Trailer: Hell or High Water

Not a particularly clever title, but it’s great to see Ben Foster getting back on the proverbial horse. Ten years ago and I would’ve said this guy is going to be an A-lister among A-listers. But he’s been virtually nowhere to be seen.


A story about the collision of the Old and New West, two brothers — Toby (Chris Pine), a straight-living, divorced father trying to make a better life for his son; and Tanner (Ben Foster), a short-tempered ex-con with a loose trigger finger — come together to rob branch after branch of the bank that is foreclosing on their family land. The hold-ups are part of a last-ditch scheme to take back a future that powerful forces beyond their control have stolen from under their feet. Vengeance seems to be theirs until they find themselves in the crosshairs of a relentless, foul-mouthed Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges) looking for one last triumph on the eve of his retirement. As the brothers plot a final bank heist to complete their plan, a showdown looms at the crossroads where the last honest law man and a pair of brothers with nothing to live for except family collide.



Hell or a High Water is a modern action drama set in West Texas where the distinction between honest men and outlaws has blurred beyond recognition. Besides Ben Foster, Hell or a High Water features a cast that includes Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Gil Birmingham.

CBS Films will release Hell or a High Water in select theaters on August 12th and nationwide on August 19th. See you there?

Anton Yelchin: 1989 – 2016

On a recent Cinecast, I believe it was during our review of Green Room, Kurt and I briefly went through Anton Yelchin’s filmography and noted that any film is just that much better whenever he shows up. So it’s with a heavy heart we have to report that the actor has met an untimely demise at the all too young age of 27.

Apparently Yelchin was found early in the morning pinned between his car and a mailbox. It appears that his own car, which was in neutral, somehow hit him and pinned him into a brick mailbox.

‘This is unreal,’ the actor’s friend Anna Kendrick tweeted on Sunday. ‘Anton Yelchin is such a talent. Such a huge loss.’

His Star Trek co-star John Cho added: ‘I loved Anton Yelchin so much. He was a true artist – curious, beautiful, courageous. He was a great pal and a great son. I’m in ruins.’

Chad Michael Murray tweeted: Just heard about Anton Yelchin. What a great talent and good young man. Gone far too soon…Terrible loss. You will be missed.’

Yelchin fled with his family to the United States as political refugees from St. Petersburg Russia when he was just 15. Which puts him at just 18 years-old before starring in a film in which he is the titular character alongside Robert Downey Jr in Charlie Bartlett. From the moment you saw Charlie Bartlett and saw him holding his own alongside the big guns, you could tell this was going to be a big star.

Yelchin chose wisely with his roles and tended to go with more intimate and interesting roles, rather than the big flashy ones. And he always succeeded – even if the movie did not. All of this of course until taking a huge role in 2009’s Star Trek as Pavel Chekov, navigator of the USS Enterprise which led to playing Kyle Reese in a sequel to the Terminator franchise one year later.

It’s too bad when something like this happens as all told he was a great guy and I’m positive he had dozens of fantastic performances ahead of him. You will be missed sir. God speed.

Kinda Trailer – Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


Entertainment Tonight released what they call a trailer of the new Jack Reacher film. Really it’s a bunch of clips along with commentary from the hosts. Still, it’s a good look at what to come for Tom Cruise.

Mainly I wanted to post this just to go to bat for Jack Reacher. I loved the concept of the character. He’s not a hero. He’s not a bad guy. He’s not a memory-loss case like Jason Bourne. And he’s not Ethan Hunt. He’s just a guy really good at being… whatever he is and does what he thinks is right; even when it means carrying out some suspect actions.

I actually think that Jack Reacher was one of the more refreshing takes on the action “hero” genre in a long long time. Sure I like the fun of Taken (the first one anyway) or Mission Impossible or The Bourne Ultimatum; but Reacher is something totally different – even if you can’t put your finger on exactly what that is. Which is probably why it got very mixed reviews from fans and critics; they just didn’t know what to do with it. Which is why it’s awesome.

Have a look at some sneak peak scenes from the second chapter of the cinematic version of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, in theaters this October.


Trailer: “31” from Rob Zombie

I sort of enjoy Rob Zombie’s bat-shit insanity in his horror films. He has a great director’s eye for horror and has some cool concepts and characters. But the writing is usually atrocious. And why does Sherrie Moon Zombie have to be the lead in every damn one of these things? I don’t know; I feel like I should like his stuff a lot more than I do. And to be honest, this trailer just looks kinda… dumb. A real shame.

Poster: Kevin Smith’s Yoga-Hosers

What’s going on in the View-Askew universe* in the last couple years has mostly escaped me. Kevin Smith has run aground with interesting creations as far as I’m concerned; so I had no idea that his next project (which already screened at Sundance) was a kids film in which a couple of teen yoga enthusiasts battle “an evil presence” (something to do with miniature, Nazi Canadians).

Reviews have been less than great and if this marketing is anything to go by, I guess I’m not surprised. That said, this movie probably wasn’t made with the usual Smith fanboys in mind. It’s a film that appears to be geared towards younger teenage girls to OMG about – the critics voices maybe shouldn’t be taken as gospel at this point.

Still, judging by the trailer and the poster featured below, I feel like there is an intentional campiness on display from Smith here. Did he just not care about the project or are the effects supposed to look like an early 1990s after-school special and the poster supposed to look like early 2000s straight to DVD cover? I don’t know what’s going on here, but if I had to venture a guess, Smith has just given up.**


You’ll be able to judge the movie for yourself (or not) on July 29th. The starring leads are Lily-Rose Melody Depp and Harley Quinn Smith (yes, that is Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughters), and also features the likes of Johnny Depp, Kevin Smith, Haley Joel Osment, Vanessa Paradis, Adam Brody, Justin Long, Tony Hale, and Jason Mewes among others.

*I realize that not all of his movies are View Askew productions. That’s just what I call Kevin Smith movies.
** I’m pretty excited about Clerks III though.

Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. For that I am sorry. But here’s a few things we’ve stumbled across over the past month or so that might hit your interest/funny bone. Enjoy!

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Movie Written by an Algorithm starring Thomas Middleditch

Would you like to know more…?

Trailer: Prityazhenie (aka Attraction)

attraction-posterAttraction is something that I can’t tell for certain what the vibe of this one is going for. I like another Russian Blockbuster director’s stuff in Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch, Black Lightning), but something about this has a more Neil Blomkamp vibe (e.g. District 9); part of that feel might be because of the marketing poster and the synopsis given below. Yet some of the visuals and sound effects feel more like Michael Bay’s toy robot movies or the lesser seen Skyline from the brothers Strause.

All of that is a round-a-bout way of saying this looks pretty cool. Not sure what kind of theatrical release this will see in North America in January of next year but at this point I can safely say they’ve got my money even if at this point I’m not really sure what to expect.

Attraction is directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk and is the highest-grossing non-U.S. foreign film in China.

An unidentified falling object from outer space changes our view of humanity and life beyond Earth. As local residents of a Moscow residential district gather to see the fallen object, it forces mankind to question existing civilization and the potential for learning more.

Have a look at the trailer below and see if this your thing or not.


Friday Puzzler – The Original Clooney & Roberts

Welcome to Friday! Your last day at the office. What can you do to avoid as much work as possible and still make the time go faster? How about put this puzzle together. Each Friday RowThree will have a themed puzzle to coincide with the weekend’s cinematic release.

Use your mouse to move the pieces (scroll wheel or arrow keys to rotate) and create the image you see below. Then discuss. Please note that the bottom third of the play space should be blank for placing loose pieces.

This week, it’s Ocean’s Eleven!

[jigsaw-mp size=640 myimage=’’]