“How Can You Not Be Romantic About Baseball?”

With the World Series starting today, lets consider Baseball, the sport that has time and time again translated the best up on the big screen. It is still very much America’s sport, and the sport that seems to bring out the best in the country. And editor Lindsay Ragone has put this delightful narrative together that examines the flavour and the atmosphere, the goofy and the sentimental, the best and the worst (but mostly the best) the sport offered to the cinema.

As a canadian, non-sports fan, it still gets me all warm inside seeing John Candy do his thing on screen.

Play B-A-A-A-A-ALL!

Trailer: 2012 Shinsedai Cinema Festival

Absolutely stellar work on the trailer for this year’s Shinsedai Cinema Festival:



Yeah, I want to see each one of those right now too…The full lineup has now been announced and tickets go on sale June 21st, so go browse the titles and see if you can match up trailer clips to their movies. A preview post of the festival should be upcoming soon, but that trailer does a fabulous job of selling the festival on its own. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but moving pictures put together in a montage set to music speak about a thousand times more.

The Title Design of Saul Bass

We’re all big fans of Art Of The Title round these here parts and to celebrate the release of the book “Saul Bass: A Life In Film & Design” (by Jennifer Bass and Pat Kirkham) they recently put together this “brief visual history” showcasing some of his wonderful movie title designs…


The Title Design of Saul Bass from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.


This ties in nicely with the recent announcement that Otto Preminger’s Anatomy Of A Murder will be released by Criterion in February. The disc even includes a feature with one of the author’s of the above book (Kirkham) on Bass’ relationship with Preminger.

A Movie Montage For Spring

Maybe it’s that fresh smell in the air…Maybe it’s that warm breeze that occasionally wafts by that signals the end of the long winter those of us in the colder climes have had…Hell, maybe it was just the Super Moon, but the arrival of Spring has given us all here the urge to DANCE!

Yes, dance. Set to the tune “Cineramascope” by the monster groove band Galactic (from New Orleans), the following video is a compilation of dancing clips from a diverse set of films. We avoided too many “professional” dancers in the clips in order to get things closer to how we here in the RowThree offices are celebrating the arrival of Spring.

This time we’re leaving off the movie titles at the end, so start guessing. There are obvious and non-obvious titles alike, so use the Comments section to list where the clips came from and we’ll keep a running tab to see who gets the most right. As with the Screenshot quizzes (also about to come back out after a lengthy hibernation), the winner will be rewarded with our greatest gift – respect.


Would you like to know more…?

Any Colour You Like – A Montage

I love a good dose of colour in movies. Nothing against spectacular Black and White cinematography – Film Noir is one of my favourite styles of film after all – but I’m always happy to see bright and shiny colours put to good use on the screen. There are plenty of scenes filled with bright hues, but in order to really capture that through a set of video clips I thought it might be easier to use scenes focused on individual colours. Using the music of the terrific Montreal band Plants And Animals (from their second album “La La Land”), here’s a walk through the spectrum of the rainbow…


A Montage for a Month of Horror

Is it cliche by now to focus on horror movies during October? Wait, don’t answer that – because we don’t care. We love horror films here at RowThree (well, most of us do anyway) and so a good portion of the posts for the next 31 days will be devoted to just that.

So to kick things off, here’s a little video we created set to the tune of “Batcat” by the great band Mogwai…