“Ender’s Game” Trailer

Don’t get too excited. It’s just a fan made mash-up, but it’s done well enough that it just has me itching for the real deal. I actually haven’t been following the progress but I know the adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s beloved novel has been in talks on-again, off-again for quite some time. Much like the “Rama” trailer, I guess we’ll settle for this for now. Interesting note that I didn’t see any The Last Starfighter in here. Too obvious?


thanks Topless Robot

The Ugly Truth about Canadian Film Festivals


I’ve been lagging on my “Family Guy” viewing the last few years because I find the show mostly annoying rather than mostly funny but once in a while, they hit something that really makes me laugh – thankfully, I have good friends that bring those tidbits to my attention.

Take, for example, the clip below which appeared in an episode of the show earlier in the year. Now, considering that most of the contributors around these parts are Canadian and to boot film festival fans, I’m sure we all share a shake of the head and disagreement that this isn’t fact but it did still make me laugh.

And as funny as this is, how behind the ball are the writers falling? Isn’t TIFF widely known as the festival that kicks off Oscar season? And if Kurt is right (probably) and I missed the joke and writers were referring to a festival of Canadian film, they obviously haven’t seen any Canadian films recently. Did no one else see Uncle Brian? Apparently not.

“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead,” the music video

Last year, director Jordan Galland unleashed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead on the world. I still haven’t seen the movie (which is now out on DVD) and it had completely fallen off my radar until earlier today when a reader shared this great little video with me.

Gallant has cut together a very humorous little music video featuring some cool little beats, a few sound bites (ah!) from the film and some clips, delivering a delicious little package that makes a great appetizer for Halloween. Makes me want to see the movie.

Han Solo

Not sure all the lyrics here, yet this is somehow catchy and awesome while still being pretty nerdy (“sharp shootin’ shadow always avoiding a Rodian”).
It’s Han Solo.

Welcome to Andrew messing around the web on Friday afternoon.


Mobile Cinema

Next Trek I make out to Toronto or Sundance I’m gonna see about hiring out this behemoth bus of awesome to quell the long hours of what normally would be boredom or, god forbid, cracking open an actual book.

This puppy seats 22 movie patrons comfortably in a pseudo-stadium seating style “room” with climate control and sound proofing. “All films are shown on the high definition (HD) digital projection unit, complete with Dolby 7:1 surround sound for the full cinema experience.”

There’s a whole bunch more info (and images) about this surprisingly historic vehicle over at the company’s main site. It’s worth a quick perusal and I would guess the actual rental of the machine itself would be worth it as well; though the site doesn’t mention actual cost, it does say that your experience will be tailor made for your requirements and the quote your given will reflect that.

Check this thing out…

Thanks to Gizmodo for the heads up.

Row Three and The Substream and Midnight Madness


Midnight Madness

This is just a fun little tie in from Row Three and The Substream around TIFF, and specifically the Midnight Madness cinematic mayhem. You see, last year they had a contest to win a complete midnight madness double pass (that is a pair of tickets for all 10 films in this years programme) and lo and behold Mamo!’s Matt Brown was the winner of that contest. He is featured (in all his Burt-Glory!) in the video below. The Rowthree folks in town for the festival plan on doing some video bits with Shawn, Mike and the Substream gang during the Midnight Madness line-ups so look for us over there chatting and carrying on about the fresh and juicy genre entries at TIFF10. In the meantime, go check them out for other contests (all week more tickets!) and content they have on the go.

The Circle is Now Complete… and Available for All to See.

Star Wars Uncut is finally finished. There is a clip below but you can head right over to the vimeo profile and see the whole thing in all its “Sweded” glory. Sure it’s horrible (horribly delicious!), but realizing that a bunch of people made this movie while on their lunch breaks in the office or tinkering in their basment on their commodore 64 is pretty awesomely fanatical and a boatload of fun. Check this out for the next two hours…

UPDATE: It seems a bit confusing at first as the full movie clip seems to be only 1:39 in length. But if you keep watching it automatically loads the next fifteen second segment so it appears as a completely edited together project.