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    Row Three is a collaborative film website that aims to foster discussion and community for those who like their cinema a bit Hollywood, a bit indie and a bit foreign. Formed and run by a collective of writers who try to stray from summer blockbusters and the so-called “popcorn” flicks in favor of a bit more upscale fare. We are not always successful in this endeavor; nonetheless we all love to talk movies and we hope to build a place for everyone to join in on the conversation. Everything you ever wanted to know about the contributors from the third row is listed below.

    Our Contributors

    Andrew James

    (site Administrator, podcast producer, editor)
    Andrew James

    The obsession essentially began at age 4. Ever since that seemingly endless Star Destroyer streaked over his head it was all over. Premium cable channels and two video rental stores practically within ear shot didn’t help matters either. Since the advent of email and interwebs Andrew has pushed his love (and occasional hate) for the movies on pretty much everyone he knows that’s willing to listen (and often even if they’re not). RowThree gives this Minneapolis native a voice to reach out even further. The love for Hollywood over the past couple of years has slowly dwindled into a greater appreciation for foreign and more independent fare. Though a trip to the multiplex can be quite entertaining from time to time. Favorites include Kubrick, Polanski, The Coens, Danny Boyle and Steven Soderbergh among many others.

    Kurt Halfyard

    Kurt Halfyard

    Blessed with parents who had no issue with their six-year old sitting through a VHS copy of Jaws, I was fortunate enough to inhale a wide range of popular cinema when I was both impressionable and easily traumatized. From The Wrath of Kahn to Out of Africa, at the cinema anything was fair game during family outings in the early 1980s. Assess the mental scar tissue caused from Quint’s chewed off lower body, mind altering ear-slugs (or for that matter, a bare chested Ricardo Montalban) and an endless Sydney Pollack epic on the therapist couch if you will, but the bottom line is: The video age corresponded with coming-of-age. For better or worse, everything I learned about life was rented on VHS or Beta for $1.99.

    More recently, time is spent kicking around local film festivals (of which there are many), writing whenever possible, and traumatizing my own children with classic Kaiju films and off-beat animation.

    Jandy (Stone) Hardesty

    (site Admin.)

    Jandy is a twenty-something film buff, music fan, internet addict, television nut, and gamer girl. That’s the overview, anyway. She’s drawn to classic, off-beat, and foreign film, but loves a good blockbuster action sequence, too. Hailing from the midwest originally, she now resides in Los Angeles. You know, for the great cost of living to be had there. Or not. At least there’s a great music scene and a lot of repertory cinemas. At one point, academia seemed in the cards, but now she’s left that world. Maybe for good, but who really knows? In any case, two years of an M.A. in literature have left their mark, for good or ill.

    Marina Antunes

    Marina Antunes

    Often said to have eclectic tastes, Marina enjoys a wide variety of films from the obscure to the mainstream. A Vancouver based writer, she enjoys the art of socializing about film almost as much as the films themselves. As a supporter of peace, she’s more likely to sit back and read through the fights than participate but she’s also not afraid to step up to the plate when necessary. She’s on an endless quest to discover great Canadian film and watch as many vampire films as she can.

    Marina is also a “Twilight” fan and will defend the cultural phenomenon even though deep within,< she knows it’s not good.

    Jonathan B.

    Jonathan Burdick

    Jonathan, who hails from western Pennsylvania in the snow belt of the United States, is in constant pursuit of his fortune and glory. In the meantime, he graciously volunteers his genius to the internet, providing his insight on cinema and showering lessons of life to all of those who cross his path. Some view him as a modern-day Nietzsche. While you’ll often find his nose in a book, he loves fine beer and finer women – and his heart will always belong to the movies, which captured his imagination at an early age, opening his mind to the worlds of dashing adventurers, morally ambiguous gunfighters, shady gangsters, and well-meaning space smugglers. Like every other schmuck out there, he also claims to be a writer.

    Marc Saint-Cyr


    Marc’s perception of film and filmmaking were first shaken in Grade 11 after watching Apocalypse Now for the first time. Since then, he has been charting a helter-skelter course through the vast and rewarding oceans of world cinema. So far, he has emerged with a love for Kurosawa, Kubrick, Park, Leone, Tati and all three of the magnificent Andersons (Lindsay, Paul Thomas, Wes), to name just a few; a frequently overwhelming passion for all things French New Wave; a childlike reverence for Mastroianni and Belmondo; an unwavering devotion to successful experimental narrative films like The Tracey Fragments; a sweet writing gig for the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow and one degree in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto.

    David Brook


    Row Three’s UK resident, David has been into films from an early age when he would rent videos weekly from a local ‘video van’. He got into film criticism in his teens writing film reviews for his high school and college newsletters as well as starting a hideous but dedicated Geocities website, which eventually died after discovering other pleasures at university. After studying Media Production he ended up working as a cameraman and editor for a production company making short films and running community workshops. In recent years his love of criticism redeveloped and he hit the web again with a film review blog, which led to his contributions here at Row Three.

    Film wise he’s open to anything, but in his early 20′s he was heavily into Asian cinema and still enjoys the guilty pleasures of martial arts films. In fact he’s a secret lover of exploitation films in general and can be found at many genre festivals. He had a slight aversion to European cinema in his youth, but is frantically trying to rectify this after realising he was just being a dick.

    Ross Miller


    Scottish born Ross Miller has had a huge passion for movies ever since he can remember and over the years has expanded his cinematic horizons beyond the latest action fodder or broad comedy. In the last few years in particular he has developed a real love for foreign language film, particularly South Korean and Japanese, but likes to take in any and all types he can: blockbusters, indie, foreign – you name it. Favourites include The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Oldboy, Rear Window and 12 Angry Men. He is also a big TV show fan, favourites include: Lost, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, True Blood and Game of Thrones.

    He took his passion for film into education and in June 2012 graduated from University with an Honours degree in Media and Communication. He loves to write about film anywhere he can and currently run his own movie review and opinion website located at ThoughtsOnFilm.co.uk. He is simply another film lover expressing his opinion.

    Bob Turnbull


    Bob is older than the rest of you. That’s OK though, since he’s pretty comfortable in his old wrinkled skin these days. He came to Toronto (from Montreal – fresh out of McGill University) for the IT Architect job, but stayed for the diverse culture and plethora of choices in the arts. Oh, and I guess the amazing woman I married and the too-good-to-be-true child I had were also reasons enough to stay. I’ve always loved film, but it became a bit more of the obsessive type of love over the last decade or so. I’m a generalist by nature, so I like to dabble across genres and time periods, but if pressed I would express a strong fondness for Horror, 30s & 40s comedies, 40s & 50s Film Noir, 50s & 60s French films (Melville, Clouzot, Demy, Tati, Becker – though not so much Godard), the cinema of Japan (all decades and styles), and the directors that came up at the end of the 90s (P.T. Anderson, Soderbergh, Jonze, etc.). For me, watching movies leads to the need to watch more movies – and I’m OK with that.

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