Tobe Hooper: 1943 – 2017

Tobe Hooper, probably best known for helming one of the most renowned and influential horror films of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has died of natural causes at the age of 74.

Because of it’s rather realistic vision and deranged sensibilities, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a high water mark in horror cinema and one of the most profitable independent films of the 1970s. It put Hooper’s name on the map and he worked in television and film for nearly the next forty years. “Salem’s Lot” and Poltergeist to name just a couple of the more popular titles.

The director’s passing will have a lot of fans of the horror genre mourning today as Hooper was a true hero (and likewise fan as well) of the genre. Survived by two sons, he will be missed and well remembered by many.