Mamo #191: Press & Industry

February being the dead month, the boys get together to see if a show can be created out of thin air and bullshit. Turns out that was no problem at all. Even though there aren’t any movies (what, we’re gonna spend 20 minutes on The Roommate?!?) we still find lots of grist between MGM’s resurrection and the superbowl ads. Whatever else this show was, it wasn’t what we thought it was gonna be.

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Mamo#185: Untangled

Breakfast at our new Mamo HQ, the inimitable Caplansky’s Deli, just a 2 minute walk from the new digs of one half of us. What was on the table? Besides gargantuan amounts of smoked meatery, we have laurels for Disney, darts for the Academy, and a split decision on 127 Hours. Grab a cup of coffee and a heart rate monitor, and join us, won’t you?

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Mamo #183: We Owe it to Ourselves

October brings forth the unlikely successes of both Jackass and Paranormal Activity. 3D is back, and so is a terrifying movie made with a camcorder and an air gun. And so is the rapacious love of short term profit in Hollywood. How will all this affect us, the buying public? Find out in the brand new mamo.

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Mamo #181: We Bet It All On The Wrong A-Team

Even though TIFF is over, that’s no reason for us to return to our humdrum workaday lives. For one thing, after taking off for 10 days to sit and watch movies, some of us are unemployed. For another, the annual summer box office championship has finally come to a close and we can truly call a winner. Shockingly, it’s neither of us. Even more shockingly, it’s the same person who won last year. The prize (A limited edition copy of Let The Right One In) is on its way to the winner now. Take a listen for all the details as well as our pithy excuses for why we were so dead wrong.

***SPOILER WARNING*** We give away the ending of Buried. Because we thought it sucked, and don’t really care that much. Just sayin’

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Mamo #173: A Fresh Pen to the Eye

Comic Con. Lately, the two greatest words in the geek dictionary. At panel after panel celebrities frenzy crowds with tales of that-which-is-yet-to-come. Even Angelina Jolie went there. And so did we, the brave boys of Mamo. Listen as we wax eloquent on Whedon, Marvel, and all things we look forward to in this latest mamo installment.

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Mamo #171: Twilight of the M. Night

Shyamalan fever has come roaring back, as audiences and critics alike are enthralled and delighted by his latest… Oh wait, it’s not 1999. In 2010, The Last Airbender is also looking like the last go-round for America’s master of the disappointing twist. He’s getting his cultural ass kicked by a bunch of sparkly vampires! Some say this child of Pondicherry, India thinks white people are better than Asians when it comes to delivering the kung fu grip. He’s downtrodden and beleaguered, and what better time for the Matts to jump in and make it all that much worse.

Mamo #169: Mamo No Guillermo

Memorial Day weekend comes and goes like the rest of May, with an underwhelming thudding noise. Then, to cap it off there are major changes revealed for the most important fantasy adaptation in the history of filmed entertainment. So we thought we ought to do a show. Also, there’s some more LOST spoilerage near the end, so be forewarned.


Mamo #165: Whedo what we wanna do


This’ll teach us to read the papers. A Star Wars sitcom? Casting for Cap, a suit for GL, and more directors than we can shake our tiny fists at in rage! The boys are back to amuse themselves to death over the latest happenings in the world of fandom. Also a reminder to enter our bourgeoning box office bonanza by clicking here and letting us know how you think this summer comes out. We’ve officially added a bonus prize to the proceedings, but you’ll have to listen until the end of this week’s podcast to find out what it is.



Mamo #158: We drink your milkshake

The end of the year, the decade, and oh, conventional filmmaking. The Matts are back to reset the conversation with the list of what we liked in the past 3653 days. As is it impossible to cover everything, here are some links to better round out the conversation: Matthew P’s Best of 2009His Best of the Decade, Matthew Brown’s Best of 2009, and his Best of the Zeros. Enjoy, and have fun taking us to task in the comments.

Mamo #156: Spicy Mustard


We finally come to you from the welcoming environs of my favorite Toronto restaurant, Caplansky’s Deli in the heart of the Kensington Market district. Between delectable bites of smoky cured meats we take a second pass at the relative success of Twilight: New Moon, the relative failure of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the before release backlash (Frontlash?!?) directed at James Cameron and Avatar. Enjoy the latest Mamo, now with the spicy mustard.