Mamo 474: The End Times

The year is 2017. Orange Hitler is the president. And as Mamo predicted at the turn of the decade, movies are on their way out. Let’s discuss.

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Rick Vance

The best response I saw to the Tina Fey thing was along the lines of “So this is a satire of do nothing liberalism but Fey is that so it is hard to see the punch line”

A lot of the overall problems talked about in this episode seem to have a linked solution in destroying global capitalism.

Matthew Fabb

This great commentary about the end of movies how we currently see them. One of the things I think you guys missed is the recent news this past summer of Cineplex opening up The Rec Room. For those unaware, Cineplex is Canada’s biggest theater chain. Really the only major chain these days, as they bought out most of AMC Canada’s theatres. Anyways, they recently opened up an big entertainment hall and eatery called the Rec Room. There is live music, video games and some cool really high end VR (Ghostbusters, no less!). It’s almost like Cineplex is hedging it’s bets in case there is a great decline in theatres they now have something to replace it with (assuming the Rec Room experiment is a success).

The other thing I’ll mention is that the Cineplex VIP theatre out in Oakville recently renovated the place expanding the lounge people with VIP tickets could eat. They have a small area before but now it’s almost 4 times as large. The VIP theatres are upstairs and eating is all downstairs. Basically very much like what Matthew Price was describing. Going out with friends for both dinner and movie can sometimes be a challenge in getting everyone’s schedules together. Especially leaving enough time to wrap up at the restaurant and get to the theatre. This VIP lounge means you just eat there, you have already paid and if the movie is about to start just pick up your food into the theatre. Every seat has it’s own little pull out table that you can put your food down on and continue to eat.

Andrew James

Most of the bigger chains around here (and even some of the smaller theaters) have gone to big spectacle/event settings. Two huge theaters in town (one an AMC) have completely remodeled to add bar/food service and power reclining seats with more space (less actual seats) and comfort. As well as assigned seating.

Kurt Halfyard

The Wine Doc with the third Koch brother – “SOUR GRAPES” and I second that it is a really fun watch.

Also, to Matt Brown, The Queensway Cineplex seems to be a counter argument that moviegoing is dead. Man that 20+ screen multiplex is packed to the gills seemingly everyday, with whatever movies happen to be playing.