Star Wars @ 40

On this day, 40 years ago, George Lucas’s $11M investment on a ‘Kurosawa Chanbara film meets Dambusters’ sci-fi adventure with laser swords, moon-sized battle stations, aerial dogfights in space, kooky pseudo-religions, charming droids, smugglers, Wookies, and hairbun-and-gun-toting princesses, changed the way films were made, marketed, merchandised, and well you know the rest. On an admissions basis, Star Wars is the second all time highest film (behind Gone With The Wind), but its cultural legacy (still going strong) seems to transcend age, culture, and era, and continues to churn out Billion dollar franchise entries, while kindling the imaginations of children (and endless think-pieces, nostalgic reveries and commentary from movie-nerd adults.)

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