Friday One Sheet: Pink Is In

As the title says, pink is back, at least for this week, in poster design. The latest one sheets for both Edgar Wright’s cool-action comedy, and Sophia Coppola’s civil-war Southern Gothic remake. Both are ‘character collage’ style posters done quite differently. Baby Driver design goes for the 80s blockbuster cast-pastiche floating above the overall concept of the picture (a getaway from Atlanta), while The Beguiled has the three principal ladies straightened with poise with its calligraphy typesetting, while the calligraphy typesetting and credit block are perpendicular to that poise (suggesting the turn midway through the film). The Peach/Pink contrast in both posters is different, more modern feeling, than the recent resurgence of pink ‘neon’ typesetting highlights in retro-designs like the posters Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive.