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  • One Year Ago Today…


    Decided to start a new regular feature around here. A list of movies theatrically released a year ago that we thought worthy of some attention for one reason or another. These films are likely available on DVD by now, so catch up with them (or don’t as the case might be) when you can.

    Not every week is going to offer up something spectacular (or anything at all possibly), but it is what it is. Next week will be better.

    Of Time and the City
    Marina’s review

    Donkey Punch
    - Kurt’s review
    - Cinecast DVD pick

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
    - Trailer and prognostication

    Other potentially interesting posts at RowThree that week (23rd – 29th):
    2009 Oscar Pool (70 comments/entries)
    Great Samurai films ranked
    2009 Shallow Top Ten (2010 list coming soon!)
    Five films that should’ve been nominated for the Oscar
    Private Practice DVD review
    RowThree FAQ introduced


  • Wes Anderson Accepts


    Maybe we’re a little late to the game on this one – I think it’s been on YouTube for quite some time. But if you’re a fan of Wes Anderson or more importantly a fan of his latest work, Fantastic Mr. Fox (as we are in the third row), you’ll want to take a look at this quick video of Wes Anderson accepting his “Special Achievement in Film Making” award from the National Board of Review. Animated characters have accepted awards before: from Beavis and Butthead to several of the Pixar characters to Bart Simpson to CGI Yoda. But I can’t remember ever seeing a director “dress up” and create himself as he might have appeared in his movie to accept the award before. Either way, it’s kind of fun. Check it out below it Quick Time.


  • Quiz from Leonard Maltin


    151 Best Movies You've Never SeenOne of my favourite parts of being involved here at Row Three is when distributors, publishers, artists, directors and even fans let me know about projects that are going on. I am a pretty busy person so I do not get to spend the amount of time I would like finding out about what is happening in the movie and film world (outside of Row Three that is!). Today, I got an email from Harper Collins letting me know about a new book, Leonard Maltin’s 151 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen. A little researching around on the Harper Collins website got me motivated to post about it. Not so much the content (the published version is not out for another week or so) but the description of the book which plays out like a quiz.

    Anyone up for a challenge of seeing if you can figure out the movies? I think we can skip the first question

    What 151 movies have you never seen—but should?

    and just move on to the rest:

    1. What French film could teach Hollywood how to make a smart, sexy romantic comedy?
    2. Where will you find a female-centric Western with a gender-bending protagonist?
    3. What film won a Special Jury Prize at Sundance and then fell off the radar?
    4. What farcical comedy includes such real-life characters as Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger?
    5. In what unsung comedy will you find Michael Douglas giving his all-time best performance?
    6. What debut film from the director of The Dark Knight creates palpable chills—despite a shoestring budget and a no-name cast?
    7. What John Wayne movie was out of circulation for thirty years—and still qualifies as a sleeper?
    8. What terrific Heath Ledger movie was released the same month as Brokeback Mountain—and flopped?
    9. What clever modern-day film noir was made for just half a million dollars?
    10. What captivating film stars one of the seminal artists of the twentieth century?

    Post your answers in the comments and lets see if we know as much about movies as Maltin.

  • Upular



    I can’t decide if this is as cool as the actual movie or not. It’s gotta come close. “Upular” by Pogo, is an awesome electronic composition using sounds and clips from the movie Up. Pogo is an emerging electronic music artist in Perth, Western Australia. He is known for his work recording small sounds from a single film or scene and sequencing them to form a new piece of music.

    Check out this very innovative, and really nifty sounding, piece of remixed music below the seats, taken from one of our favorite movies of the year.

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  • Phasma Ex Machina Crew Explores the Supernatural


    Probably better left to the Halloween season rather than the Christmas holiday, but the guys associated with one of our favorite local films, Phasma Ex Machina (trailer) got a chance to explore one of the more historic theaters in Minnesota: The Mounds; which also happens to be haunted – or so they say. Since the film delves a bit into the spirit world, it’s quite apropos for some of the cast and crew to embark on this adventure with a real life “ghost hunter.” Believe or don’t believe in the supernatural, there’s some creepy goodness in here and filmed rather nicely by Kevin McKeever.

  • Lynch on Jedi


    Being the giant Star Wars fan that I am, I’m pretty shocked that I hadn’t heard this story before. I had no idea that David Lynch was in mind to originally direct Return of the Jedi. I think maybe I had heard inklings of it one time but dismissed it as rumor and never bothered to research. But lo and behold I stumble across this interview with Lynch talking about the time he met George Lucas and why he decided not to do it. It has something to do with Wookies, salad and headaches.

    “Next door to zero interest. But…”

    Dune is not a film I enjoy a whole lot. Even as a kid I remember not thinking too much of it, while loving Jedi. So maybe it’s a good thing Lynch didn’t direct one of my beloved original trilogy pieces? I can just imagine the dialogue on the tone on the Death Star now with slug creatures dripping from the ceiling and naked little girl with an eye patch sitting in the corner eating a pastrami sandwich who never actually says anything, but never takes her eye from the action.


  • Fading of the Cries


    If you’re a good little soldier in the RowThree army, you’ll be off to check out Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans this weekend as it opens yet wider across America. If you’ve already seen it, go check it out again – I think it’s worth it!

    At any rate, while you’re watching Nicolas Cage unleash the pig til the break of dawn, be on the lookout for Cinecast favorite and Herzog usual, Mr. Brad Dourif. Yeah it’s a small role but it brings about Dourif’s always fun talent for eccentricity.

    But wait! Enter Fading of the Cries (official site). A weird, low-budget, fantasy film in which Dourif gets to play the villain and probably the most wickedest trailer I’ve seen in ’09. Pan’s Labyrinth meets In the Name of the King meets Children of the Corn… with Brad frickin’ Douriff. If this makes an appearance at Fantasia fest next year, I can officially declare that TIFF can suck it. I’ll be in Montreal.

    “Return it! I will dispatch the very essence nightmares are fabricating from, until it pried from your decaying flesh.”


  • COMBO – Another BLU Animation


    Almost two years ago now, we posted this little bit of animation by an artist known only as blu. Collaborating with artist David Ellis they’ve gone ahead and topped(?) their last outing. I like the use of three dimensional object and more color in this newest venture, but I personally like the older one better. For one, I don’t like seeing the artists in the stop motion. I prefer to just see the animation as it seemingly takes its form on its own. Still, this is some pretty impressive stuff. If you have a couple of minutes, definitely check this out.

    produced by studio cromie
    music by Roberto Lange


  • Scar Wars


    Originally I hadn’t planned on posting this, but since it seems to be video clip day in the third row, I simply couldn’t resist. There are thousands of fan made Star Wars clips/trailers/mash-ups/homages/music videos blanketing the internet these days but every once in a while I’m forced to put one up that deems itself worthy.

    What sounds like probably a hack job at first glance turns out to be pretty damn entertaining and well edited. I dig the Mötley Crüe soundtrack and the lip syncing is damn near spot on. But my favorite part has to be the poster images embedded within the trailer. I need to get my hands on one of those. By the way, can you spot the one clip that isn’t Harrison Ford but is in fact Bruce Willis?

    Harrison Ford is… Tony “Fuckin” Montana. In Scar Wars

    check out the trailer below the seats…
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  • Subway Map: Best Movies of All Time


    I can’t begin to imagine how long it took to create this. I spent 20 minutes looking at it and I’ve only traveled a few stations! What I can’t figure out is how Abrams’ Star Trek (our review) is already listed in the sci-fi line. Sure, it was good but best of all time? Click on the image for the full size map!


    Via Vodkaster.

  • Body Double: Tom Cruise


    There was a lot of hubbub around the web last week when, in an interview with “Black Book”, American Psyho director Mary Harron divulged that she and Christian Bale took some of the inspiration for the iconic Patrick Bateman from another Hollywood icon: Tom Cruise. There have since been a number of sites digging up info on Cruise and his too-good-to-be-true-so-he-must-be-Satan appeal (the best read is at The Playlist) but it’s all hogwash.

    Personally, I’ve always like Cruise. His movies may not always work for me (the last few years they’ve been mostly misses) and I can overlook his personal digressions mostly because I expect 90% of Hollywood is bonkers anyways and the fact that he shows it a little more than most is simply his humanity coming through. All of that said, I just stumbled on a video that made me laugh uncontrollably and chances that anyone around these parts has seen it is pretty slim.

    It comes from Superhero Movie (hence why no one around here’s likely to have seen it) and the clip features actor Miles Fisher doing the most uncanny impersonation of Cruise. I had to do a double take before realizing it wasn’t really the actor. It’s a fun 2 minutes. If nothing else we know that if something were to happen to Cruise tomorrow, we’d have an immediate replacement. I doubt even Katie would notice.

    Video tucked under the seat.

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  • This is (Definitely Not) It!


    BRITAIN Michael Jackson

    For all the MJ fans living in panic that the two weeks from Oct 27th-onward is their only chance to experience the concert that never happened- fear not. » Read the rest of the entry..

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