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Friday One-Sheet(s): Mission Impossible Series

Looks like Jack and Meg White have secretly been collaborating with Saul Bass for the marketing for the Mission: Impossible franchise for the past several years; but Paramount Pictures is just getting around to letting us know about it. This arguably handsome set of posters recalls the iconic scenes/imagery from the previous installments in the Tom Cruise, super-spy universe; all leading up to the newest blockbuster for 2015, Rogue Nation, which hits theaters on July 31.



Trailer: Experimenter

Seems that every time a Peter Sarsgaard movie pops up I say the same thing: he should just be cast in everything. The movie is guaranteed to be just that much better than it already is (or isn’t). Case in point, the trailer for Experimenter. Has the visual style of something like The Imitation Game meets Quiz Show, yet I’m not at all familiar with this director’s (Michael Almereyda) work; even though he’s worked with some fairly reputable and/or recognizable Hollywood names. (*adding Ethan Hawke’s Hamlet to my Netflix queue right now*).

For how long would you go on shocking a stranger with higher and higher volts of electricity just because someone is telling you to? Apparently it will turn you into Abraham Lincoln if you’re in on the experiment.



Trailer: Zipper

I really like the title. Zipper. It can have so many different meanings. In this case it seems the “zipper problem” seems pretty literal. Everyone has a dark side; I might argue that that truth is even more so when it comes to politicians. The sex addiction thing has been fairly popular in Hollywood lately and now it’s sunk its teeth into the political climate.

Still, I hope there’s more to this movie than what the trailer lets on. It seems to me that this is a case of will he admit it openly or will he try to fight it. What’s gonna happen in the end. If that’s the case, neither outcome is really all that interesting as we’ve had political scandal movies before (The Contender possibly being the best example). So I just hope there’s more to this whole thing than how will he get out of it (or not get out of it).

A heckuva nice cast (Lena Headey, Patrick Wilson, Richard Dreyfuss, Dianna Agron, Ray Winstone, John Cho) will grace the screens in North America in late August. Mmm… steamy.



Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

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New Horizons Flies By Pluto Today

Nine years in the making, the release is today! OK, so this isn’t really movie-related, but since we’re all dreamers here and appreciate the profound, the majestic, the awe-inspiring, the grandiose and I’ll say it, the awesome, just a little trailer here of what’s to come today from NASA and “deep” space. This trailer is pretty chill inducing.

Today is the big day!