Flyway 2015 Pubcast: Kristjan Knigge & Sytse Faber


If you go back into the archives and find our interview from last year with this guy, you’ll see why it’s probably the best interview Matt Gamble and I have ever done. So when he was back with a second attempt at getting an award (and succeeding!), we were pretty excited to hang out with him again. Of course I’m talking about the director of the most excellent, Second Honeymoon, Kristjan Knigge.

This time, Kristjan brings in tow the lead actor of the film, Sytse Faber, to talk about the experiences in making independent cinema and what it’s like to be at Flyway once again. Apparently great enough to start filming a new picture right here in Pepin, WI this week!

We look forward to speaking with you again next year sir. Have a listen!


Kristjan’s official site
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The marketing poster we mention in the show can be seen below. When you see it…




Flyway 2015 Pubcast: Rick Vacius


Hanging out another year with the big cheese himself, Rick Vacius. Matt Gamble and I talk with Rick about the importance of alcohol consumption, the glory of The Eagles on LPs and occasionally a film festival that’s being run and growing each year. Flyway is the place to be in October folks, and it’s all because of this man.

Have a listen.


Maureen O’Hara: 1920-2015


She certainly lived a full life. With 65 acting credits to her name, I have to admit I have a lot of catching up to do if I ever wanna watch even half of them. That said, she always sticks in my brain if I think of Miracle on 34th Street, Rio Grande or The Parent Trap.

At 95, she passed away quietly in her sleep; surrounded by family and listening to music from The Quiet Man. The ravishing beauty became known as the “Queen of Technicolor” because of the way the camera loved her pale complexion contrasted against her flame red hair. How will you remember her?

She will be missed by many. Rest in peace.

X-Files Teaser Trailer

When you wake up on Tuesday morning, everyone will be talking about that other trailer, but a smaller, though no less rabid, fan base will be talking about this one. A 6-episode run of “The X-Files” is coming to Fox as a New Year’s present for all of the conspiracy boys and girls.

You’ll be able to reacquaint yourselves with Scully and Mulder on January 24th. Word around the comicon camp fire is that “the six episodes are book-ended by mythology episodes and the middle episodes are stand-alones…” – this coming from series creator Chris Carter.

So what say you? Excited by the prospect of finally proving aliens are among us, or is this too little, too late? My mind is not made up, but I do plan to go back and watch at least the first three seasons. Because I haven’t ever seen them – so there, the truth is out there.

Episode VII Trailer 3 – “Just Let It In”


Got my tickets this evening for the first 2D screening of Star Wars Episode VII after waiting in line all day (first in line, I might add). I have to admit I was kind of “whatever; that might be alright…” when it was announced that Disney was taking over the franchise and episodes VII – IX would be released. But as the date gets closer and the merchandise is all over the place and the marketing looks pretty great… I’m getting excited. Hence the 7-hour standing in line thing.

Then I came home, half wired and half exhausted, to this…


The Paramount Vault [Free Movies!]

paramount logo

Tired of not being able to find anything on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, et. al? Well then you’re doing it wrong. But maybe you’re trying to save a few bucks and don’t have access to any of these services. If that’s the case, Paramount has seriously got you covered.

The Paramount Vault is a collection of dozens of full length films covering decades of material from the iconic studio. Classic Elvis to Clive Owen to Gene Wilder laughery to Noah Baumbach to black and white to guts and gore and everything in between, before and after – there’s something in here for everyone.


Our own Kurt Halfyard found this quick startup primer of the “best” and “worst” films available on the service if you’re looking for somewhere to start. For the record, I mostly agree with this list and being October, I highly encourage you to watch The Loved Ones this month. Myself? I’ll be checking out an early Robert Downey Jr picture, In Dreams; directed by Neil Jordan.

Have a look through the vault and you’re sure to find something to keep you busy for the rest of the next year or two. Enjoy!

Trailer: Bone Tomahawk

With all the excitement for fast cars, flying super heroes, dinosaurs and international spies each summer, some of us who enjoy our slow burn stories from the 19th century have to consider ourselves lucky if we get one western picture (from a big studio) in a year. But saddle up pardner, this year we get/got several. And if the quality of Slow West, The Keeping Room and The Salvation (and some might consider Far From Men or The Homesman 2015 western releases) is any indication, the two we’ve got coming up from Quentin and Craig Zahler are going to be real treats.

Bone Tomahawk brings Kurt Russell back into the western genre and also stars Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox and holy shit it’s Sean Young!

Though this is a directorial debut from Zahler, this trailer has gotten me pretty excited to get my boots dusty with Bone Tomahawk in between all of the explosive mega-blockbusters coming in this last gasp of 2015.


Cinecast Episode 412 – To Put it Bluntly…

We’ve got a rare treat in store for you with episode 412: it’s under an hour. Well, as close to under an hour as we can get 30 minutes devoted to Drug Cartels & the CIA, 30 minutes devoted to domestic horror. First up, Emily Blunt learns lessons on the horrors of the international drug war first hand. We might not want to hear (or believe in) those lessons, but they are dished out with brutal precision in Denis Villaneuve’s Sicario. Next up is slow-burn horror of a slightly unconventional nature in Goodnight Mommy. The Austrian film is shot gorgeously from one scene to the next, but a dull realization sets in as the movie slogs along and a flirt with torture porn makes for some exasperating viewing to what is otherwise a pretty austere art-film. But hey, if we’re squirming in our seats, maybe that’s a good thing? Hopefully you won’t be doing much squirming (in any way) throughout this show.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!



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