After the Credits Special Episode: This is Not the End!

While it’s true that is going static after a decade of updates, a milestone by any measure, we’re not done!

After the Credits has a new home and we’re happy to announce that going forward, you can find new episodes of the podcast at beginning with the December preview which will drop next week followed by some coverage from the Whistler Film Festival.

Come January, we’ll be re-launching Girls on Pop and Dale has been cooking up a side-show for a few months that we’re hoping to launch in the very near future – all this to say that we’re not going anywhere!

For the most part, you won’t need to make any changes to your feed but if you don’t see fresh content popping up before November 30th, or to prevent missing any awesomeness, update your feed to

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Andrew James

Thanks for the kind words Marina. Look forward to hearing the After the Credits podcast continuing on. Cheers!