So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!

To all the writers, contributors, podcasters, and community members on ROWTHREE.COM:

We would like to thank you for making RowThree such as special space to shoot the shit about movies, cinema, soundtracks, directors, cinematographers, editors, mega-franchises, and poster art. It has been just a hairs breadth over a Decade since swung open its doors, and invited the internet in to sit down and have a movie discussion. In that time, a community blossomed, friendships were made, arguments were had, viewing recommendations were made and ideas were discussed. We were happy to play host to the writers, talkers and cue-card artists that have livened up the place.

What started with a few amateur writers assembling (John Allison, Jonathan Burdick, Andrew James, Marina Antunes and Kurt Halfyard) to consolidate their blogs into a community space has resulted in over 10,000 articles and 100,000 comments, hundreds of archived episodes of The Cinecast, Mamo!, After The Credits, and a potpourri of other podcast efforts. They will all locked and preserved in this space for a couple years. Feel free to enjoy them.

You can find Marina & The After The Credits players over at their new site: ATCPOD.CA
You can find the Mamo! Matt’s over at the Modern Superior Podcast Network with their DeathWatch podcast, as well as other side projects.
You can find Ariel Fisher also over at Modern Superior with A Frame Apart
You can find David Brook and his writing over at BluePrintReview.
You can find Matthew Gamble at Where The Long Tail Ends.
You can find Andrew very active at his Letteboxd Account.
You can find Kurt’s writing over at Screen Anarchy.
If you are itching for that Cinecast/Rowthree vibe, there is an effort underway to resurrect The Movie Club Podcast in the new year and put out episodes on a monthly schedule.

It was a privilege and a blast to work and play in this space. Cheers.

TIFF Update

I don’t have time for another review right now so I figured I’d just post a brief update. Things are hectic but definitely fun. My days are spent running from movie to movie with a quick jump into the occasional spot for food or for drinks. The highlight of the movies for me so far was Slumdog Millionaire. The movie blogger meet up was great as I chatted with Shannon the Movie Moxie, Bob, James, Ryan, John, Kurt, Milton, Richard, Greg & Donna, Chris & Polly, Matt, Steven and Christina.

Last night was the Twitch pub night where I chatted with the guys from the Bloor Cinema. I was originally a bit worried about how big TIFF is and how I wouldn’t get to meet and chat with people but I have to say everyone has been great and I’ve met and chatted with a bunch of fine movie lovers.

Its time once again to run off to another movie. Kurt, Michael and I will be posting more reviews as we find the time.

TIFF Line Up

PhotoCredit: TiffTalkI am now in the line for picking up my tickets. It looks like it is going to take just over an hour. Damn, I should have grabbed breakfast. There are a fair amount of people complaining but it seems to me that weare moving at a fair pace.

Lucky Day

It looks like I had a pretty lucky day on the TIFF front. First the draw came in with box #9. We had box 13 so only 4 boxes before ours when you don’t count the rich people who donated. I’m not going to get into the whole donation means you get priority thing, instead I’ll just say that only 4 boxes before ours was a pretty good thing because I just received an email from the TIFF people and I got every movie I selected. I don’t have to worry about having to pick movies again and I’m glad. It was quite a job to pick and line up the 40 that I did. I’m now in count down mode and its 2 more sleeps till I catch my flight to Toronto!

TIFF Map and a Meetup

Check out 1st Thursday for a nice map of the TIFF theatre locations that also includes the subway routes and some suggested restaurants.

Also there is a gathering of movie fans and bloggers on Monday the 8th at 6PM if you are interested in meeting a couple of the Row Three contributors and other cool people then send an email to and I’ll set you up with how to find us. Thanks go out to the Movie Moxie for setting it up.

John’s Ticket Submission

Here are the list of movies that I’m submitting to the draw.

Zift       Thursday 04 –  6:00 PM    AMC 4    
Waltz with Bashir    Thursday 04 –  9:00 PM   RYERSON   
JCVD    Thursday 04 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Sky Crawlers    Friday 05 –  12:00 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 1   
Tony Manero    Friday 05 –  6:00 PM   AMC 5   
Sauna    Friday 05 –  8:45 PM   VARSITY 2   
Appaloosa    Saturday 06 –  9:00 AM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Vinyan    Saturday 06 –  3:15 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Flame & Citron    Saturday 06 –  6:00 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Ghost    Saturday 06 –  8:30 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 3   
Deadgirl    Saturday 06 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Afterwards    Sunday 07 –  3:15 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Slumdog Millionaire    Sunday 07 –  6:00 PM   RYERSON   
Gomorrah    Sunday 07 –  9:00 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Not Quite Hollywood    Sunday 07 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Real Time    Monday 08 –  12:45 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 4   
Ashes of Time Redux    Monday 08 –  3:00 PM   RYERSON   
Hooked    Monday 08 –  9:30 PM   VARSITY 4   
Acolytes    Monday 08 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Wrestler    Tuesday 09 –  12:00 PM   RYERSON   
Pontypool    Tuesday 09 –  4:30 PM   VARSITY 7   
Krabat    Tuesday 09 –  8:15 PM   VARSITY 3   
Burrowers    Tuesday 09 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Tale 52    Wednesday 10 –  12:30 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 4   
Plastic City    Wednesday 10 –  4:45 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Revanche    Wednesday 10 –  9:30 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 4   
Martyrs    Wednesday 10 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
Brothers Bloom    Thursday 11 –  12:00 PM   RYERSON   
Dungeon Masters    Thursday 11 –  3:15 PM   AMC 10   
Tokyo Sonata    Thursday 11 –  7:15 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Eden Log    Thursday 11 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
What Doesn’t Kill You    Friday 12 –  12:45 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2   
Good    Friday 12 –  2:45 PM   SCOTIABANK THEATRE 1   
In the Shadow of the Naga    Friday 12 –  5:30 PM   AMC 7   
Public Enemy Number One (Part 1)    Friday 12 –  9:00 PM   RYERSON   
Sexykiller    Friday 12 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   
RocknRolla    Saturday 13 –  2:45 PM   RYERSON   
Inju, la bête dans l’ombre    Saturday 13 –  6:45 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Other Man    Saturday 13 –  9:30 PM   ISABEL BADER THEATRE   
Chocolate    Saturday 13 –  11:59 PM   RYERSON   

All the Movies are Listed

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that all of the movies are now listed here at the Row Three TIFF coverage. I shall be updating the movies with more information and trailers as it becomes available. If you have any information about the movie or know where I can find a trailer please do not hesitate to leave a comments. Also I’ve got a 50 movie pass and I’m still not sure what I’m going to see feel free to let me know what you would or are seeing.