“Here Lies Poop Face” Oregon Trail: The Movie

This is quite possibly the greatest piece of news of all time. The Oregon Trail is coming to the big screen! With an epic cast, loads of adventure and adapted from one of the most beloved franchises of all time, I can’t wait to see how they caulk the wagon and float across (plus I actually got to add the word “dysentery” as of the post tags for this article!). If you don’t see the greatness in this trailer, please just rest for four days and keep moving.

thanks to topless robot for the heads up!


The Empire Strike Back (circa 1950)

Back in the early 1950s, a new wave of film was breeding in the underbelly of Hollywood. The science fiction motion picture. After Metropolis astounded audiences in the late 20s, it seemed anything was possible. And then was unleashed unto the people a new breed of science fantasy unlike anything the world had ever seen: A trilogy of films known as Star Wars. The second chapter in that trilogy, The Empire Stirkes Back had significant impact on many writers and directors of the time and we can still see that influence today; mostly from prolific directors such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Recently the trailer for this chapter of the “Star Wars Saga”, as it’s been dubbed, was uncovered relatively unscathed in a cave in the desert of Tunisia. The good folks over at the Tubes of You were able to salvage it and get it posted for all the world to see. Wookees and robots, laser fights and stormtroopers, a beautiful princess and evil dark lord; who could ever dream up something this rich? Take a look at the trailer below and wonder why a remake of something this epic has never been done before.



Thanks to themovieblog for uncovering this hidden gem. Now if only I could find it in the Netflix library…

Under the seats is the full listing of films, shorts and audio clips from which this trailer was made. It’s actually rather impressive.
Would you like to know more…?

New “Iron Sky” Trailer


Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been waiting for this movie for years now? Yes it does. And the reason is because we’ve been waiting for it for years. I first learned of moon Nazis when we posted a link over to Twitchfilm that had some neat concept art and still imagery. Then not two weeks later a trailer was released. That was over two years ago. Then last year some more grumblings of the film about came when the marketing department for the film sluggishly went a little further with a motion poster. Here we are a year later and yet another trailer is released – still without any sense of plot, characters or dialogue. Sigh.

But nevertheless it is pretty damn awesome!


It’s weird that all of this marketing and footage has been floating around for at least two years now and according to the web site, principal photography hasn’t even started yet! The movie will begin shooting this summer with a premier release in August of 2011. The company is still looking for funding however and if you have an extra fifty quid lying around, maybe you can join the war effort.

Seriously. This looks like loads of wicked fun. Hopefully for my August birthday I’ll be able to gather a group of friends and watch Earth cower in fear of an intergalactic Nazi invasion!



Tarantino vs. Coens = We Win

There’s nothing particularly deep about this fan-edited video that cuts together literally hundreds of clips from I think pretty much every Quentino Tarantino and Coen Brothers film, but it is a whole lot of fun to watch. Great choices of music and a lot of really nice editing choices set this apart from a lot of other mashups.

hat tip Cinematical

The Circle is Now Complete… Star Wars Uncut

A while back an announcement was made asking for help with a project so vast that it spanned the universe and brought together about 500 Star Wars nerds and wanna-be film makers. It was called Star Wars Uncut.

The project asked fans to recreate a 15 second scene from Star Wars IV: A New Hope in any fashion they choose. All of the clips would then be strung together to make for the ultimate Star Wars fan film. And man, did it work like gangbusters. It’s like Michel Gondry recreating the movie when he was 15 years old. I would pay to see this in the theater in a heartbeat.

The full movie will make its big screen debut in Copenhagen on April 19th. I don’t know when (if ever) this thing will make it to the states (or more specifically, hopefully Minneapolis), but for now, take a look at this five minute clip. Awesome…


Watch Netflix Movies on Your Wii

So we all know about the greatness that is the Netflix streaming experience. If you need to see a movie now, chances are about 50/50 that Netflix can deliver it to your computer screen instantly. And with the number of titles available for streaming going up seemingly everyday, those odds are going up considerably as well.

To make things even better, Netflix has already incorporated a few ways in which to watch said movies on your nice big 55″ TV set as well. As a recent addition, to go along with their Netflix ready video game devices (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360), you can now use your Nintendo Wii to stream movies onto your TV as well.

All you need as the disc with your activation code, which Netflix sends you for free, and you’re pretty much off and ready to start watching flicks. Just one more (legal) addition of easy ways to watch movies in this new technological age. I’ve ordered my Wii disc and will try it out later in the week. I’ll be sure to drop back by here and leave thoughts on how well it works out.

“Weird” Al Biopic Trailer

Much to the dismay of friends and loved ones I am a huge “Weird” Al Yankovic fan. It never fails; if “King of Pain” comes on the radio, I loudly and proudly sing the correct lyrics of “King of Suede”. Same goes for “I Think I’m a Clone Now” or “Theme from Rocky XIII” or any other of his parodies. His originals are pretty damn good too. The guy owns 3 Grammys and his concert is one of the more elaborate, well thought out and fun times you’re ever going to see a musical artist put together. Put simply: genius. Whacky, misunderstood, nerdy genius; but genius nonetheless.

Thanks to Funny or Die today, a mock trailer was made up for a movie that I totally wish was real, of Al’s “life.” Granted this has sort of already been done with The Dewey Cox Story, but nevertheless, some great casting in here including Patton Oswalt, Gary Cole and Mary Steenburgen.

Two words: “EAT IT!”



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