Mamo #151: Zemamo no go


We wrap up on the Toronto Film fest, discuss the business end of a screening at the Elgin, and provide the highest quality in depth analysis ever given from a bench in the mall. Plus we parse the cock-up at Disney, and tease our upcoming interview with Zeb Pike, lighting compositor and part of the creative team at Starz that produced Shane Acker’s 9.

Mamo #145: sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads


What do John Hughes (RIP), Star Trek’s international box office, Roger Ebert’s despair and the films of 2010 have to do with each other? Nothing, actually, but the Matt’s are overdue for a rambling and shapeless discussion that serves no one and only confirms to all that this podcast of theirs has more navel gazing than the museum of Florida oranges. So here it is.

Mamo 143: Public Enemas


The boys are back, beaten, bloodied, bruised but unbounded. Another kick at the can, anyone? This time out we’re trying to assess Michael Mann’s place in history, H-Pot’s place in time and take the snapshot that sci-fi fans were hoping for. All this, plus we still love TF2 like Mr. T loves hair clippers. Mamo, anyone?


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Mamo#141: Pick a Little, Twit a Little

After washing the taste of the late David Carradine out of our mouths, we proceed to a brief recap of how badly, and unexpectedly Land of the Lost stumbled out of the gate ($18 mil for the weekend?, Seriously?!?) but that devolves quickly into just what the term word-of-mouth really means any more. All that and a shout out to Zach Galifianakis, as the comedy mantle is passed on in the latest Mamo.

Mamo #139: Prime Invective


Modern science has given the world many gifts, large and small. The heart-lung machine. The large Hadron collider. Liquid Prel. But who among us us could have predicted the latest miracle of modernity – namely that it is finally cool to like Star Trek again. The Matt’s take a swipe at what could be the perfect summer film, its box office prospects, and why Hugh Jackman’s only saving grace came courtesy of the calendar. As always – spoilers abound, so if you’re one of the few – take care.

Mamo # 137: Lost Weekend


Are you excited about Fighting, Obsessed and The Soloist? Because Ladies and Gentlemen, that is your official starting lineup for this coming weekend. The week-before-the-big-summer-boxoffice-kickoff (this time courtesy of Wolverine) has the distinction of giving audiences some pretty mediocre gumbo to choke down. The Matt’s examine the phenomena of the worst release date on the entire calendar.

We also take the time to remind everyone to throw their picks for the box office crown into the Row Three Guess the Grosses contest by clicking the shark at the top of the page on the labonza and giving it your best shot. You have until Friday May 1, at 9pm edt to get in for bragging rights plus possibly something tangible as well.

Mamo #134: Home and Hearth


Mamo returns with a spirited discussion about the insidious influence home video continues to exert on movie and television production. New films are created, TV series are given proper endings, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST?!? Join the Matt’s as they attempt to find out, in another provocative 30 minutes of mirth. It’s Mamo.

SPOILER WARNING: Some aspects of the fifth season of Lost are discussed in this episode.