From the Films: A Fictional Future Presidential Cabinet (2012 Edition)

Back in December of 2008, I imagined a world in which I had been elected President of the United States. In this scenario, I selected my cabinet members straight out of the film world. Today, I humbly admit my naivety and my lack of ambition, which would ultimately be my downfall were I to pursue the Oval Office. Instead, I’ll lend my power and influence to endorsements. I’ve matured quite a bit over these past four year and have much more realistic views when it comes to politics. Here, now four years older and four year wiser, I not only give my recommendation for President of the United States, but also who he should appoint to his cabinet.

Read on, dear readers.

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Dream Cast: 80’s TV Shows

New feature here at RowThree (I always say that and then never come through with follow up volumes) is the dream cast of a particular film or genre. For the innaugural volume, I’ve decided to cast three popular 80’s TV shows should they ever become a big screen reality (I know a couple of them are actually in the works). If I were in charge and had an endless budget, here’s how I would cast the movies. Main choice in bold with some alternates in parantheses should my first choice not be available or were to turn the role down. As an FYI, I would be trying to make these seriously cool action movies; not a lame comedy adaptation like the Stiller/Wilson vehicle, “Starsky and Hutch”…

The A-Team:
I love it when a plan comes together
Director: Tony Scott
John Hannibal Smith: William Shatner (Gary Sinise, Chris Cooper)
Bosco Baracus (aka B.A.): Mr. T (worked then, will work now)
Templeton Peck (aka Faceman, aka Face): Nathan Fillion (George Clooney, Christian Bale)
Howlin’ Mad Murdock: David Arquette (Adam Sandler, Jake Busey)
Col. Roderick Decker: Dennis Farina (Ed Harris)
Random hot side-kick lady: Angelina Jolie (Ali Larter, Salma Hayek)

Knight Rider:
Turbo Boost!
Director: John Woo
Michael Knight: Val Kilmer (Hugh Jackman, Ethan Hawke, Eric Bana)
Devon Miles: Max Von Sydow (Geoffrey Rush, Alan Arkin)
K.I.T.T.: Laurence Fishburne (William H. Macy, Aaron Eckhart)
Bonnie Barstow: Amy Adams (Vera Farmiga, Paz Vega)
Random villain: Guy Pearce

Magnum P.I.:
cool name
Director: Michael Mann
Thomas Magnum: Matthew McConaughey (Jason Patric, Clive Owen)
Johnathan Higgins III: Terence Stamp (Ben Kingsley, Stanley Tucci)
Theodore Calvin (aka T.C.): Chiwetel Ejiofor (Wesley Snipes, Djimon Hounsou, Cuba Gooding Jr)
Orville Wright (aka Rick): Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Oliver Platt)
Random villain: Gary Oldman

Just for fun, the original show intros are below the fold:
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