Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

It has been a few weeks since this regular feature on RowThree has been around. For that I apologize… if you were feeling bad about it. School is an ass-kicker. But I have been saving up a few odds and ends that I’ve found across the intertubes over the weeks just for this occasion. Hence, there may be one or two items below that you’ve already seen weeks ago or possibly aren’t even relevant anymore. On the other hand, there’s some entertaining stuff in here that should make your Monday a bit more merry.

Check out these links:
Abandoned movie sets
25 Refreshing Currency Redesign Concepts
RIPT hits back at the Academy
Facebook tells Native Americans that their names aren’t “real”
How FLETCH created the modern hipster
“Weird” Al and Huey Lewis fix American Psycho
Brewery Successfully Recreates 172-Year-Old Beer Recovered From Shipwreck
Word or not a word (QUIZ)

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Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row (Morning Edition)

Check out these links:
Winning at the video game of “Dad”
Making of the tesseract in Interstellar
18 Of The Best Entries To The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards
Nerdist Podcast: Michael Ironside(!)
Is our existence just a hologram?
Chris Rock talks: politics, Cosby, Ferguson, comedy and racial progress

These are the best not-too-minimal poster designs I’ve seen yet (many, many more here)


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