Proof that Americans Don’t Give a Crap About Anything [Ted 2 trailer]

Seth MacFarlane seems to be a “love him or hate him” comedic persona; I happen to fall in the former. OK, A Million Ways to Die in the West wasn’t exactly a runaway success (frankly, I didn’t even bother), most of his other stuff has a legitimate lol-a-minute ratio that rivals just about anything else on the market. Sure it’s crass and juvenile, but hey, if I’m laughing, I’m laughing. Ten bucks well spent.

Ted was a relatively loved comedy from 2012. It catered to the same crowd as “Family Guy” does; that is, anyone whose childhood is characterized by the late 70s and 80s (Flash Gordon anyone?). I think leaving it at that would’ve been fine. But apparently Wahlberg and company want the checks to keep on rolling in – though Kunis has apparently had enough (Amanda Seyfried is stepping in to fill those shoes) – and we have ourselves a Ted 2.

The gags in the trailer generally work, though a lot of it seems to be weaker versions of gags from the first movie. Still, I found myself smiling and chuckling through most of this. On June 6th, they’ve got my money, but we’ll see if this will suffer from a classic case of 80s sequel-itis.


Everly [trailer]

Antonio Banderas has clearly trained her well after they left The Tarsco Bar in Ciudad Acuña. But apparently he must’ve gone out for the evening and left poor, half-naked Selma Hayek all alone to defend herself against a lot of comic book villains. Well, not totally alone. There’s a stockpile of advanced weaponry under the floor boards.

The siege movie of 2015 is upon us and it is Everly.

35th Annual Razzie Nominations [2015]


Hype today is of course all over The Oscars, but let’s not forget all the crap that was released in 2014. We do like to stay positive around here as much as possible. But sometimes you have to smell the glove. That said, even The Razzies are trying to give us all a smile with a new category this year: the redeemer award; given to those that have won Razzies in the past but are now on top of their game.

As for me personally, the most positive thing I can say is that I am proud that outside of Trans4mers, I saw none of the performances or films mentioned in these nominations. Thanks to Film Junk for allowing me to copy and paste their list.

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas
Left Behind
The Legend of Hercules
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Transformers 4: Age of Ex-STINK-Tion

Nicolas Cage / Left Behind
Kirk Cameron / Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas
Kellan Lutz / The Legend of Hercules
Seth MacFarlane / A Million Ways To Die in the West
Adam Sandler / Blended

Drew Barrymore / Blended
Cameron Diaz / The Other Woman and Sex Tape
Melissa McCarthy / Tammy
Charlize Theron / A Million Ways to Die in the West
Gaia Weiss / The Legend of Hercules

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87th Annual Academy Award Nominations [Oscars]

Good day! Welcome to another year of attempting to live blog the annual Oscar Nominations! We’re going to be posting the 2015 nominations for the 87th Academy Awards right here on this page (almost) as quickly as they are announced – and you can watch the presentation in the video above.

The Academy is doing something new this year. Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs will take the stage along with actor Chris Pine and directors Alfonso Cuarón and J.J. Abrams to present all 24 categories live on stage. Previous years only had the major categories being verbally announced while the rest were posted on the web site a couple hours later.

I’ll be trying to keep up with them as best I can at least the major categories as they (very very quickly, traditionally) announce the titles and names for the nominees.

You can check out all of the nominees printed below soon after they’re announced. See anything interesting or surprising? Anyone snubbed or is anything garnering undeserved attention? Comments will be turned on Thursday morning so you may make your thoughts/rants known!

The award winners will be announced on Sunday, FEBRUARY 22nd at 7pm ET live on ABC at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.


Birdman 9
The Grand Budapest Hotel 9
The Imitation Game 8
Boyhood 6
American Sniper 6
Foxcatcher 6
Interstellar 5
The Theory of Everything 5
Whiplash 5
Mr. Turner 4

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Row Three Favorite Films of 2014

A weak year or a strong year? You tell us. With an eclectic group of favorites from so many different people there’s an argument to be made that 2014 was one of the best years ever for film… but was it really? Either way, we all found plenty to love and these are each of the contributors here at RowThree favorites of 2014 along with some honorable mentions as well as notable misses and stinkers on the year. Each contributor is listed below, but you can click to any one of our lists with the links provided below.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the site, listened to any of the great podcasts hosted here and/or took the time to leave some comments in a post somewhere and some time throughout the year. We really appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks and good job. Cheers.

Andrew James
Matthew Brown
David Brook
Bob Turnbull
Corey Pierce
Bryan Dressel
Kurt Halfyard
Marina Antunes
Matt Gamble
Matt Price


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72nd Annual Golden Globe Winners (and live chat)

This is the second of three awards shows we I care about each year. The others being The Spirit Awards and of course The Oscars. Of course The Globes are poo-pooed for their self-congratulatory nature and general feeling of “just being created” for the sake of another awards show. But in my view, all awards shows are exactly this. So what makes The Globes so unspecial?

I’ve come to the conclusion in the past couple of years that outside of the context of conversation, I don’t really care all that much about The Awards themselves. I care more about the production of the show and seeing the stars ham it up and have fun. The Globes are infinitely more entertaining to watch than The Oscars and their hosts (this year brings back Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the third and final time) are usually classier and funnier, yet still willing to take risks and be “edgy”. Also, I like the inclusion of television and comedy categories. But I digress…

So Andrew will be in front of the tube starting at 8pm EST tonight checking off the winners as they are announced. So if you have no access to television, you can stay tuned right here for the up-to-the-minute updates as well as commentary from the peanut gallery in the comment section below.

Winners are in bold red

Best Motion Picture, Drama
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

Best Director – Motion Picture
Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Ava DuVernay, Selma
David Fincher, Gone Girl
Alejandro González Iñárritu, Birdman
Richard Linklater, Boyhood

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture
Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl
Richard Linklater, Boyhood
Alejandro González Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Armando Bo, Birdman
Graham Moore, The Imitation Game

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
Steve Carell, Foxcatcher
Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler
David Oyelowo, Selma
Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama
Jennifer Aniston, Cake
Felicity Jones, The Theory of Everything
Julianne Moore, Still Alice
Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl
Reese Witherspoon, Wild

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Robert Duvall, The Judge
Ethan Hawke, Boyhood
Edward Norton, Birdman
Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher
J.K. Simmons, Whiplash

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
Patricia Arquette, Boyhood
Jessica Chastain, A Most Violent Year
Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game
Emma Stone, Birdman
Meryl Streep, Into The Woods

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BAFTA Nominations (2015)

Wes Anderson is the man in Britannia today, leading the BAFTA nominations with eleven nods for The Grand Budapest Hotel. Birdman and The Theory of Everything each gather ten nominations.

Nice to see Nightcrawler getting some love but a bit strange Selma is nowhere to be found and Timothy Spall not given a hat tip for the titular role in Mr. Turner.

Any other glaring notables you can see?

Best Film
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Imitation Game
The Theory Of Everything

Best Director
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu – Birdman
Richard Linklater – Boyhood
Wes Anderson – The Grand Budapest Hotel
James Marsh – The Theory Of Everything
Damien Chazelle – Whiplash

Best Actor In A Leading Role
Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game
Ralph Fiennes – The Grand Budapest Hotel
Jake Gyllenhaal – Nightcrawler
Michael Keaton – Birdman
Eddie Redmayne – The Theory Of Everything

Best Actress In A Leading Role
Amy Adams – Big Eyes
Felicity Jones – The Theory Of Everything
Julianne Moore – Still Alice
Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
Reese Witherspoon – Wild

Best Actor In A Supporting Role
Steve Carell – Foxcatcher
Ethan Hawke – Boyhood
Edward Norton – Birdman
Mark Ruffalo – Foxcatcher
J.K. Simmons – Whiplash

Best Actress In A Supporting Role
Patricia Arquette – Boyhood
Keira Knightley – The Imitation Game
Rene Russo – Nightcrawler
Imelda Staunton – Pride
Emma Stone – Birdman
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Row Three Favorite Albums of 2014 [music]

The big list of awesome movies from the third row’s 2014 experience is just around the corner – we’re just waiting for some last minute screenings to show up in the next week or so. In the meantime, we’ve had some time to sift through all the tunage from 2014 and along with other movie-blogging friends have put together this nice list of great sounds of 2014. There are 1000 movies released each year, but there are tens of thousands of albums. So by no means did any of us get to them all, but here’s a sampling of all our favorite listens over the last 365 days.


Jim Laczkowski
Andrew James
Bob Turnbull
David Brook
Scott Olson
Corey Pierce


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