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TIFF 2014 Review: Scarlet Innocence



A common statement about Korean cinema is that its films seem to be able to change genre and tone on a dime and do it better than just about anyone else. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when the tone of Scarlet Innocence changes dramatically somewhere around the end of the first third of it. And yet, after being lulled into what could have been a low rent melodrama with cliche situations, the turn in the film towards high rent juicy melodrama with brighter colours, sweatier lust and lots of vengeance is not only unexpected, but so very welcomed.

It’s not that the opening third is dull or boring, but it seems very conventionally set up to be a straightforward drama as checkboxes start getting ticked off. The story begins with a disgraced teacher moving to a small town to begin again and a student who starts to develop a crush on him. It evolves as you might expect and does so with a slow pace and decently constructed characters. It feels like it’s building into a standard soap opera – nothing overly compelling, but still enough to keep the interest level from waning. But just as you think you’ve properly slotted the one note tone of the film, it shifts several gears at once – pretty much stripping the transmission completely. The single scene that accomplishes this precedes a jump forward of several years and suddenly the palette is more vibrant, the score more of a presence and all the emotions seem pitched higher, louder and broader. And it becomes a great deal of fun.

Suddenly there is betrayal, scandal, gangsters, gambling houses and all manner of bad behaviour. It also stops feeding you the story and expects you to keep up, fill in the details yourself or just sit back and give the director some confidence that he’ll get you caught up soon enough. If the plot elements start getting a bit sillier, it’s forgiven given the new context of the film as top notch melodrama (with perhaps a bit more brutality than Sirk may have used). And all this from an ancient Korean story of a daughter’s devotion to her blind father…Seriously, you just never know where Korean cinema is going to wind up.

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Get Some Vodka and Plan Revenge

What do you do when your husband is cheating on you? Do you start a huge scandal, fighting and screaming and all of that…or just get drunk with the mistress and start to plan a badass revenge?

According to The Other Woman trailer, when finding out your husband/ boyfriend is a cheater, the best idea for action, is teaming up with the other women while having some really good times; organizing a revenge scheme for the traitor.

The Other Woman is a new romantic comedy that will premiere in theaters this April. It tells an incredible story of the wife and the two girlfriends of the same man. When the women find out that their man is an incredible liar, they start to plan revenge. Now, it is all about the adventure these women are about to enter. It is an adventure that will get them a new friendship and knowledge about themselves and the others.

The movie is produced by LBI Productions in collaboration with 20th Century Fox, the gorgeous cast includes Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Taylor Kinney, Nicki Minaj, Don Johnson, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau and many others. I know you’re now thinking about how much fun these ladies had on set and you’re so right. These hot stars play the roles of the main heroines. Nicolaj Coster Waldau is that bad guy who played with the hearts of so many women and now is about to receive an unimaginable revenge.

This April The Other Woman is going to hit the cinemas. Do not miss the chance to witness the incredible adventure of these three hot women. You will see them fighting, drinking and having so much fun, while planning a monstrous vengeance. Also, you will absolutely adore the main idea of the movie that is to celebrate women. It celebrates every single female, showing that there is enough room in this world for everyone.

Now you know what you have to do if your husband/ boyfriend is cheating on you. Don’t panic; get some vodka and plan revenge.

Starred Up – A Terrific Tale of a Father and Son

The new prison drama Starred Up is going to definitely increase Jack O’Connell’s fan base. The young “Skins” star plays the role of Eric Love, a troubled 19 year old boy who is transferred from a juvenile detention center to a big prison. The Starred Up trailer gives a little of the main story happening behind the bars, as it is shown that in the prison, Eric meets his dad, Neville. This is beyond the most unconventional place in the world to meet a relative and to start developing a father-son relationship, but this is how dysfunctional families in today’s world may indeed be.

As the story goes, Eric does not try to comfort anyone and is constantly getting into trouble. The only person who can advise and help him here is his dad. Neville, being in jail for 14 years, knows this world better and has everyone at his beck and call. The wrong arena for developing any kind of family connection, now becomes the right place. The young and troubled hero needs now more than ever, a father and a boss on his wing.

Next to Jack O’Connell there are stars like Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend, Peter Ferdinando and many other talented actors. The movie is written by Jonathan Asser and directed by the very talented David Mackenzie. All these people created this amazing movie in order to show not only an interesting story, but also the face of our modern society. There are people in prisons who ended up there for a bunch of reasons, starting with being born in dysfunctional families and ending up with making the wrong decision while being teenagers and adults.

Starred Up is a violent movie that shows the British prison and the incredible story of how a father and a son reunited. It will also surprise you with the brutal language and some awful naked scenes, but that’s what the prison movies are all about. The drama is going to premiere in the UK cinemas, this March. Do not lose the opportunity to witness a tough and terrific tale of the modern world.

The Devil Inside, Hell all Around

One of the worst things that can happen in your life is losing the power to control it and to make it in your own way. You may think that you live your life as you plan it, but what if someone else has plans about you? What if that someone is a huge and malefic force?

Devil’s Due is the name of the new horror movie, that shows us how a family loses control over a body, a mind and a life. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, this movie tells the story of Samantha and Zach McCall. This lovely couple just got married, they are both crazy in love with each other and life seems to be perfect for them.

After their honeymoon, they find out that Samantha is pregnant, so Zach starts to video record the history of their lives. That is what we get to see, homemade videos that form a horror film. Sadly, it is not that simple. The new wife is not just having a baby; there is something really terrifying about the pregnancy. Samantha soon may be having the devil himself and not a baby. All this makes her act crazy and it changes the whole life of her new formed family.

It is all super creepy because it involves the devil inside of a woman who knows only one thing, that she is pregnant. Having that kind of power inside of you and thinking that it is your own blood, your own child, you start loving and caring instantly. It is an amazing theme for a horror movie, it is scary and at the same time, entertaining.

This January, Twentieth Century Fox brings out the Devil’s Due, starring Allison Miller, Zach Gliford and Sam Anderson. Do not lose the chance to experience the fear in front of the worst force that has the strength to control a human’s life and to make it hell. It is a film about a woman that has the devil inside and hell around her.

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Row Three Favorite Films (2013)

For what is probably the first time in RowThree history we were actually able to get our acts together and dish out the annual “best of” list in a timely manner (i.e. before February). Everyone on the team contributed their version of what stood out most in 2013 through the eye of cinema. Mostly in the form of a Top Ten list, but there are some other goodies and observations in here as well. Scroll your mouse wheel down or click any of the names below to jump right to a specific list and/or permalink. Then start thinking about what you want to include in your list for 2014.

Marina Antunes
David Brook
Matthew Brown
Ariel Fisher
Kurt Halfyard
Andrew James
Ryan McNeil
Matt Price
Bob Turnbull


By all means, drop some of your favorites in the comments section below.
Welcome to 2013!

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