so that’s probably not the best way to approach your finances, but hey, nothing wrong with laying down a little scratch for your entertainment; and if the possibility exists of making a huge score while playing, then all the better for it!

waltz-bingoI’ve played some online poker with my phone and even competed in some adventure challenges than earn real dollars as well. But after a trip to the casino to kill some time last summer with friends, we discovered the awesomeness that is B-I-N-G-O! We played for some time and had a ball doing it. But the time was cut short and we had to actually leave for a wedding.

When I got home I got to thinking that there must be a place to play online and basically do the same thing, but from the comfort of my own home (or office, heh heh). Sure enough; I was able to spend a lot of time gaming away without really having to break the bank. One of the places I found that was pretty fun was – it was just a cool way to spend a quiet evening at home but also interact with other and have a good time… without the noise, chaos and cigarette smoke you have to deal with at the casino.

I also do some mobile gaming as well so it’s fun to attack these types of site while on my commute (train or bus) as well. How bout you guys? Do you feel like Vegas is the devil incarnate or is something like this worthy of your time and money? For the same price as a movie you can get just as much bang bingo for your buck in my opinion!


Member riding your skateboard up to the mall and pumping quarter after quarter into a machine for about 3 minutes of entertainment? There was simply no better way to blow all of your money back then.


If it arrived at your finger tips through the wires and you’re not actually playing from a physical disc or cartridge, the clever name for this downloaded content is DLC. Take it away…

Mobile Gaming

These days the little thing that used to be called “the phone” is now more of a computer/gaming device. So whether you’re rocking the iPhone or an Android or something else, what’s going on with the games with these systems. C’mon, we know you love your Angry Birds.

Retro Gaming

Remember the good ‘ol days? As in the Atari 2600/Colecovision days? Yeah, me too. It was awesome. Can’t believe I spent HOURS playing Frogger and Pitfall II.

Of course for some of you, “retro” means Nintendo 64. So I guess that fits here too ya whipper-snappers!