After the Credits Episode 214: August Preview


What on earth is going on this summer? It seems to be start-and-stop with the big summer releases. Just when you think we’re back in the swing of things, we have another off month. It could also just be the fact that this year’s crop of summer movies has done little to impress us – I’m certainly far behind on my viewing and that’s equally due to lack of time as it is to general disinterest.

But we truck on and this month, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) trudge through August’s offerings and dig up one, maybe two, titles which look at least passingly worthy of our attention.

All I have to say is… thank the movie gods for streaming.

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After the Credits Episode 213: Littlest Hobo Media Spew – June

Oh yeah! We’re loving this 80’s throwback.

The last few weeks have been a little slow in the TV department, almost as if Peak TV also takes a summer break, but thanks to Netlix for a healthy new obsession.

Join us as Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) catch up with what we’ve been watching, listening to and reading over the last few weeks and our current obsession with all things GLOW.

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After the Credits Episode 212: July Preview

Luc Besson returns!

We’ve certainly been inching up to summer mmovie season with one major release coming weekly but you know we’re in full summer swing when you have Chritopher Nolan and Luc Besson going head-to-head with big budget releases.

Welcome to July and we are officially in summer release mode. This month we get a bit of everything: from small time family dramas (Menashe), to women kicking serious ass (hello Atomic Blonde!) to Christopher Nolan doing his war thing – admitedly, Dunkirk does look spectacular.

Join Dale (Letterboxd), Colleen and I (Letterboxd) as we July’s short, yet well stocked, releases.

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After the Credits Episode 210: June Preview


Forget “endless summer.” We’re officially into endless June.

I mean, how many movies can you possibly release in a month? Apparently many though how many will actually be seen by any great number of people remains to be seen. Still, June offers up a little something for everyone so there is that to get excited about.

Join Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) as we jump deep into the abyss of June to break down what’s coming on a weekly basis.

Also, much fangirling from me about Wonder Woman.

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After the Credits Episode 209: Littlest Hobo Media Spew – April

Let the obsession begin!

Let there be movies!

In a slight change of pace for the crew, in addition to huge amounts of television, this past month we’ve also been watching a heck of a lot of movies.

Join us as Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) touch base on what we’ve been watching, reading and listening to and this month including some minor gushing about a couple of shows with Canadian ties.

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After the Credits Episode 208: May Preview

Last meal?

We have officially entered summer movie season and this year, it seems the studios are really entrenching themselves in the concept that if a tentpole is opening on any given weekend, nothing else can open for at least two weeks because they won’t make any money.

At least that’s what it feels like looking at this month’s calendar which includes a couple of potentially huge blockbusters spread a few weeks apart with only a few titles of interest to tide viewers over.

Join us as Dale (Letterboxd), Colleen and I (Letterboxd) look at what’s coming in May.
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Trailer: The Dark Tower

Though it’s now been out for a few days and you’ve most likely already seen it, the conversation behind the scenes here about the posting of The Dark Tower trailer turned into a rather amusing chat about how little a few of us care for the source material.

There’s a lot of love in the world for Stephen King (I’m a fan of a swatch of his work) but from the moment an adaptation of “The Dark Tower” was announced, fans whipped themselves into the kind of frenzy generally reserved for comic book movies and Star Wars. Every announcement and setback were dissected for the smallest ounce of information and the project, which seems to have been in production for years, has morphed from series to movie to some combination of the two.

Idris Elba stars as The Gunslinger, a man who travels through a world that is parts Old West/apocalyptic nightmare/Mordor, in search of The Man in Black (the devil himself apparently – played by Matthew McConaughey in rather great casting) and the mythical Dark Tower which, he hopes, will save the world. Into this mess comes a boy from our world and together with The Gunslinger, the two have to save the Dark Tower in order to save both worlds.

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After the Credits Episode 207: Littlest Hobo Media Spew – March

Richard Simmons has totally made a come-back. Sort of.

As has become a sort of norm with the crew, this month’s what we’ve been watching is both chalk full of older titles and a whole load of TV, some new, mostly returning.

Join us this week as Colleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) touch base on what we’ve been watching, reading and listening to and this month, both Colleen and I have fallen into the abyss of Richard Simmons and it’s fascinating stuff.

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Girls on Pop – Episode 11: Hollywood Hates Netflix

He’s baaaaack!

It’s here! The long awaited return of Sarah (@iBrockely)!

Sarah finally decided to take a break from school and we met up on a semi-clear, not so warm evening to record a show on the patio of a local dive bar.

We were mostly undisturbed except for the occasional interruption to order more food and beer. Sarah and I (@themarina) managed to have a pretty long winded conversation covering everything from a bunch of new trailers to recent hints from the Hollywood establishment that they’re not too thrilled with the way Netflix is throwing their billions around.

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After the Credits Episode 206: April Preview

Anne Hathawy losing her shit is definitely one of the highlights of the month

We’re getting the band back together! Or more accurately, we got the band back together!

After a couple of episodes with one member short, this month we managed to find a time that worked for everyone involved and what a reunion it was. If only the month looked better…

Join us as Dale (Letterboxd), Colleen and I (Letterboxd) walk through the April releases and marvel at how it doesn’t look like much of a summer release month. I guess the world has stopped fighting the force that is the Fast and the Furious franchise. If only the new entry looked better…

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