Operation Net Neutrality

If you stopped by RowThree yesterday (and a lot of other sites around the free web) you might have gotten an alert saying you need to pay more to access the site; or maybe it was blocked all together. This was a world wide attempt to bring awareness to the very real threat of us losing our precious internet to the greedy ISPs and corporations. On July 12th, the web came together in a way it never has before to defend the free and open Internet.

Congress has already received more than 3 million emails and 100,000 calls. More than 1.7 million comments are on their way to the FCC (a new record for a single day). At Fight for the Future, the battle raged all day and it unfolded all over the net in real time. And more is coming…

As a small startup site ourselves, that potentially uses up quite a bit of bandwidth daily, with streaming videos and thousands of hours of podcast content, the fear of losing traffic because we can’t afford to compete with the big guys is of real concern to us and many other sites around the web – even some of the aforementioned big guys concur. We thank anyone and everyone who is doing their part to help retain net neutrality and keeping ISPs classified as common carriers under Title II. Thanks for your help, but the fight isn’t over. If you haven’t already and you live in the United States, be sure to pester your congressional representatives and let them know this is an important freedom/right of the citizen population.

This is not a democrats vs republicans thing. This is a fight that everyone who uses and cares about the internet should be involved with. For more information about Net Neutrality and why it is of utmost importance to everyone who uses the world wide web – either for personal or business purposes – here are a few places to visit:

Save the Internet
What you can do.