Star Wars Movie Poster Mash-Up

Seems that all the rage in the art-design, poster world has been doing minimalist versions of one sheets from popular movies. And all across YouTube over the past however long, we’ve seen countless movie mash-ups that intertwines dialogue or the use of creative editing to make up films with a completely different feel to them or as comedy gags or as an entirely different plot with the same characters. I’ve never seen it done with posters to my recollection.

Then skimming around the various art/design sites/Twitters I frequent, I stumble across this series of posters that are simply amusing at first, but quite clever upon closer reflection. Using silhouette shots or familiar logos from the Star Wars franchise, artist Matthew Ranzetta takes these image and mashes them together with titles from other iconic films. Take a look at the posters below. I find the Cool Hand Luke poster design to be quite ingenious.

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Nicolas Cage Loses His Shit

I think for the most part we’re pretty big fans of Nicolas Cage within the third row. Lately, Cage fanatacism seems to have reached some sort of pinnacle of hipster status. I tend to find such things grating and eventually lose interest in said subject (the latest zombie craze is a good example). But I don’t see myself ever losing my fanboy love of Nic Cage. I don’t love every movie he’s involved with, but I’m almost always willing to at least give them a chance. If for no other reason than I’m likely to get something as awesome as this mash-up of his freakouts in every single movie he’s ever been in… almost.



Thanks to Harry Hanrahan for putting together, yet again, this wonderful little mash-up and thanks to Pajiba for giving us the movie breakdown that you see in this batshit crazy clip.

full movie list under the seats…
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Hathway Does Holmes

I missed this weekend’s episode of SNL and I’m really sorry I did. Not only was one of my current favorite crush’s hosting (Anne Hathaway), but she does a nice job of taking some loving jabs at Katie Holmes in this mock interview from Miley Cyrus. Normally I don’t follow the gossip show but since the hyenas at SNL Productions don’t allow any of their stuff on YouTube, we have to settle for this clip. It’s worth it though.



Willy Wonka Slash Tron Mash-up

Topless Robot always managing to find the most bizarre and yet strangely fascinating movie/nerd related items floating around the internet. Today seems to be no exception with the uncovering of a fan made trailer for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (just released yesterday on Blu-ray) with audio from the new Tron movie. These mash-up thingies seem to be all the rage with the kids these days, but what fascinates me is the mind behind these things. What kind of person wakes up one day and decides they’re going to collide these two films together in a mock trailer? It’s warped, but somehow amazing at the same time.



Biff Tannen: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Heaven knows why this was omitted from the recent Blu-ray release of the Back to the Future Trilogy, but channel on YouTube over the weekend released the full version of the video playing at The Biff Tannen Museum in Back to the Future Part II.

This is 3 1/2 minutes of uncensored Biff awesomeness with Lea Thompson even making a small cameo. It’s amazing the film makers at the time went to these lengths to give a little something extra to that scene in Part II which has Marty gaping in perplexed awe as he realizes the devastating consequences his action have had on the future. I mean all three movies do a fantastic job of reliving a specific period in American History/Future. But the 1970’s were never tackled until this little gem was released.



“Ender’s Game” Trailer

Don’t get too excited. It’s just a fan made mash-up, but it’s done well enough that it just has me itching for the real deal. I actually haven’t been following the progress but I know the adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s beloved novel has been in talks on-again, off-again for quite some time. Much like the “Rama” trailer, I guess we’ll settle for this for now. Interesting note that I didn’t see any The Last Starfighter in here. Too obvious?


thanks Topless Robot

The Ugly Truth about Canadian Film Festivals


I’ve been lagging on my “Family Guy” viewing the last few years because I find the show mostly annoying rather than mostly funny but once in a while, they hit something that really makes me laugh – thankfully, I have good friends that bring those tidbits to my attention.

Take, for example, the clip below which appeared in an episode of the show earlier in the year. Now, considering that most of the contributors around these parts are Canadian and to boot film festival fans, I’m sure we all share a shake of the head and disagreement that this isn’t fact but it did still make me laugh.

And as funny as this is, how behind the ball are the writers falling? Isn’t TIFF widely known as the festival that kicks off Oscar season? And if Kurt is right (probably) and I missed the joke and writers were referring to a festival of Canadian film, they obviously haven’t seen any Canadian films recently. Did no one else see Uncle Brian? Apparently not.

“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead,” the music video

Last year, director Jordan Galland unleashed Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead on the world. I still haven’t seen the movie (which is now out on DVD) and it had completely fallen off my radar until earlier today when a reader shared this great little video with me.

Gallant has cut together a very humorous little music video featuring some cool little beats, a few sound bites (ah!) from the film and some clips, delivering a delicious little package that makes a great appetizer for Halloween. Makes me want to see the movie.