Those Near and Far Wars…

Taking off his X-Wing pilot’s helmet, and putting on his Llewellyn Davis scarf, Oscar Isaac shows why he is one of the most cool actors working today by covering Bill Murray’s SNL sketch, but bringing an understated bohemian coffee shop vibe while covernig Murray’s overbearing Nick the Lounge Lizard act. Star Wars is everywhere this week, but this little bit of updated nostalgia is all class.

Tom Hanks did a thing with Carly Rae Jepsen.


I‘m not sure how it happened, I’m not sure why it happened… but whatever the case, watching Tom Hanks strolling down the street while dancing and singing bubblegum pop music is a glorious sight to see.

Carly Rae Jepsen, best known for her unavoidable, silly, and admittedly catchy “Call Me Maybe,” enlisted Hanks to mouth the words to her latest music video, “I Really Like You,” and, well… you just have to check it out for yourself.

I’m not really sure what I just watched (although she said the video is inspired by her love of Wes Anderson), I’m not sure why Justin Bieber showed up at the end in a big-puffy coat, and I’m not sure how in the hell she got the Hanks in the first place–but I’m glad she did.

Nicola Tesla at 158

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tesla. You were and are a boon to science and humanity, your inventions still drive society a century and a half later. And, amazing, you’ve really left a stamp on popular culture (and not just being wondrefully portrayed by David Bowie, above): Note this.

Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #a9a883;”] N [/dropcap]ormally I’d place this in the Monday Suck post tomorrow but it’s Sunday and we need content and this is too well done to not have it in it’s own post. Take the music and the cadence of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and pop in Star Wars scenes and dialogue. Yeah this sort of thing has been done before, but this is pretty fun.

[quote]”This simultaneously renewed my love of Star Wars and doubled my desire to see Guardians of the Galaxy.”

       -git-shell (Reddit)[/quote]

Talking The ‘Burbs on Time Bandits Podcast

If there is one thing that keeps coming up on the Cinecast (and elsewhere on Rowthree), it is Joe Dante’s 1989 comedy, The ‘Burbs. So when the Time Bandits podcast circled around to talking about the film (and unfortunately, Skid Row’s debut album), I managed to finagle my way into Casey Lyons’s studio to join Greg LeGros and Dan Gorman in a session of ‘Burbs appreciation society. Have a listen over at their mother-site: Modern Superior.

The ‘Burbs @ 25

I hope you have a plate of crushed brownies, some salt crackers and a can of sardines to celebrate Joe Dante’s wonderfully re-watchable The ‘Burbs turning 25 years old today. All I ask is somebody please give us a BluRay, the fact that one doesn’t exist anywhere, we might have called it in Southeast Asia, ‘Bad Karma.’

If you look through the Rowthree achives, you’ll find so many references to this movie. It was a great homework assignment on the Cinecast (Where Joe Dante does an intro/bumper for us) as well as this Finite Focus entry and various little easter eggs here and there.

Below is the director waxing philosophically about the film last year when it had a repertory screening at TIFF Lightbox in Toronto.

The End of the Ice Fishing Story

If you’ve seen American Hustle, you either love it or hate it or are still scratching your head. No matter you’re feelings on the film, you can’t tell me you didn’t come away a little upset at not hearing the end to Louis CK’s ice fishing story about him and his brother and their angry father.

Well, wonder no more.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Season 2)

Against better judgement, but totally worth it, I stayed up very late last night after discovering this little gem from Jerry Seinfeld. Am I just late to the party? Is there a reason I’ve not heard of this internet show before? Because it’s pretty damn great. “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” pits Seinfeld and some other famous funny face together to just shoot the bull (most often to hilarious results) while driving to some small cafe or diner for coffee.

It’s a great concept. Fans of Britain’s “The Trip” may find some similarities here; though this has rotating characters and a much less scripted feel. Season one (I’m almost finished) was a ball. Michael Richards talking about losing to a bum in chess. Ricky Gervais fearing for his life. Alec Baldwin telling Jerry where and why his career is where it’s at. Carl Reiner perpetuating alcoholism. It’s all here and it’s all gold. And it’s all Free!

Each episode is between ten and seventeen minutes so it’s easy to whip through a season in one evening. Which I already did. So that’s why I’m excited about season 2, which starts tomorrow! Looks like it has even bigger names and bigger laughs – watching Chris Rock and Seinfeld getting pulled over should be a treat. The trailer for season 2 is below. Why is no one talking about this?