Stephen King’s “IT” Teaser Trailer

So I’m a little torn here. The 197-minute mini-series from the early 90s scared the bejeesus out of all us kids back in the day (and some adults too I’m sure). The cast wasn’t all that special except for one. Tim Curry. Curry pulled off the role of Pennywise the clown magnificently and hell, you can watch the original for just three bucks right now. Stephen King adaptations are very hit or miss. “IT”, that stretched two cold, November nights on ABC back in 1990, seemed like the perfect length for a fairly thick novel and is definitely considered a hit. So my initial instinct is to wonder why this big screen adaptation is even necessary.

Still, I’m curious what a more succinct version of the story will be like on the big screen. And I’m always looking for something that will genuinely scare me, not just startle me – and those movies are very few and far between. I want those little hairs on my arm and neck to reach for the stars. Alas, it almost never happens. And while there is something in me saying that this looks a little too polished and CGI (read as, generic and uninspired) for it to work, I do hope for the best.

IT is directed by Andrés Muschietti (Mama) and stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise and whole list of other names I don’t recognize. Check out the trailer below and see what you think. They all float down here…

“Fargo.” Season 3. Trailer. Behold the Frosty Landscape of Awesome

2015 had a lot of great content for all of us to consume. And normally, I’m a movie guy. But 2015 was the year I branched out a bit more from the usual HBO fare. And hands down, the best thing I watched (or read or listened to) was Fargo. I had some catch-up to do and watched season one and two that year. After season one, I thought, “that is just about the best TV show I’ve ever watched. There is no way in hell that season 2 will be as good as that was!” And then lo and behold they took season two and flipped backwards twenty years, added an equally awesome cast and blew our mind in that first episode; if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. Where all households tuned to F/X channel simultaneously exclaimed, “What the fuck!?”. And it only got better.

Now, what I kind of liked about season 2, was it’s use of all B-list actors. Seriously; who knew Jean Smart could be that badass. Or that Bokeem Woodbine is so cool. Or Jesse Plemons would light it up like that? You might not know the names, but you’d know the faces if you looked them up somewhere. And the list really does go on and on. If nothing else, the show knows how to cast. Which leads us to season 3:

Ewan McGregor
David Thewlis
Carrie Coon
Michael Stuhlbarg
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Jim Gaffigan
Ewan McGregor
Scoot McNairy
Shea Whigham
Karan Soni
Fred Melamed
Thomas Mann
Hamish Linklater

I mean Holy Bezeesus-Smith right? I still can’t imagine it possibly getting any better than season 2, but if it’s even half as good, I’ll be a darned happy camper. Check. It. Out.

89th Annual Academy Award Winners [updated live]

It’s presentation night for the 89th Annual Oscar Awards. Of course the slightly better than mediocre La La Land (14 nominations) is probably just going to win everything so there’s really no reason to even watch. Although, I suppose it’s possible that the nearly unprecedented number of wins by one film may actually cause the entire audience to spontaneously get up and start singing and dancing. So okay, you should watch.

If you’re a cord-cutter (or just a hater of Jimmy Kimmel) and unable to attend the broadcast on ABC, have no fear. Row Three will be updating the winners as they’re announced. You can see all the nominations below and as the winners casually walk up to the stage then hopefully trip on their gown or an overly aggressive trombone player, you’ll see them show up in fashionable bold red font; separating the winners from the complete losers who are going nowhere in Hollywood without that little gold statue.

Also, be sure to throw your two cents into the comment section below. Some of us will be in and out of there throughout the night. Should be fun. Stay tuned!


La La Land 14
Arrival 8
Moonlight 8
Hacksaw Ridge 6
Lion 6
Manchester by the Sea 6
Fences 4
Hell or High Water 4


Hacksaw Ridge
Hell or High Water
Hidden Figures
La La Land
Manchester by the Sea


Denis Villeneuve, Arrival
Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge
Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea
Barry Jenkins, Moonlight


Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea
Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge
Ryan Gosling, La La Land
Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington, Fences


Isabelle Huppert, Elle
Ruth Negga, Loving
Natalie Portman, Jackie
Emma Stone, La La Land
Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins


Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water
Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea
Dev Patel, Lion
Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals


Viola Davis, Fences
Naomie Harris, Moonlight
Nicole Kidman, Lion
Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures
Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea

Would you like to know more…?

Bill Paxton: 1955 – 2017

It’s with a heavy heart we must say farewell to a beloved and most prolific actor in one Bill Paxton who died Sunday as a result of complications during heart surgery. Paxton is survived by Louise Newbury, his wife of 30 years, and children James and Lydia Paxton. The 22-year-old James recently filmed a guest-starring role on Paxton’s Training Day series.

Almost ever since I can remember, Bill Paxton has been a part of my movie-watching lifestyle. As early as the first Terminator movie he’s become a recognizable figure in Hollywood. My younger days saw me in front of the Showtime/HBO channel watching Weird Science about six thousand times and as he became known to do, absolutely stole that movie as the very unlikable but hilarious older brother, Chet.

After that he could be found in a whole slew of pictures year after year. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where his breakout role really was, but I venture that a lot of people woould argue his turn as the whiny (yet somehow badass) Private in James Cameron’s Aliens. It was not uncommon for Paxton to show up in three, four, sometimes five movies in a single year …and so many memorable performances; from Near Dark to Twister to Edge of Tomorrow and all of the wonderful stuff in between.

My stomach just sank this morning when I got the news and I think we all owe a thank you for the years of pleasure we are indebted to Mr. Paxton for. God speed sir, you will be missed deeply.

32nd Annual Independent Spirit Award Winners

The Oscars are tonight! But first, everyone needs to be hungover. So they go to the Indie Spirit Awards the night before to have some real fun. And what makes it even better is there is not a “La La” in sight. With that journalistic sensationalism out of the way, here are all of the nominees and winners for the 2017 Independent Spirit Awards.

The Film Independent Spirit Awards stand for something much deeper: championing creative independence in visual storytelling and supporting a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision—a mission that is more relevant now than ever before.

This year’s Spirit Award nominees are yet another esteemed group of diverse, outspoken and boundary-pushing performers and filmmakers, representing the very best and most vital independent movies of the past 12 months.


So without further adieu, let’s get to the Winners (in bold red)!

Sizing up the nominations:
American Honey = 6
Moonlight = 6
Manchester By the Sea = 5
Jackie = 4
American Honey
Manchester by the Sea

Andrea Arnold, American Honey
Barry Jenkins, Moonlight
Pablo Larraín, Jackie
Jeff Nichols, Loving
Kelly Reichardt, Certain Women

Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea
David Harewood, Free In Deed
Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic
Jesse Plemons, Other People
Tim Roth, Chronic

Annette Bening, 20th Century Women
Isabelle Huppert, Elle
Sasha Lane, American Honey
Ruth Negga, Loving
Natalie Portman, Jackie

Ralph Fiennes, A Bigger Splash
Ben Foster, Hell or High Water
Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea
Shia LaBeouf, American Honey
Craig Robinson, Morris from America

Edwina Findley, Free In Deed
Paulina Garcia, Little Men
Lily Gladstone, Certain Women
Riley Keough, American Honey
Molly Shannon, Other People
Would you like to know more…?

Trailer: The Circle

I just finished the novel of Dave Eggers’ “The Circle” a couple of nights ago. Just in time for a new trailer to hit the web. I have to say, I’m intrigued to watch this train-wreck of a story on the big screen. The book is basically a modernized, hipster version of Orwell’s “1984.” But it’s ridiculous and the characters are callous, pretentious, lack foresight and are generally “millenial” idiots. It’s also incredibly predictable and frustrating.

But here’s the thing, within the frustration, you can feel the author’s disdain for social media and the slow but inevitable loss of privacy. He writes his characters as idiots and easily brainwashed because… well, they can be. It’s an unfortunate reality exaggerated to make a point; i.e. satire. So maybe there’s something in there. Still, Tom Hanks and Emma Watson feels like poor casting choices and the only director I could see doing this movie proper is Paul Verhoeven. But since it’s James Ponsoldt (End of the Tour, Spectacular Now), I don’t see anything in here that’s going to be particularly edgy or anything we don’t already know or have thought of before.

At any rate, here’s Emma Watson, John Boyega and an admittedly interesting cast (Ellar Coltrane, Patton Oswalt, Bill Paxton) in the new trailer for The Circle; opening at a theater near you in April.

Trailer: It Comes at Night

When you see the above logo, you now you’re about to see something good; likely great. We’re probably looking at something here that is not an exception to that rule. You can tell by the awesome trailer they’ve cut. It’s got great mood, hints at something sinister and dark without giving us any details about what kind of world we’re in or what kind of evil we’re dealing with. Is it zombies? Is it ghosts? Is it a demon? Is it a disease? Is it simply a dangerous person? Or maybe it’s something more intangible or ethereal. Whatever is going on here, I wanna know more. And by the grace of (the almost always wonderful) Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough (American Honey), Carmen Ejogo, Christopher Abbot and acclaimed director Trey Edward Shults (Krisha), I’m going to find out this summer!

Take a look. What comes at night!?

Trailer: Personal Shopper

Clouds of Sils Maria was far and away my favourite movie of 2015 and while hitting the back catalog over the years I’ve come to really love the many different flavours of Olivier Assayas’ direction. So with Clouds being one of my favourite films of the past decade, it’s exciting to see him doing something similar with the same lead (who’s been showing amazing versatility and charisma since the Twilight garbage) in Kristen Stewart.

Well received at TIFF and in limited screenings around the country, this trailer gets me really excited for Assayas neest project, Personal Shopper.