Flyway Pubcast #7 – Matt and Kim Garland [Vivienne Again]

The final film in the brilliant block of shorts at Flyway Film Festival last weekend was Vivienne Again. It was the perfect end to the block, being close to Halloween, as this one deals with the resurrection of the dead. As creepy as that sounds (and for an instant it is), Vivienne Again is actually an exercise in relationships and communication. And to prove the short is as interesting and intriguing as it sounds, the film won the Kickstarter Jury Award here at Flyway. You can check out the beginnings of their next project, Deal Travis In, on Facebook. And don’t tell anyone, but you’ll hear it here first; the possibility of a future collaboration with Gary King and co. Ssshh.

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Flyway Pubcast #5 – Troy Bernier

Every indie film maker’s work is tough going and on some level a passion project. They’re doing it because they want to. And every single one of them will tell you how hard they worked on their project and how much love they put into it. But maybe more heart and sweat went into this film maker’s movie than any of the others, with their production of Planet X Part II: The Frozen Moon.

Troy Bernier is co-writer/producer/director on this project and it has come to the attention of Flyway through a documentary (Journey to Planet X) that showcases the hard work these guys have put into their films. Troy was a blast to sit and talk with – almost as much of a blast as his film.

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Flyway Pubcast #4 – Philippe Lupien and Vincent Ethier

Once again we get some returning film makers to Flyway and each year their stuff gets better and better. So good was their short this year, that it won best short film. And with the fantastic line-up of short films at this year’s festival, that is indeed a true honor. These guys are the most easy-going guys we’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with and it’s so great to have this level of craft at the festival. While it was fun discussing working with The Devil vs working with children, I think the highlight was working on English vocabulary and Matt and Andrew learning hard-core cursing in French. Good times.

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Flyway Pubcast #3 – Xan Aranda

Five years we’ve been at Flyway Film Festival and this is the fourth year we’ve downed wine at the interview table with Xan Aranda. In previous years, Xan has been here with her production of a feature film, she’s curated the short film showcase and now she’s in Pepin as part of the advisory board at Flyway. So we get to talk about crowd sourcing, festival whirl-winds, Neko Case, her upcoming controversial religion movie and making a film with an ex-boyfriend. So yeah, it’s fun.

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Flyway Pubcast #2 – Mark DiConzo and Joe Schermann!

Super excited to be sitting down with Mark DiConzo and Joe Schermann from writer/director Gary King’s newest picture, a musical dramedy, How to Write a Joe Schermann Song. Gary was not able to make the fest this year, but being a huge fan of Mark DiConzo since 2009’s New York Lately I was really jazzed about getting to hang out with these guys over the weekend. You can hear the clink of beer bottles before the interview begins – welcome to Flyway!

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Flyway Pubcast #1 – Rick Vacius

Matt Gamble from and I were able to pull away the ever important Flyway Director, Rick Vacius, away from his many fans for a few minutes to talk a little bit about the tough times he’s had to endure both with festival logistics and personal difficulties. Nevertheless, the best Flyway yet is under his control and he talks about how it all came together.

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Flyway Film Festival Announces Lineup

The kickstarter campaign and the plea for help worked and one of the best indie festivals you’ll ever find is back in 2012 on the beautiful shores of Lake Pepin in mid-October. And today they’ve announce their full line-up of films. Over 50 of them along with dozens of film makers and cinephiles alike. If you love independent cinema, there honestly isn’t anywhere else better to be on the planet that weekend (Oct. 18-21st).

You can check out the full line-up of films below and get more information about each one over at Flyway’s main page. Also, “like” them on Facebook. See you guys there!

Opening Night Film:
• Journey to Planet X, Myles Kane and Josh Khoury (USA)
shows with Dinner at the Lake, Louis Fisher (Wisconsin) and Griffin Larson (Minnesota)

Closing Night Film:
• Janeane From Des Moines, Grace Lee (USA)
shows with Man on the Bluff, Ben Vinar (USA)

Friday Night Shorts:
• Vivienne Again, Kim Garland (USA)
• The Wheel, John Roberts (USA)
• Children of the Air, Damian Horan (USA)
• Punchy and Toothpick, Philippe Lupien and Vincent Ethier (Canada)
• Happy Voodoo, Jenny Goddard (USA)
• Looking Past You, Jennifer Kramer (USA)
• The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends, Jay Cheel (Canada)

Wisconsin/Minnesota Showcase:
• The Wheel, John Roberts (Wisconsin)
• Looking Past You, Jennifer Kramer (Minnesota)

• Kids Shorts, Various Free Admission

• The Price of Sand, Jim Tittle (USA) Screening as a Work in Progress
• Last Day at Lambeau, Michael Neelson (USA)
• We’re Not Broke, Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce (USA)
• As Goes Janesville, Brad Lichtenstein (USA)
shows with Invested: The Story of Three Youth Social Entrepreneurs, Dawn Mikkelson (USA)
• Dreams of a Life, Carol Morley (UK)
• Plimpton, Tome Bean and Luke Poling (USA)
• Janeane From Des Moines, Grace Lee (USA)
shows with Man on the Bluff, Ben Vinar (USA)

• Teddy Bear, Mads Matthiesen (Denmark) Not For Children
• Marvin, Seth, Stanley, Steven Gurewitz (USA)
shows with Bridges, Chris Bell (USA)
• How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song, Gary King (USA)
• Red Flag, Alex Karpovsky (USA)
shows with Crush, Rebecca Pugh (USA)
• Caroline and Jackie, Adam Christian Clark (USA)
shows with Hellion, Kat Candler (USA)
• L.A. Comedy Shorts Programming Block, Various (USA)
• Supporting Characters, Daniel Schechter (USA)
• La Sirga, William Vega (Columbia)
• Pilgrim Song, Martha Stephens (USA)
• Now Forager, Jason Cortlund and Julia Halperin (USA)
shows with Planet X: The Frozen Moon, Troy Bernier and Eric Swain (USA)
• The Sound of Small Things, Peter McLarnan (USA)