After the Credits Episode 160: VIFF Dispatch #3 – The Wrap Show


The end is here. Almost.

The Vancouver International Film Festival wrapped with The Incident but festival correspondent, and Green Screen of Death podcast co-host, Bill Harris (@soundjam69), Lisa (making her grand reappearance 2 years after her podcast debut) and I recorded a rambly, 2am post-midnight film wrap show in which we count down our best and worst of the fest and sing the praises of “Altered States” programmer Curtis Woloschuk (@CurtisWoloschuk) who, in 2 short years, has made the program unmissable.

After the Credits Episode 159: VIFF Dispatch #2


It took us a few days to find the time to record another show but 11 days into the Vancouver International Film Festival, festival correspondent, and Green Screen of Death podcast co-host, Bill Harris (@soundjam69) and I finally find the time, over dinner no less, to catch up with the screenings from the last few days including loads of love for both Cannes winner Winter Sleep and Bollywood sensation Highway.

After the Credits Episode 158: VIFF Industry Interview with Bernie Su


When it comes to online media, it doesn’t get much bigger than Bernie Su. An executive producer at Pemberley Digital, Su and Hank Green have been the creative force behing a number of very successful web series including the Emmy winning “Lizzie Bennet Diaries“, “Emma Approved” and “Frankenstein MD“. We talked a little about how he got into developing web series, the success of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and what’s next!

Su is in Vancouver as for the VIFF Industry conference which kicks off today and runs through to October 4th at the Vancity Theatre. This year’s conference includes a great assortment of speakers including “Archer” creator Adam Reed, the lead writer of “Assassin’s Creed” Corey May, Dallas Buyers Club screen writer Craig Borten, director Jay Duplass and Snowpiercer screenwriter Kelly Masterson among many others.

Conference highlights include “Specific Voices – Episodic TV” which features Chris Collins, Executive Producer and head writer of “Sons of Anarchy,” and Jack Amiel, co-creator of “The Knick,” discussing how to keep their vision intact on TV, “Meet the Gatekeepers,” a panel which includes network and cable executives speaking about their approach to trends in programming and “Totally Indie Day” on Oct. 4, which features an entire day of programming designed specifically for aspiring creators.

For tickets and additional program information, check out the VIFF Industry site.

After the Credits Episode 157: VIFF Dispatch #1


On our fist dispatch from the Vancouver International Film Festival, I’m joined by festival correspondent, and Green Screen of Death podcast co-host, Bill Harris (@soundjam69) to get some insight into great titles from Fantastic Fest and some of the highlights (and low lights) of VIFF so far.

Prepare yourself for some high praise of Xavier Dolan’s Mommy!

After the Credits Episode 155: September Preview

It’s clear that festival season is almost upon us. Just look at the mix of middle brow thrillers and last year’s festival titles opening this month. It’s like the leftover month. Yet, Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) manage to find a few titles that look appealing. Hopefully a few of them will open wide enough that we’ll get a chance to see them.

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After the Credits Episode 153: August Preview

Due to some minor technical difficulties (namely my printer being a piece of crap that spews out pages in no particular order), the order of the movie titles in the show are a bit out of whack this month but Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) manage to get through the entire month. And it was a long one.

We almost gave up in the middle but pushed ahead after chocolate cookies. Said cookies may have impaired my judgment as I chatter crap about a Sin City movie that hasn’t come out yet. Oops.

Other things of note this episode:
– Open Culture’s Five Rules of Film Noir
WTF Podcast – Marc Maron talks with Gabriel Iglesias
– Alexandre Aja on Bret Easton Ellis podcast
– Eli Roth on Nerdist podcast

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After the Credits Episode 152: July Preview

This month’s show includes a little more rambling than usual but then, that’s what happens when you stay up too late watching TV.

Any who. Colleen, now with the ability to own a gun, joins Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) as we look ahead to July, the month so far this year to have the largest number of releases in a single week. Seriously.

And on a side not, if you’re as in love with the new Shins song as I am (I will neither confirm nor deny that for the last week I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for an hour every afternoon), you may also stumble into our bonus content which includes us talking about “Dune” and awesome “Dune” tattoos (among other things like Colleen singing the lyrics to her new song “Pet Meth”). LIKE THIS AWESOME THING!!


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After the Credits Episode 151: June Preview

Colleen decided it was more important to go for a gun test than to record a show and we totally agree. Someone in our little group needs to have the skills to protect the rest of us in case of a zombie breakout and she’s the most capable. So Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) mourn her absence for a moment before forging ahead into what is shaping up to look like a really great month.

And hey, we start the show with mention of the launch of Dale’s personal podcast, Brain Farts from a Mundane Dragon, the first episode of which is a great look at Emerald City Comic Con from varying attendees!

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