Trailer: A Pigeon Sat On A Bench

Trailer:  A Pigeon Sat On A Bench

A new film from Roy Andersson is a cause of celebration for those who love his dry, precise visual wit that articulates a sense of humour which mocks and cherishes human despair.

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Trailer: ABCs of Death 2

Trailer:  ABCs of Death 2

26 Horror new shorts in the ABCs of Death follow-up, and one of them stars Kurt’s son.

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Trailer: Bang Bang Baby

Trailer:  Bang Bang Baby

Here is the trailer for a period piece rock and roll musical science fiction romance from Canada.

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Pinkband Trailer: Wetlands

Pinkband Trailer:  Wetlands

The very graphic trailer for Wetlands, a German comedy about a girl discovering her body and experimenting with extreme personal hygiene which is also a romantic and family drama.

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Trailer: Leviathan

Trailer:  Leviathan

Vndrey Zvyagintsev (The Return, Elena) makes beautiful, stark, bluntly visualized films of uncommon sophistication and emotion. His latest looks fantastic.

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