Cinecast Episode 233 (part 2) – The Fests and Furious!

So we’ve been gone for two weeks. This is what we’ve been doing with our time since the last episode. Kurt spent a Halloween week with the crew at the After Dark Festival while Matt and Andrew went down to cider country for good ol’ homegrown fun with The Flyway Film Fest. A good time was had by all. Here’s how it all went down…

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Flyway Pubcast #5 – Xan Aranda Talks About Andrew Bird Documentary

Today’s Pubcast is brought to you by Andrew, Matt, Flyway regular Xan Aranda (of the Chicago Short Film Brigade) and Summit Beer Brewing Company. Though Xan has typically been involved with programming the shorts for Flyway Film Fetival in the past, this year she’s here pretty much just for the fun of it. Of course this isn’t to say she doesn’t have stuff to talk about.

Her documentary, Fever Year, featuring musican/songwriter Andrew Bird is on the way. Andrew James meanwhile is busy with his 12 year-old scotch (thanks Peri!) so I defer to my girlfriend Emma to ask the tough questions before Gamble goes back to his gushing. Welcome to the drunken shenanigans that is Flyway 2011!


Meanwhile, check out the trailer for FEVER YEAR under the seats…

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Flyway Pubcast #4 – Madtown! (Mike Pickering and Mike Scholtz)

For this go-round, Matt and I got a look at the documentary short subject with new friends Mike Scholtz and Mike Pickering. These guys saw the importance of what was going on in Madison, Wisconsin last summer and decided to risk police arrest and capture as much as they could on film. Madtown is shown in three acts and goes right inside the capitol building to hear from the people who occupied it for almost three weeks in opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting bill.

And though we didn’t get a chance to talk about it in this Pubcast, The Mike’s are also directors of the Free Range Film Festival which is “a celebration of independent film and country living. Films are screened inside a big old barn located in the heart of Minnesota’s organic farm country. The 2012 festival will be held on July 27 & 28. It will be more fun than you probably deserve.”



Madtown screened at this year’s Flyway Film Festival but is still making its way around the festival circuit. If you can’t find a big screen showing, you’re in luck as the guys have thrown a slightly rougher cut of the film on YouTube. You can check it out in its entirety underneath the seats…


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Flyway Pubacast #3 – Gary King!

Our good buddy GARY KING is back at Flyway once again! While he doesn’t have a film this year (he had two last year so he’s trying to maintain modesty), he’s always down for a cine-conversation. James Gillham from Where the Long Tail Ends wanted to talk to the director a little bit about horror films in general, given the time of year. I couldn’t help but interrupt and give my own thoughts as well.

From there we talk a little bit about Gary’s upcoming film How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song and when we can expect a screening. Mostly it’s all laughs and fun here as we takl about The Exorcist, [rec] and other paranormal and religious horrifications (welcome to Flyway Film Festival!).


You can follow Gary and his films here:
Film Page

AND check out the trailer for How do You Write a Joe Schermann Song under the seats…


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Flyway Pubcast #2 – “Adventures in Plymptoons” Director Alexia Anastasio

Early on in the evening Matt Gamble and I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with writer/director Alexia Anastasio to talk about her new documentary, Adventures in Plymptoons. One of my favorite films from Flyway 2011, this documentary explores the vivid and whacky mind of renowned animator, Bill Plympton. You may not recognize the name, but you probably know his work.

Despite being mostly a talking heads documentary, it was clearly made with fun and admiration in mind. Sure all of the speakers are here to show their admiration for Bill, but they’re also here for laughs… and it shows! With bits and scraps of Bill’s work intertwined among all of the interviews and old-school footage, the movie is exactly what Bill Plympton would want it to be: a frickin’ ball!


You can follow Alexia and the film here:
Film Page

… or check out the trailer under the seats!…


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Flyway Pubcast #1 – Programmer/Director Rick Vaicius

So we’ll start this series of interviews and diascussions with the most apropos of places: founder/director/programmer Rick Vaicius [vay-shus]. The interview actually took place in the middle of the evening but as you’ll see throughout this series, that’s due partly out of simplicity and obviousness, but also possible drunkenness on the part of the interviewers (myself and Matt Gamble) and therefore we’re a little bit chronologically impaired.

This is my third year at The Flyway Film Festival and it just keeps on getting better. Here’s Rick to explain why…