Hey Man, Nice Shot [The Matinee.ca]

In the third row, we always leave a little stocking hanging on the chair at the end of the aisle. And every year, Ryan McNeil always drops in during The Matinee and leaves a few gifts. To be honest about, he’s regifting from some pretty great directors and cinematogrpahers, but still fun to unwrap… and spectacular.

Film has a way of making a single image stick with you – of being able to appreciate it as a piece of still photography all its own, and often being taken back to everything else the film had to offer in one quick hit.

In 2014, those images ran the gamut. Some were iconic, but a lot of my selectionsthis year are abstract – often only making sense if you’ve seen the film. Still, all of them tapped a nerve when I saw them and I’ve done my best to collect them here before we close the book on the year.

Each photo can be identified by hovering your cursor, and clicking any of them will take you to a bigger version of the shot. For the curious, previous years’ entries in this series can be found at the bottom of this post.


Only Lovers Left Alive

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2014 List of Lists [updated 12-23]

…And here they come down the final stretch. The year ain’t quite over yet and some of us don’t even start the idea of a list until January (especially the procrastinators in the third row). Yet the heavy hitters claim they’re ready to go and the “best of” lists have already started popping up. My obsession with lists has waned in the past couple of years, but that goes out the window this time of year. I like to stay in the know with popular opinion and keep all of these lists handy. I think some of the readers here do too. But rather than publish a daily “here’s another list from Mrs. X” post, I’ll periodically (about once a week) be on the lookout for new top ten lists from critics, directors, bloggers, podcasters, the wise old owl down the street and Joe Bob Briggs. At any rate, this will be the go-to place for a constantly updated source to where you can find all of the movie top ten lists that are being spurted all over the interwebz.

I’m trying something a little bit different this year. Rather than an epic, long list with periodic updates populating the list even further, I’ll just add a new section to the list with a date and the new entries. Perhaps towards the end of January as the list releasing slows down to a halt I’ll condense them all into one long list. But for now, each time this post is re-published, you’ll be able to see all of the new entries listed by date. It may not be as easy to find a specific list right away (ctrl + f is your friend), but for those that are keeping tabs, it will be easier to see the newest updates.

If you’ve got your own list or seen a list laying around that you don’t see below and think should be included, by all means email me the link or drop it in the comments below.

(#1 film in parentheses if applicable)
AZ Central (Boyhood)
Badass Digest  
Cinedelphia (Nightcrawler)
Cole Smithy (Mr. Turner)
Comic Book Movie (Interstellar)
Daily Review (The Babadook)
Deadshirt (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
Dork Shelf (Boyhood)
Ebert.com (Under the Skin)
The Guardian (Under the Skin)
Hey U Guys [blogger awards] (Boyhood)
ID Film (The Tribe)
IMDb [users] (The Interview)
IMDb [CEO] (Interstellar)
JoBlo #1 (Boyhood)
JoBlo #2 (Whiplash)
Josh Lister Review Blog (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Mark Kermode [part one]  
New Zealand Herald (Interstellar)
Onion A/V Club (Boyhood)
Quiet Earth (Hard to be a God)
Ropes of Silicon (Birdman)
Screen Crush (Nightcrawler)
This is Mine (Blue Ruin)
Tony Macklin (American Sniper)
Troma [Lloyd Kaufman] (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Variety (Goodbye to Language)

[worst] Onion A/V Club (Left Behind)
[worst] Screen Crush
[for “grown-ups”] AARP
[horror] Fangoria
[horror] Icons of Fright (At the Devil’s Door)
[animated] T10 Image
[best scenes] Onion A/V Club
[most overrated] Joyless Creatures (Snowpiercer)
[best posters] The Playlist
[about women] IndieWire
[documentaries] The Playlist (The Overnighters)
[indies] Let Us Nerd (The Lengths)

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Friday One Sheet: Gangs of Wasseypur

It’s a couple of years out at this point, but here and there you might still find a screening for Gangs of Wasseypur we’ve reviewed it twice and gave it a good tongue bathing on the Cinecast at one point.

The poster carried on the Bollywood color tropes but man is this thing ever brutal to look at. The vengeance and hilarity and brutality all spraying forth in bloody mayhem all at once is definitely striking and eye-catching. But the highlight on this poster of course is that our own Kurt Halfyard has the third quote on the poster. Alas, it’s his review quote over at those sons-of-bitches at Twitch Film, but it’s still exciting. Happy Friday all!

Trailer #2: Blackhat

A few months ago we posted the first trailer for Michael Mann’s next cyber-espionage film, Blackhat. Commentary from the peanut gallery was basically, “bland.” And while the newest trailer has some of the same images and will not assuage the Mann-haters out there, the tone is much more Mannly. In fact, it feels a helluva lot like Miami Vice actually. This excites me, will excite others and still other will want to wretch… which is partly what makes me love it even more. *stick my tongue out emoji here*

Blackhat strikes wide on January 16th.