How To Fund a Time Machine

Congratulations on a successful HotDocs DocIgnite campaign. How To Build A Time Machine successfully raised $25K to fund cool props and costumes in Jay Cheel’s Time Travel ‘DocuSciFi.’ Although, it is tempting to see what the Reed Farrington version would look like. Perhaps a mirror-world DVD extra, pretty please Mr. Cheel?

“That was a close one, but we did it!! Here’s a huge thanks to all of you who supported How to Build a Time machine and helped us on our way to reaching our 25K goal. Now comes the fun part, making the film! Once again, thank you so much for your generous contributions and your support. Success!! -Jay”

It’s Halftime in America: Don’t Change Horses Mid-Stream

I do not watch The Super Bowl. Generally, I am more interested in the movie trailers and whatnot that more or less tell me what films to avoid this summer, which are aired to great expense during the big game. Curiously, this year most of them made it to the internet a few days early; thus, I am a little bit late on this bit of tempestuousness hiding as a lengthy advertisement. My assumption that I had seen all of the biggies before Super Bowl Sunday was flat out false! Colour me surprised (and playing catch-up) when I came across this Chrysler Ad that plays like a bit of good old fashion propaganda. I’ll take this ‘entertainment’ any day over those gawd-awful Act of Valour ads that demonstrate Micheal Bay has been setting down the film-grammar for military recruiting for the past few decades, only to give birth to the perfect synergy of popcorn-entertainment and propaganda.

But I digress.

I am a fairly big fan of David Mamet penned Wag The Dog, and this commercial fits nicely into the “Don’t Change Horses Mid-Stream” Ads (themselves an echo of the Ronald Reagan Campaign “Morning in America spots in 1984.) that gets Dustin Hoffman hired, rewarded and then killed, in that film. Even more amusing is that it was directed by David Gordon Green, striding the line between original Americana, George Washington, and bad 1980s remake, The Sitter.

Apparently this has ruffled a lot of feathers. Clint’s made a statement, as has Karl Rove, and a lot of that is covered here.

Bill Nighy rips it up

Bill Nighy

I’ve never been adverse to a little fluff and after a night with The Tempest, I felt the need for something fun and light hearted. Enter the romantic comedy Chalet Girl starring “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick and Felicity Jones (who also happens to appear in the aforementioned The Tempest) about a ex-pro skateboarder who two years after leaving the sport, ends up in Switzerland as a chalet girl who gets involved with said chalet owner’s son, falls in love and wins a major snowboarding competition; your typical winter in Switzerland deal.

The movie is fun and upbeat but most notably, it plays this video alongside the closing credits which features Bill Nighy, a great actor who isn’t afraid of the fluff either, dancing it up complete with baby blue sun glasses. If that’s not enough, You Tube also offered up a little promo video with Nighy “shredding it up” which had me in stitches. It’s fun stuff.

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So That’s Your Friend in the Wood Chipper?

The oddest of marketing hooks for a brewery, but a pretty awesome pet-name for a hang-over. I hope it is not a red style ale (actually, it is an India Pale Ale), but I wouldn’t put it past this North Dakota micro-brew who are launching a product that references the famous conclusion to the Coen Brother’s absurdo-noir classic, Fargo. The first beer launched by the craft brewer, The Fargo Beer Company, is called, The Wood Chipper. If you order nicely, Peter Stormare will come over to your table and pop the top for you (you may have to take him to the iHOP later though…)

Pass me a Wood Chipper? You Betcha!

Via Twincities.

Survey: Bobcat Goldthwait

Although I should have brought this up on the Netflix segment for recent episode of the Cinecast, alas, I did not notice it until late last night: Bobcat Goldthwait‘s 1991 directorial debut, Shakes the Clown, popped up on the Canadian version of the streaming site this week. Goldthwait, as an onscreen performer peaked somewhere in the mid 1980s – most people probably know him as the weird, dirty (literally, not figuratively) Cop from the Police Academy sequels, but the cool kids probably fondly remember One Crazy Summer. he more or less disappeared after Shakes failed to take off beyond a weird cult curio. For about a decade he was MIA before returning as a director in the early 2000s for cable TV programs (Crank Yankers, Chapelle’s Show, The Man Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live) and eventually moving into smart, subversive indie features. With the quite fun, and rather timely, debut of the writer/director/comedian’s latest film, God Bless America (Kurt’s Review) and the fondness for his rather auteur-ish three-word-title laden C.V. (Windy City Heat, Sleeping Dogs Lie, World’s Greatest Dad, God Bless America.) Regular listeners of the Cinecast, know that Matt Gamble raves about World’s Greatest Dad often, and at length.

Want an overview? Lots video clippings are tucked under the seat.
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Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

We’ve got our two regular Friday columns, but I realized we never have anything ready to go on Mondays. So since you’re likely back at work or back to school today; or just one of those people who has an irrational dislike of Mondays, we’ve decided to put together this little “welcome back to reality” post.

This is basically just a series of funny or interesting things we’ve come across over the weekend. They may be movie related or they may not. Either way, hopefully it will be a nice distraction from whatever you’re supposed to be doing right now. Enjoy!

The Royal Family:

Stop motion within stop motion:

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Super Nintendo Version of “Game of Thrones”

If you played Super Nintendo back in the day and if you have watched “Game of Thrones,” you’ll find this little video pretty fun. If you haven’t played Super Nintendo, you’re probably too young to even be reading this site and definitely too young for “Game of Thrones.” If you haven’t seen “GoT”, then A) stop reading this and go watch it and B) this video, though only 16-bit is ***SPOILER HEAVY!***

With that, onto Super Winterfell…



Michael Bay and Das Führer

Yea, I know. The world needs another Downfall/Hitler parody like we need a hole in the head. And yes, this was online over a week ago, but in the holiday weekend it got lost in the shuffle and thus: I only saw it a few minutes ago. So. I just thought I’d share.

“That music video he shot for Vanilla Ice was Epic!”