Mamo 469: Disney’s 2020 Vision

Building on comments in episode 463 (“Uber Iger”), we have another look at the political landscape that Disney is influencing, with an eye on the long game re: representation, diversity, and globalization. Is a billionaire vs. billionaire rumble coming? Plus, many special guest stars!

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Richard Vance

I really liked this episode couple question/comments

Doesn’t the truthful idea that people with obscene amounts of wealth can not understand the problems of people unlike them in that way kinda contradict the point made directly before it that money is an unbiased and not evil method of scoring all this? When so much of the way society defines success is through capital and gaining enough of it or being born into enough of it changes peoples perception to a degree.

Also the reasons you guys seem readily on board to the MCU style of direction and production is a style that makes me sick to my stomach especially because it is a style of creators rights that all media has taken a page from mainstream comics to just incorporate into how they do things with talent to content to labor cheapening the worth of any individual as long as they are willing to be a cog in a brand.

Darcy McCallum

Um, box office competition? Just realized it’s may 1St guys here in Australia