The Perfect Christmas Gift for Me Your Movie Fan Loved Ones

Remember the Absolut book for coffee tables? It was a great gift for the alcoholic in your life. But let’s be real, if you’re perusing this site, you probably know about 10% more people who are movie lovers than alcoholics. So Criterion has done gone and finished your holiday gift shopping for you with a gorgeous new coffee table book: The Criterion Designs.

The most exciting names in design and illustration today apply their talents to some of the most important and influential films of all time. This volume gathers highlights from designs commissioned by the Criterion Collection, featuring covers, supplemental art, and never-before-seen sketches and concept art plus a gallery of every Criterion cover since the collection’s first laserdisc in 1984. From avant-garde experiments to big-budget blockbusters, cult favorites to the towering classics of world cinema, the depth and breadth of what film can be is on display in these striking images. Whether painstakingly faithful re-creations or bold re-imaginings, the stunningly diverse designs collected here offer new ways for cinephiles and design aficionados alike to engage with the world’s greatest filmmakers.

Check out a small sample of what’s in store for you in this 306 page extravagawesome…

The price is a bit steep at nearly eighty bucks; but like I said, small price to pay for having all of your shopping done. Now.

Complete list of featured artists:
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Surrealist 80’s sitcom fantasia: “Too Many Cooks”

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A First Look at Neil Blomkamp’s “CHAPPiE” [trailer]

In the past couple of years, the “friendly robot” genre has gotten somewhat of a boost. From Robot and Frank to Reel Steel to the upcoming Big Hero 6. Neil Blomkamp (and Hugh Jackman again) is jumping into the game with CHAPPiE (I insist on getting the capitalization right), also starring Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel and Sharlto Copley as CHAPPiE.

Now I’m not sure how old you are, but if you’re a child of the 80s, you might remember the great Short Circuit. Well two years later a sequel was released, but without the charm, charisma, hilarity and star power of Steve Guttenberg, the film barely made half the money its predecessor did. Enter Neil Blomkamp hopefully making up for that public travesty. Yes, from learning to read and paint while living in a warehouse, to comedy bits with urban gangsters; right down to some of the lines of dialogue, this movie looks to be practically a duplicate of the 1988 sequel to Short Circuit. The question is, will CHAPPiE become an Australian citizen and get his picture on Time magazine at the end of the movie? We’ll have to wait and see.

In short, the chances that you’ll balling over a hunk of metal by the end of this movie are pretty good.

As a side note, it appears a remake of Short Circuit is actually underway. This might be an awkward year for Hollywood’s artificial intelligence beings. Back to the matter at hand however, take a look at the trailer for CHAPPiE below. The films hits wide release on March 6th of next year.

Fast and Furious 7 [trailer]

We know everyone is excited for the sequel to Return of the Jedi next year. Some of us are stoked for Mad Max on Fury Road and others want to see the Hunger Games conclusion. But for me, the family is back together on April 3rd.

It’s like Jack Burton told his last wife, “Honey I never drive faster than I can see besides that it’s all in the reflexes.”

Flyway Pubcast #8 – Alex Johnson [Two Step]

Two Step is another Axe Award winner this year; this time it’s for best narrative feature. It’s a relationship and class drama that collides with a crime and home invasion angle. It’s really rather thrilling thanks in large part to the excellent cast but also due to writer/director Alex Johnson.

Matt Gamble and I discuss the nature of typical home invasion films and the amount of violence in films today. The alcohol, deep freeze temperatures and late night time begins to affect our judgement and speech but nonetheless it’s an entertaining and interesting discussion. Congrats to Alex and his film; have a listen below… (use for below then delete this line)



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Flyway Pubcast #7 – Kristjan Knigge [The Right Juice]

flyway film festival 2014 banner

Easily the most entertaining interview we’ve ever had at Flyway, Kristjan Knigge is the director of The Right Juice. He’s also from Amsterdam which of course requires Matt Gamble and I to talk geography and world history rather than actual film making. Kristjan was gracious enough to educate the stupid Americans about the difference between The UK and Great Britain, Portugal, Christopher Columbus, Ireland, Anne Frank, The Netherlands and the “north bit”. I guess we might as well talk about the true discoverers of America too.

Eventually we do get around to talking about the film, the actors involved, political and social threats and comparing his film to Polanski’s Chinatown. Other upcoming projects are also mentioned. Matt tries to get convince Kristjan to get into criticism rather than film making because he is very amusingly abrasive – as evident by his berating us for giving a competing film The Keystroke Award. Basically he’s a really great guy and clearly a very talented film maker. Despite the interruption by locomotive, it’s a fun interview. Buckle up for a drunken history lesson…
(out takes at the end).




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